[BT14] A Looga taking 1st Place in Evo Cup


Been a while since I last played in another tournament (thanks to parenthood, the last tourney I joined was an Evo Cup some months ago). But decided to give this new round of Evo Cup a go after my buddy DTCGReview signed me up and my wife's support 🙂

With luck, I managed to top this Evo Cup again so here's sharing my deck and match-ups to hopefully give a bit of insight into my deck 🙂 


Loogamon was first introduced in Digimon Seekers (2023), and has his full digivolution line and tamer included in BT-14. The Loogamon deck is designed to be a highly efficient one-turn-kill (OTK) deck, with a good degree of board control from his LV5 HelLoogamon. 


The standard Loogamon build simply uses 4 copies of everything along his digivolution line, with some assortment of card searchers to stabilise the deck. Mine is no different. However, I optimised the deck to my liking, and thrown in a few tech cards to cover a few weaknesses. 

8 copies of LV3: I run 4x of Loogamon and 3x [BT9-071] Dracmon as my main rookies. In all my games, my early-mid game priority is to draw just a Loogamon and his tamer Eiji. Dracmon has a good [On Play] searching effect, allowing me to draw 1 and trash 1 from the revealed 3 cards from deck. I rarely use him for his inherited effect since building my perfect digivolution line from Loogamon is always my priority. I also have no concerns playing only 8 copies of LV3, since we have a mulligan rule and this deck runs many others ways to search and stabilise.

A large pool of LV4: In addition to the 4x Loogarmon and 3x [BT14-072] Fangmon, I also run 2x [BT8-077] BlackGatomon for Rush, 2x [BT13-081] Porcupamon for some LV3 board control (especially against opponent's memory-control rookies), and 2x BlackGatomon Uver for trash control (against mirror decks or purple decks that can pick up from trash). An optional tech card I run is the hybrid Digimon Loweemon, which is not a bad LV4 when used along my standard Looga digivolution line (albeit not having Loogarmon's inherited +1 memory) but can be ultra flexible in rare cases when I needed a last hit or needed to grow from my tamer Eiji. 

8 copies of LV5: Instead of playing 4x SolLoogarmon and 4x HelLoogarmon, I dropped Hel to 3 copies to accommodate a [BT8-084] Kimeramon. Kimeramon is my LV5 tech card that works incredibly well with Looga's OTK format, since the LV6 FenrirLoogarmon will swarm your board with LV4s that are either suspended by alliance, or just doing nothing due to summoning sickness. Kimeramon is the only 0-cost play (via jogress) to deal the last hit, wiping a swarm of 2000-3000 DP Digimons, or ramp to another Fenrir.  

4x of LV6 FenrirLoogarmon is standard, and I also play 1x Dexmon (a must in this meta) and 1x Shinegreymon Ruin Mode for the occasional scenario when I need to buy another turn. 

Tamers: 4x Eiji and 4x Analog Boy are also standard in any Loogamon deck. Analog Boy works wonders with HelLoogarmon, and is the main searcher for this deck. 

Options: Aside from the standard 4x [P-108] Wisdom Training, I also play 1x Mist Memory Boost for more delay and search, and 1x Calling From Darkness to retrieve any missing pieces for my digivolution line.


Mulligan: I always try to go for a starting hand with at least a LV3 and another searcher card such as Analog Boy or Wisdom Training. Avoid having too many tech cards (LV4 hybrid, LV5 Kimera, LV7 Ruin) in starting hard to avoid suffocation. 

Early game: I use searchers to find my LV3 Loogamon. Analog Boy is ideal as I will reveal 3, keep the Loogamon and trash the rest (including tamer Eiji). I try to build my trash to at least 3x LV3/LV4 Digimons, and have at least 1x Wisdom Training on my board. 

I will try to drag the game if I have a less-than-ideal hand/trash. I use Porcupamon for some LV3 board control, and HelLoogarmon for anything that's LV6 or below. HelLoogarmon picks up LV3 Loogamon from trash when deleted so I usually do not hesitate to sacrifice any early Loogamon that I draw. The key with HelLoogarmon is to drag my game, stabalizes my hand, and builds my trash. 

Mid game: This will be my endgame. My pre-requisite are usually (1) Eiji in hand or trash, (2) Loogamon in breeding area, (3) 3 copies of LV3/LV4 dark animal in trash, (4) complete digivolution line to LV6, and  (5) enough memory. 

If I have Looga's ideal digivolution line in hand (LV3/Looga, LV4/Loogar, LV5/Sol, LV6/Fenrir), then all I need is 3 starting memory. If I have a Wisdom Training or Mist Memory Boost in play, then all I need will be just 1 starting memory!

For OTK, assuming I have 3 starting memory (or 1 memory and 1x Wisdom Training), I move LV3/Looga to the battle area and puts Eiji under him from hand/trash for +1 memory. Digivolves to LV4/Loogar and then LV5/Sol and then playing a LV4 dark animal from trash for free using his [When Digivolved] effect. The inherited effect from LV3/Looga and LV4/Loogar will fetch me another +2 memory, effectively costing only 2 memory going up to LV5/Sol. 

