[BT14-LM] Arnold: Green BloomQuart Quantum Deck


Invited Author: Arnold

Country: Indonesia



Hello, this is Arnold from Indonesia. This time I want to introduce you to my quantum-bloom deck that I used for the evolution cup.

Deck Building

In addition to the LM set, we have a new friend Quantumon, a level 6 fairy digimon. Because its type is fairy, it can easily be searched with Palmon BT12, and even reduce the cost with Sunflowmon BT13. That’s the reason in this list I used 4 cards for both of them. 

With Quantumon we now have access to Shinegreymon Ruin Mode, although we can only evolve it only from her. It’s not a problem because it has protection on its own. So it’s pretty safe to evolve it on battle area and evolve it to ruin mode in the next turn.

For tech cards like tamers and options. I am using only 2 Mimi BT1 and 2 Mimi BT14, and this is the reason why I am not bringing togemon BT14 too much. It's pretty rare to use togemon effect to put tamer, I only use this if my enemy is bricky and he doesn’t have a way to remove my togemon after I suspend it for its own effect or I need an extra search with Mimi BT14. For options, the reason is using 2 memory boosts and 2 training, instead of 4 training. 

Because ruin mode cannot be reduced with agility training and mostly to level 6 digimon I use Sunflowmon BT13 to reduce its evolution cost instead of training. Some situations we can use memory boost to gain memory and play lillymon ACE to remove 5000 DP or lower digimon and then evolve it to Quantumon to remove another 1 any digimon in the opponent field. With this we have an ACE digimon that has a protection.


In BT14 meta, 50% of meta decks are OTK Decks and that’s the reason I make efforts to put Ruin Mode in the deck to stalling it and in some cases we need to have our own OTK that is where kimeramon will do the job. It’s pretty common to use kimeramon to finishing the game in Bloomlord deck, so i will not explain too much for this. But, the key of every game I played is always Quantumon. I always want to have the 1st evoline to Quantumon to check the opponent's security and remove any option that can mess up our field and in some matches like yellow vaccine, you can just remove level 4 digimon inside security so their Patamon cannot freely evolve with its effect. Another reason is so we have 1 digimon in the battle area that can help Bloomlord to finish the game instead of using kimeramon. If somehow our Quantumon was removed from the field by the opponent's digimon, this is where Lillymon ACE shines. We can easily remove their opponent’s digimon with Lillymon ACE then evolve it to Quantumon. Although sometimes this can only be possible if we have 3 memory and 1 Mimi BT14 or 2 memory and 1 memory boost.

Other than checking security and its protection, Quantumon can recover our own digimon to our security then remove 1 card from the opponent's security, this commonly happens when you have Ajatarmon that call Sunflowmon BT13 and use its effect to reduce Quantumon evo cost. If there is no digimon in the opponent's battle area, we can just put Sunflowmon to our security, to recover and then remove 1 card in the opponent's security.

If you have 2nd turn and enemy gives you 2 memory or more, always put Mimi BT2 if possible, Because even if they try to build evoline in battle area and safe 1 other digimon in raising area, you can just remove the battle area digimon with Quantumon and hatch another digitama with Mimi. As long as they tried to remove our Quantumon by hitting it, it protected 1 of our security from being removed. After that is our next turn we can counter it with either Hydramon, Bloomlord, or maybe another Quantumon.


VS Miragegaogamon

I think this is the worst matchup for this deck. Because even if we have 6 or 7 security, they can still OTK if they have enough memory boost or training in the field, although we can try to prevent it to evolve our digimon to Quartzmon or Shinegreymon ruin mode, it’s very hard to comeback when they have evolve to Miragegaogamon BT12, because our digitama forced us to draw when we try to suspend one of our digimon and it make Miragegaogamon BT12 effect triggered move the memory to their side. Sometimes to prevent this you need to do lillymon ACE to Quantumon if possible or hoping your digitama is Argomon.

VS Shinegreymon

For this matchup, It’s pretty much Quartzmon that will always be MVP. The worst case scenario is they evolve to ruin mode after removing all of our digimon in the field. If possible you can do Lillymon ACE to Quantumon, or just make Ajatarmon in the raising area and placing memory boost or training as much as possible so we can evolve to level 6 without passing the turn and try to evolve it again to Shinegreymon Ruin mode or another Quartzmon.

VS Mill Deck

In this matchup, I cannot tell too much because of my opponent's brick and I think you need to be more careful of their option instead of digimon when choosing 1 card from their security, because if i rememmbered correctly their digimon doesn’t have any big removal, instead they use option.

VS Digi Police

This matchup is very tricky, sometimes you can lose when they become Quartzmon before you. Or you can just let Quantumon unsuspended every time you pass the turn and hope you guess the top deck right. So even if they become Quartzmon it cannot suspend Quantumon and you can counter it with another Quartzmon. Other than that, use Lillymon ACE wisely, they can easily remove your Quantumon with DCD Bomb option with 1 cost.

VS Hunter

In this match my deck is very bricky, I don't have any level 3 digimon in the 1st and 2nd turn. If I have to guess how to do a matchup with this deck, I think Quartzmon can really help so much, as long as their tamer doesn’t have 4 types of color. Or you can just become Quantumon and reduce their security, as long as they cannot make Arrester Superior mode to 14k DP with 2 darcmon they cannot destroy Quantumon with digimon effect. Or you can leave Quartzmon alone in the field while making another digimon in the raising area.

Other Matchup:

VS Fenrirloogarmon

I think in this matchup you just need try to put either Terriermon or Pomumon BT9 in battle field while Quantumon reducing their security or if you can Shinegreymon Ruin Mode and put -10k DP to their field i think the game should be safe as long his setup not fast enough and you not bricky.


Overall with the help of Quantumon now we have many ways to play and many ways to be built in the decks. To be honest I was really hopeless when playing Bloomlord deck in BT14. But, when Quantumon is revealed in LM and has a fairy type. I am very hyped to build this deck with it and after much time testing and researching. This is a list I am very comfortable with for now.

I still think every person has a different way of thinking, even if some of the decks have not worked out with you, try to find it yourself. Research, Testing, Rebuilding, rinse and repeat until you find what suits you perfectly and of course luck it’s still part of the game. By any means good luck for everyone out there and always remember to still have fun playing the games.

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