[BT14] Khairul Irzan: Lilithloop Mill Deck


Invited Author: Khairul Irzan

Country: Brunei


Hi everybody, Khai here again with another interesting Purple deck. I bring the ever famous overly restricted Lilithloop combo deck that I have referenced from an Evo Cup Winner in Japan:

This time it is not the usual strategy where you get multiple attacks from looping Ceberusmon, but instead we are going for the mill strategy with the Guilmon-Growlmon-wargrowlmon line up. 

With the milling strategy and Lilithmon looping options, The Lilithmon Loop Deck gains incredible momentum where you can repeatedly send cards from your opponent's deck stack to their trash. This aggressive mill loop weakens your opponent's ability to find their potential answers and finishers away.

This Deck has a potential to end games as early as turn 3 with the right setup.

Important Cards

The Searchers:

These options help you set up your combo, drawing cards, choosing the potential pieces to your hand, and will remain on field to have enough memory and discount to help your Digimon to evolve and combo off.

The Mill package:

The main wincons of the deck Growlmon + WarGrowlmon is the guarantee mill 5 cards which helps us get the win.

Growlmon EX3 – our answer to Digimon memory blockers, played by effect blockers, and if non we mill 2 cards

Growlmon Ex4 – our guarantee mill 2 cards but most important the digivolving and ess effects to return Growlmon in its name (in this case we usually choose Wargrowlmon)

Wargrowlmon Ex3 – The star level 5 of the deck, the powerful mill 3 and to play a free Guilmon from hand or trash, this allows us to repeat the evolution lines.

Utilize the Growlmon and Wargrowlmon mill loop in tandem to disrupt your opponent's strategy and chip away at their decks for wincons.

The Loop package

the Call to Darkness tactic acts as a powerful trump card for this deck. By activating "Call to Darkness," you can return up to 2 purple Digimon cards from your trash, including the menacing Lilithmon herself. With lilitmon returning 2 options on evolve, This allows you to consistently reuse key pieces, maintain a loop as long as you have enough memory.

We also have the new Lament of Friendship from the ST16 Purple TD. It acts as a mini call to darkness but whats important is that it can return any 1 Digimon. Which makes returning Avengekidmon a possible target to ensure you don’t deck out.


The deck is all about holding back. Ensure you have your level 3 ready to move up anytime, but spend all your first few turns setting up Delay options on to the field, this is to guarantee enough memory gaining to fire up your combo.

Once ready and enough resources in trash field and hand we proceed to combo off.

The First 5 Mills:

Any Level 3 -evolve-> Growlmon Ex4

Mill 2 cards and return any growlmon in its name to hand (in this case wargrowlmon)

Evolve to Wargrowlmon

Mill 3 cards play a guilmon from trash or hand (choose hand whenever possible to maintain cards in trash)

Now you have a guilmon ready and a wargrowlmon ready to evolve into a Lilithmon.

The Loop:

With your trash ready abuse Jack Raid as you want to have enough memory.

You can then evolve to Lilithmon and return 2 options: priority is always jackraid and call to darkness.

If you have call to darkness in hand then you may return two jack raids to ensure you have the memory gaining.

You can now start using call to darkness to sacrifice your own Lilithmon to return a Lilithmon and a growlmon to hand, not Wargrowlmon! Why?

Growlmon EX4 ess can return any growlmon in its name, pick wargrowlmon. So with one call to darkness you can potentially return 3 of your important pieces!

With the ready guilmon from our previous wargrowlmon we can now repeat the process, HENCE LOOP!

The Math

In one turn we can usually mill opponents out 15-20 cards depending how we set up for our turn one.

For opponent:

Setting up 5 security + 5 cards in hand. So that’s 40 cards in the deck. Depending how the meta decks now have so many cheap evolutions and searches, potentially they will draw out their deck leaving atleast 28 cards in their deck by their turn 2 or 3.

Match Ups

I was surprise I went for a full 5-0 win and manage to mill out all my opponents.

