[BT14] Ron – Evo Cup: Raging Fangs of Shadow: Introducing Loogamon Deck


Invited Author: Ron Agbayani

Region: Philippines


Hello everyone I’m Ron Agbayani from Philippines and I was crowned champion of the first leg of Evolution Cup Month of July, 2023. Since the announcement of Bandai, many people are eyeing on this big official event because the prize cards are something memorable and exciting! Black Wargreymon, Metalgreymon, and Koromon look pretty good and relevant up until today in BT14/Training/Mulligan environment.

Deck Introduction

The assets of Loogamon deck are the incredible recycling ability, multiple security checks, spam power, memory gain, and flexibility. I chose this deck over the established tier 1.0-1.5 decks because it felt like it can out play multiple decks in the competitive scene but unfortunately it also has some worst match-ups such as Jesmon, Mugendramon, and other high DP + Blocker Digimons. There are flexible spots in the deck so you can include tech cards such as Dexmon BT9 or Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode EX4.

Rationale of my Build:
My Rookies are straightforward. It consists of Loogamon BT14, Dracmon BT9, and Gabumon ST16. Why Gabumon ST16 and not Dark Animal rookies? I wanted to have passive memory gain ability and draw power so I could always evolve to Champion and make some cheap shot while finding my OTK pieces.
Loogarmon BT14 and Black Tailmon BT8 are self-explanatory. I used Dobermon EX2 since it allows me to mill and recycle in my trash.
The tech card in my Ultimate line-up is Kimeramon BT8 because it can extend my plays and allow me to delete pesky rookies (Pomumon BT9 and Gazimon BT3). HelLoogarmon is very strong due to its draw power, recyclability, and deletion effect. Why? Just imagine hard casting this card and end the turn. All abilities will activate. Combine this card with Analog Boy EX1 and it will give additional setup for your next turn.

In a nut shell, the deck must always create the opportunity to setup an OTK while giving continuous pressure.

Tournament Report

Here is my Tournament report where I wrote down some pertinent points during the match.

Digimon Card Game Evolution Cup July 9, 2023
Host: Black Cat Hobbies
Participants: 26
BO3 format

Deck Used: Loogamon Deck
Standing 5-0


1. Y/P Security Control
Can’t win if I did not have Eiji Tamer. The plan was to continuously give pressure by getting multiple checks every turn and making sure I have my Analog Boy EX1 securing my +1 memory and Free Hatch. HelLoogarmon helped a lot in this matchup since it allows me to delete Magnangemon BT1, preventing the opponent to evolve his Digimon into Dark Seraphimon EX4. It was a grind game to the point of decking out me.

2. Rosemon Burst Mode
Rosemon BT13 and BT14 kept on suspending my Analog Boy EX1 preventing me to abuse HelLoogarmon but I was still able to get my pieces via Mist Memory Boost BT8 and still my trusty Analog Boy. It was a 1 shot turn or go home for this matchup. Pomumon BT9 was a threat hindering my turn. Luckily I was able to draw my Kimeramon BT8 and deleted Pomumon then right after I did my OTK. Mimi BT14 is too strong IMO.

3. BloomQuartz
I was always thinking that this nemesis will always show up in my big event runs. Never forget Dukemon DC01 event Finals! The only way to win here outright and with pressure is to get Dexmon BT9 ASAP via Wisdom (Purple Training) Option P-108 and Analog Boy EX1. When my pieces were ready, I had to finish the game immediately before the opponent makes an impenetrable board state. Pomumon BT9 was also present but I was able to play Dexmon BT9 – board wipe.

4. Shinegreymon Burst Mode
I had to keep pressure by making small skirmishes such as attacking with my Loogarmon BT14 with Gabumon ST16 ESS. The goal was to get ahead in getting my OTK pieces before the opponent had his Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode EX4 so what I did was to attack, draw, and discard. If he had his Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode EX4, it could have been a disaster for me. Kimeramon BT8 was also a star player in this matchup.

5. Black Wargreymon
This big black war dragon was too tall and big with +DP and blocker and the only way to win was to delete his Digimon without protection. HelLoogarmon shined throughout games 1-3 giving me draw and deletion throughout the course of the game. As a Greymon user I know how hard to make a strong and stable level 6. I had to make sure that he kept on losing his level 3-5 Digimons. They say Greymons are nerfed but it’s still something to watch out for in the succeeding Evolution Cups.


Loogamon Deck is fun but a big headache! I had to keep on remembering the triggering effects and memorize some timing cues because all of these were crucial to have an optimal move in 1 turn. The adrenaline rush was good under time pressure.

PS: This deck list will always be subject to change. The meta is evolving weekly and IMO no deck is tier 0. It will always be flourishing with tier 1.0-1.5 with some effective anti-meta or rogue deck. It is up to the player to think critically for his build and play.

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