[BT14] Khai: Gammamon Winning Deck Tournament Breakdown


Invited Author: Khairul Irzan

Country: Brunei



Hi everyone Khai here again with another winning list I have brought to a recent Digimon Tournament in Brunei’s Razid Zemar’s Hobby Shop. 

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Important Cards

We know of Gammamon from the latest Digimon Series Ghost Game and how we have been teased with quite a few cards from different BTs and Promos over the past years, with the introduction of the RB set for the Gammamon evolution lines it finally became a proper deck. Lets break down the RB Cards as below:

Searcher Gammamon and an ess that powers up the Digimon a strong body with "Raid" to attack unsuspended digimons and playing a tamer on evolve, which is quite important as you want the tamer supports.

The aggressive GulusGammamon with its BT10 version both for the attention of poking at opponents and to replay any important Level 3 Gammamons especially the ones with on play

Both Regulusmon and Canonweissmon with the ability gain all effects of Gammamon in their names which are core important pieces for the deck, each with their own special abilities.

  1. Regulusmon able to give any 1 digimon an on deletion to delete the lowest level opponents Digimon on field.
  2. Canoweissmon to be able to warp from a level 3 Gammamon with a gammamon in their evo line.

Arcturusmon, even with an ability on evolve to delete a Digimon, honestly for me the best part of this card which makes it one of the most valuable card in the deck is the ESS. To be able to trash a security after deleting an opponents Digimon is high valued in any aggressive decks.

Next we have these two cards which ive decided to just talk about them together, Siriusmon and Proximamon. Honestly these two cards are good in the deck, not great, just good. You still want them in the deck but they are used for deleting opposing opponents Digimon most of the time and finishers.


Now that we have covered most of the viable cards from RB somehow with the introduction of RB making Gammamon deck one of the playable decks in Digimon TCG, somehow the deck is still not the best deck to go for in the meta. It was still fragile and easily disrupted.

That’s until Bandai introduced the LM booster set. The LM booster brought us reprints of the Gammamon line, as well as all new playable Gammamon pieces that I believe has changed the deck for the better if not close to a Tier 1 Deck in our current Japanese Meta. I will now breakdown to all of you the three best cards from LM that has made Gammamon a top fighting deck:

The new purple Gammamon LM-016.

This card is a menace to opponents. With an ess on deletion to play a free Hiro tamer, it helps us setup early game by evolving to any of the level 4s we have in our decks to give an aggressive early poke.

Now the main ability of this card all turn is to allow it to evolve into any Gammamon in its text from your trash without paying the cost, this is super powerful especially when you combo with the RB Regulusmon and Canoweismon from RB and BT10. Before you know it you can actually evolve up till a Proximamon with the right setup.

So to trigger this ability is to have any of your other Digimons be deleted by an effect, yours or opponents. Easier said than done….but the next card will show how it helps.

Bokomon LM-019

This card is one of the new backbones of the Gammamon deck. You would play 3-4 in the deck. For an uncommon card it does too many things which would atleast make it a rare.

  1. It’s a body that can attack
  2. It’s a top deck searcher that digs top 4 cards and taking any card with gammamon in its text, tamer included.
  3. Its all turn ability that made it such an important card, any Digimon with Gammamon in its text other than Bokomon were to leave the field, delete Bokomon instead to prevent it from leaving.

With this three abilities especially point number 3, it has given the Gammamon deck more protection to removals and battles. This also helps Purple Gammamon to be able to evolve up.

Regulusmon Ace LM-017

One of the greatest Gammamon piece LM booster has brought for the Gammamon deck. 

  1. The fact it is an Ace card to allow us to blast digivolve
  2. it has both an on play and when digivolving effect, to put any gammamon in its text from your trash to its ess. Note: Level 6 Arcturusmon is its best friend to put into ESS. Another note is that you can put wezengammamon blocker to the ess to also do a surprise block if you have the inherit abilities of gammamons in your ess too.
  3. Its all turns when you put an ess in to Regulusmon you have a choice of deleting your own or opponents level 4 or lower Digimon, and if you do you can play any of your level 4 digimon from trash, in this scenario you would always want to play the new Bokomon to make sure you will always have that protection from getting removed from field.

This card is an auto 4 in the deck, its effects are too good to not play enough in the deck.

Now that I have broken down the cards that have made the deck to what it is, let me break down my tournament match ups.


It was a BO3 tourney format:

1st game BWG X 2-0

2nd game D-Brigade 2-0

3rd game Jellymon 2-1

BWG match:

This is ofcourse one of the most challenging match ups being one of top tier decks in the meta. My strategy against BWG was to ofcourse exploit its weakness which is higher power and direct attacks to avoid them from using their effect deletion prevention.

The key cards to use was promo Gammamon that allows us to attack unsuspended and also the Raid ability. Tamers also came in handy to give Gammamon more power to smash into BWG.

MVP of the game ofcourse had to be Bokomon which had given me so much protection from the massive deletion effects from BWG.

D-Brigade match:

This was also one of the big bosses of the meta, also to mention the pilot had been back to back champion with D-Brigade. The key card here was definitely BT8 Gammamon with its ess to delete 3K power digimons which allowed me to clear his board most of the time.

Once I got to Regulusmons with Arcturusmon ess it was also easy to clear out and raid into his digimons while trashing security to grab the win.

Jellymon Match:

This was a game where its dangerous as I lose the most important key in the Gammamon deck, the ess.

I had lost the first game because I wasn’t too familiar with the deck, one careless attack from me, opponent was able to blast evo into the new LM Level 6 Jellymon, Amphimon and removed my Gammamon lines.

After the first defeat I knew the important card for this match up was to spam Bokomons to protect my digimons. For the next two games my opponents couldn’t remove any my Digimon cause of the protection Bokomon gave, he was forced to instead remove my Bokomons. As long as I had the bokomons I was not worried at all about him bouncing my digimons, and it secured me the win.

Tournament Summary

With me defeating some of the top tier decks that night I believe that Gammamon is able to fight atleast most of the meta decks.  Although I have not tested against them yet but I believe the deck would have a hard time facing the 3 big monsters of the meta:

  1. Shinegreymon – because of the DP minuses, Bokomon cannot prevent that, and most of the time if they OTK its over.
  2. MirageGaogamon – we all know the adding cards to hand and losing memory is a pain. Other than that I believe the Bokomons can protect the deck
  3. Sec con – I have no words lol just pray.


This deck has proven itself a worthy deck for the meta and it should be. I trust anyone who are interested to build the deck will have fun with it and see how interactive it is with all the supports. I myself am looking forward to test more with the deck and its other pieces. Another card id like to test with is Siriusmon Ace. For now keep on playing and keep on testing 

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