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Hello DigiDestined! This is Robin from DigiDestined Doods (@DDDTcg). With the recent release of EX5, we have seen the popularity of purple decks rising: Belphe-Levia, MetalgaruruX, Beaststar (credits to @slyx183 for the naming) and finally Anubis-Merva. Let’s dive in and understand more about this Eygptian God’s terror.

Anubis-Merva Deck Ratio

This is a recommended skeleton structure for anyone looking to start with Anubis-Merva. The deck aims to set up Anubis to flood the board with Merva as fast as turn 2 or 3 and it packs consistency with wisdom training and purple memory boost. Gazi and psyche help to lock your opponent’s board leaving them with little room to counter. The deck also packs superb draw power from Tsunomon, DoberX, and BlueMera, so getting your pieces is not an issue. Unfortunately, the deck still struggles with Pomumon, Pillomon, and Gotsumon (Digimon that do not allow players to play Digimons by effect) and also Leviamon with Biting crush option.


Anubis-Merva in EX5 Environment

In the current meta, games can be determined in the blink of an eye with decks like FenriLoogamon, Shinegreymon BM, MirageGaogamon BM, but we also see control decks like BloomQuantum, Huanglong, Belphemon also making success in reacting to these fast matchups. Anubis-Merva combines both of these elements to establish a strong presence that your opponent has a difficult time dealing with. Below you can find my decklists that I had success in the recent 3v3 and Magnacup Tournament.

Source: https://x.com/DDDTcg/status/1699806943706337683?s=20

Common Ruling

Anubis effects can be hard to catch at first but there are a few things that you should take note of, Let’s break it down into 2 parts:

[When Digivolving] [Main] [Once Per Turn] You may trash up to 3 cards in your hand. Then, play 1 purple Digimon card from your trash for the cost. When it would be played by this effect, reduce the play cost by 3. For each card trashed by this effect, further reduce it by 1.”

  • The effect can be triggered even when Venusmon blanket is on the field as it is a main effect
  • You may trash up to 3 cards so you can opt to not trash anything and play a purple digimon for – 3 cost
  • If your opponent has a Psychemon on the field, you can still use Anubis’s effect but you would need to pay the full cost.
  • When you play Mervamon from trash, total cost to play would be 2 cost (-6 cost + Digixros -3) and + 1 memory if you have Ignitemon as ESS

[Your Turn] When your Digimon is played by an effect, delete 1 of your opponent's level 5 or lower Digimon. If no Digimon was deleted by this effect, <Draw 1>. “

  • This effect only allows you to delete or draw per digimon(s) played by effect. In the stance of Mervamon, When you play Mervamon from trash (considered as 1 played by effect) and Mervamon plays 2 digimon by effect (considered as 1 played by effect) you will be able to delete up to 2 Level 5 or lower digimon or if no digimon is deleted, draw 2
  • You can play Mervamon to slot another Mervamon but you would not gain memory from Ignitemon’s inherit, you could play around de-digivolve or dexmon in this way.

Level 3 Flex Slots:

Labramon sits on my bench because I felt that the times that I needed to return an Anubis or Merva seem very low, as once you establish the board flood, the game is pretty much yours, just watch out for Dexmon!

Gabumon gives you the +1 memory and needed draw/discard to cycle through your deck, which suits very well in situations when you are bricking.

Elecmon can clear the pesky memory blockers, playcost blockers, and your arch nemesis, played by effect digimon blockers. Although it needs to be deleted, you might be able to trigger it with “Calling from the Darkness” or CeberusmonX inherit effects.

Spadamon, a tech choice to de-digivolve your opponent when played with Mervamon effect, and when you slot under the Mervamon. You can also delete the level 5 digimon (after being de-digivovled from level 6) and clear the board! Its inherited effects can also help you to search for another Xros Heart digimon.

Level 4 Considerations

You can basically run the same package as Minervamon deck, with more retaliation digimon so that you can gain rush and blocker. Dobermon also offers additional draw power as you can X-digivolve into DoberX to give you +2 draw and discard 1, with another digimon gaining rush. 

Pocupamon is there to delete any pesky blockers, and could potentially proc twice with doberX giving another digimon retaliation to help you gain control of the board if needed.

Level 5 Considerations

There are 2 considerations to selecting your level 5s, Firstly, it should be able to pull back memory with your Gobli and Orge inherited effects so that you can digivolve to Anubis to continue your turn and board flood.

Secondly, it would serve as a secondary effect for Anubis to play from the trash in scenarios where you are not able to play Mervamon. You can use DoberX and Pumpkinmon on play effects to call back a Gazi or Psychemon to have 2 additional bodies on the board. 

These are unorthodox choices, test them if you like! 

Tamer Considerations

The Tamers slots are really tight, and you would probably need to sacrifice memory or training options to include these cards. Although they do value-add to your gameplay (win more cards), they are not key pieces to achieving your win conditions, but feel free to test around with them!

Options Considerations

For options choices, if you would like to take a more defensive stance, you can opt for Rivals’ Barrage or Pummel Whack, to be able to clear the key cards when needed. Rivals’ Barrage works well with EX1 Ladydevimon and you can also consider EX2 Dobermon to play it into the play area.

Calling from the Darkness is mainly needed to recycle Ruin mode, the blanket -DP has proven super effective in the current meta, with many decks playing from the raising.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t beat them, join them. This is a straightforward deck with a clear win condition, board flood, and control. The difficulty in piloting the deck is suitable for any new purple players too! (like me!) Having said that, there are also interesting deck-building ideas that can complement Anubis playstyle like using Levia/Biting Crush to deal with mirror matches (Crocodile Dundee!) and Bephlemon, which I will be testing in upcoming tournaments. Thank you for reading and until then I AM THE TABLE!

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