GAME 1: Yellow Red Hybrid Control

My opponent was aggressive in this match up, I had to swing in to his hybrids and ensure he wont aggro me out. With his low cost evolving he manage to draw a lot of cards and this help me to set up the loop engine properly by turn 7 and win. Tip: deleting a Digimon with overflow helps us out a lot LOL.

GAME 2: Dorbrickmon OTK

My opponent has been a known champion locally with his OTK Dorbrick, unforturnately he bricked and couldn’t set up properly so he was force to use options and hard call coredramons to keep drawing his deck, which was an advantage to me as I want him to thin his deck. On turn 2 I manage to mill atleast 10 cards against him which made him loose a lot of his key pieces, and by my turn 3 I was able to finish it off.

GAME 3: Loogamon

Now this was a hard match up for lilithloop, as milling a loogamon deck is like a godsend for them as they want their pieces in trash. Unfortunately he had his pieces to cheat out his digimons, but they were the wrong ESS which couldn’t help him gain memory to maintain his turn. Opponent also made a major misplay with forgetting to place his EIji Tamer under his Digimon.

With his card draws and trashing options helping me thin his deck, I was able to mill my opponent out by my turn 4. I could have ended it at turn 3 but I chose to kill his level 5 digimon without noticing he had 2 analog boy on field.

GAME 4: Royal Knights

This was a hard match up as RK does not have much digging other than Dynasmon. My opponent did play one dynasmon atleast which in a way helped. I had no choice but go for an early mill to hopefully mill out my opponents key Knights. It proved to be a viable strategy as I was able to mill out my opponent from all his Omnimons to prevent OTK. Memory control was also a key strategy against RK.


A deck I have dreaded to go against. Funny enough opponent knew what I was playing so decided to heal a lot during his early turns to prevent me from going for an aggro strategy. So I decided to go ahead an mill him out. Lucky enough I was able to hit most of his own avengekidmons which prevented him from returning his own cards. He played down multiple dexmons to prevent me from gaining the upperhand but I was able to play around use the dedigivolution to my advantage. I failed to mill him out when I started to initiate the loop, I was forced to play my avengekidmon to buy an extra turn and surprisingly manange to combo loop again the next turn.


Overall this deck was a menance to all my opponents who were not ready for it. It definitely is a meta slayer in a way. I was actually looking forward to face greymon decks or D-brigades.

I think the worst match ups for the Lilithloop would be Beelzemon (since there is so many when trash from deck effects which helps the beelze deck abuse and also mess with the combo) and Miragegaogomon (the when opponent adds card by effect and gain memory for each card in hand will definitely mess up the combo)

I hope this article helps all of you understand the deck better and I must say it is not an easy deck. I had to grind and practice alone for a whole day to prepare myself for the tourney. Practice makes perfect.

4 thoughts on “[BT14] Khairul Irzan: Lilithloop Mill Deck”

  1. Great deck two questions. Is it at all Viable for BT13 and is there a replacement for Ruin modes as someone to cheap to buy a second.

    1. Hi Joey,

      Yes I believe its viable in the BT13 meta as theres not too much difference between that and BT14 other than commandramons. I think the deck can still mill out opponents nicely in the BT13 settings.
      Ruin Mode was more in because of the spread decks like commandramon, i can say i didn't get to use it at all in any of my match ups so its not a must rather than a meta answer. Can replace it for maybe relevant options. A Dexmon maybe if you have one.

      For another cheap option suggestion, if the purple training option is not available or expensive for you, i saw some lilithloop decks going for the master to disciple option from the Jesmon Starter deck.

      1. Will keep the master to disciple option in mind since IIRC Purple training is not out yet. Thank you!

  2. Hi Khai!
    Thank you for the great review about this interesting deck!
    Can you explain the best situation to mill 15-20 cards during the top 3 turns (or more), with memory count? Please.
    I am only reach 10 mills for one turn …ahahaha.
    Thank you so much!!!

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