[News] Limited Card Pack Dexmon LM-02

LM-02 Limited set to distribute the old cards with no block ID or ID "<1>" to latest ID.

This distribution will help the new players to get the old cards to play DTCG. Not only the old cards are selected to be reprinted, but there are some cards from the newer set with block ID 02 as well.

Below are the cards to be reprinted for LM-02. 

More to be updated…

3 thoughts on “[News] Limited Card Pack Dexmon LM-02”

    1. normal cards: 2 copies per boxes (got 1 playlet if you buy 2 boxes). AA art (2 cards per box0: 1 copies of sister + 1 Dexmon, or 1 sister (other sister) + 1 Chaosdramon.

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