[ST16-EX5] MetalGarurumon Ace – "Jamming" and "Recovery"



We are seeing a new purple-blue MetalGarurumon Ace / Xantobody in EX5 meta that won a lot tournaments during this time. Knowing this deck, personally I found it is very strong. Let me list out some key point of this deck.

An example, source is here.


The "Jamming" that helps it never deck-out

Unlike the BT9 blue Gabumon/Garurumon X protection, the purple-blue LV3 Gabumon X and Lv4 Garurumon X protects the Mega from deleted during battling by returning 2 cards (non-egg) from trash to bottom of the deck in both turns. This effect is like a "Jamming", but protected in all turns which makes it even better. 

And Cool-boy is so perfect for the deck. Without the effect of returning cards to bottom of the deck, Cool-boy would normally cause it deck-out, but now it is safe from that.

BT9 MetalGaruruX is better than EX5 MetalGaruruX

While EX5 MetalGarurumon X can delay the game (defense) because it seems that the opponent would lost their turn immediately after they declare first attack, sound good right. But what I feel I need the most when I digivolve into LV6 X antibody would be the "unsuspend this Digimon".  It maybe just a last hit to finish the game, or unsuspend to block in next turn.,etc.

Because purple line don't have "Security Attack+1" so we rely on multiple attacks at LV6 Digimon. So with the EX5 LV5 WereGaruru X and LV6MetalGreymon Ace (ST16) + LV6 X Antibody, we have total 3 checks. If the MetalGaruruX survives, the evolving into BT5 Omnimon will trigger another check to opponent's security in one turn. 

The Metalgaruru and Omnimon are protected during battling, so if the opponent's security has "Option" cards that can delete/return to hand(deck)/place to its own security then the Metalgaruru gone.

However, for the current meta, not many lethal option cards are used, only Sec Con (maybe).

The "Recovery"

X antibody Protoform introduced and replace the old BT9 X antibody option card.

While the BT9 X-antibody option card is good to counter those blue decks that trash the digivolution source then those cards without digivolution cards can't attack during its turn/next turn and also allows the attacking Digimon to evolve into a "X antibody" Digimon, the new EX5 X-antibody Protoform is simply for "recovery" and recycle cards because we can pick 1 Digimon from the digivolution source of the one that leaves the battle. (It is good to recycle LV5 or LV6 Metalgaruru Ace.)

You won't be able to take back the white cards from trash if you use the "calling from darkness", so get them from security is the easier method.

Another Variant, Ulforce Zero and Rina

UlforceVeedramon and Rina combo has the advantage with this deck's tech because the deck has a certain number of cards in trash.

Basically as long as we have enough trash, the "All turn" without "Once Per Turn" effect of Rina can make the Ulforce Zero attack until trash-out.

But there are weaknesses, UlforceZero with only 12000 DP and no "protection" is vulnerable to the opponent's security and 12k DP blocker.

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