I will then declare attack on opponent's security by using [Alliance] on my other dark animal, and trashing LV6/Fenrir to gain another +1 memory, and then subsequently digivolving to the trashed LV6/Fenrir using my Digitama's inherited effect. Fenrir's [When Digivolved] effect will then play another 3x dark animals from trash, and unsuspends thanks to LV5/Sol's inherited effect. This should put me at -2 memory (but my turn will not end thanks for Fenrir's effect), 2 security checks with huge DP due to [Alliance], an unsuspended LV6/Fenrir, and 4 other dark animal Digimons (1 suspended by Alliance).

Fenrir can declare attack again (with Alliance) and deletes an opponent's LV7 or lower Digimon to unsuspend himself, and then attack again (with Alliance or for win). If all these attacks still fail to succumb my opponent, then a last hit from BlackGatomon (with Rush) or Kimeramon should do the trick.

Match Ups

I went with this deck for my recent Evo Cup, and this deck is seemingly stable against almost all my opponents. Deep respect to all my opponents as they are all very graceful and amazing players.

Unfortunately, due to the OTK nature of my deck, I cannot always remember what has transpired in all my matches. This deck is pretty unforgiving when properly setup, so it is really standard OTK play unless my game/deck was heavily countered.

GAME 1: Green Bloomlord Quartzmon

Can't remember much, as I think Looga is a tad bit more aggressive than green. That little bit of tamer setup (Mimi and Yoshino) wasted enough memory for Looga to setup preconditions, and there is nothing in green's security to stop my OTK.  

GAME 2: Lilith Loop Ruin

When the Lilith Loop deck uses the Guilmon line to mill, plays to Looga's favour. My trash is easily setup by my opponent's milling, and I timed my not-so-ideal Fenrir build to move out and delete my opponent's board on the turn that he moved his Digimon from breeding area. I wiped his security but couldn't land the last hit, but made sure he does not have any Digimon that can attack (nothing in his breeding area) on his next turn thus preventing any Lilith/Ruin damage. In his case, the most he could do is Ruin's [When Digivolved] effect of a blanket -5000 DP, which only wipes out a handful of my Digimons (my BlackGatos and Loogars are 6000 DP).

GAME 3: Mother Sec Con

Technically a potentially difficult match up for Looga, but my opponent did not have anything too dangerous in security (mostly tamers and recovery) so Fenrir just sailed through. 

GAME 4: Pata Sec Con

Had my opponent not had his hand bricked, this would be a horrible game for me. He did not manage to draw his LV3 for most of his game, throwing out a BT1 MagnaAngemon for recovery on his first turn, and then into BT14 Seraphimon. Sometime into mid game he had BlackSeraphimon in play as well, with about 9 securities. I had to build into HelLoogarmon twice to control his board (since Fenrir would just be de-digivolved or deleted by BlackSeraphimon), and had my early Fenrir deleted by checking into his Heaven's Judgement (-12000 DP), and then later had my board wiped by his Dexmon. All his board control did little to my security, but exhausted my deck. 

This game eventually dragged into time call, and I won by strand of luck having 1 card more than his security. The final turn ending with me drawing my last card in deck, and with my Fenrir/Eiji blocking his Dexmon's security attack in my opponent's attempt to equalise our security count. A big respect to his game!

GAME 5: Mugen

Surprisingly Mugen decks are doing very well in this meta (probably thanks to the new LV3 Commandramon). My opponent was already building into his LV5 in breeding area, while I was just seemingly still setting up my pieces. Before I could complete my setup there was already a Chaosdramon in the battle area, but equipped slightly defensively (with attack-active and trash-sec but without Sec+1 or Piercing). I used Porcupamon to delete another of his LV3 Commandramon in order to manage his board size to just 1 slow Digimon (which his Chaosdra eventually deletes and trashes my security). 

By the time I had my pieces, I have 2-3 security left and my opponent about 3 security left, with a Hagurumon, Blocker HoverEspimon, Chaosdramon, and an Analog Man tamer. He chokes me at 1 memory but I managed to digivolve into Fenrir with help from 1x Wisdom Training, deleting Haguru for a total of 3 attacks with Alliance (1 was blocked by HoverEspi and another redirected to Chaosdramon) dealing 2 security checks, and 1 more security check by my rushing BlackGato, and then finally a final hit using Kimera. 


Looga is one of the most potent OTK decks ever since Grankuwagamon was nerfed, but not without weaknesses. For one, he may succumb to some memory-control rookies, a Ruin mode's blanket -DP, or some sec con decks. However, with some proper tech cards and luck this deck should still be able to ride well in this meta. 

A big thank you to all the amazing players with their variety of decks, and apologies to my opponents who lucked out in a BO1 match. Shoutout to Sentinel Games for hosting a successful 32-man Evo Cup! And all the best to you in your upcoming games!

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