[News] New Restriction list to be applied from October 27 2023

Today (17 Oct) Bandai released the new restriction list that will be applied from 27 Oct 2023 for Japanese format. Not only that, they also lift up the restriction for Himi blue tamer and SaviorHuckmon. 

Restriction list is also released the same for English format even though it is currently in BT13 (ST15 ST16) timeline.

[Banned and Restricted Card Announcement] Effective on November 17, 2023

Restricted Cards (1 copy per deck)

• ST6-03 Gabumon

• BT2-069 Gabumon

• BT13-012 GeoGreymon

• EX4-019 MachGaogamon

• BT7-069 Eyesmon: Scatter Mode

Unrestricted Cards (4 copies per deck)

• BT6-015 SaviorHuckmon

• BT7-086 Tommy Himi

Consider the current meta in both Japanese and English format, the new restriction won't change the Japanese meta much but affect a lot in English meta.

In JP BT15, Apocaly can use the Garuru-x line (blue/purple) to draw and trash cards. It is much more effective compared to the traditional way that we use Gabumon lv3 or Eyesmon Scatter Mode. The same methods also used in Beelstar deck.

The purple meta in BT15 such as Apocaly, Loogamon, Anubis-Merva and Metalgaruru are all safe from this new restriction. 

For Geogreymon and Machgaogamon, currently we don't see Shingreymon or MirageGaogamon in BT15 winning list, so with this limitation, I am not sure what is Bandai's purpose.

With unrestriction for Himi tamer and SaviorHuckmon, it makes sense because Himi is a tamer. And for the SaviorHuckmon, after the restriction, Jesmon deck almost drop to the bottom of the tier list. We are not sure if Jesmon can come back again.

Himi can't stop the threat of Apocaly.

For English Format.

If we look at the BT13 English format, especially Ultimate Cup result, we will see the pure color of MirageGaogamon or ShineGreymon, Belphemon (using the Scatter Mode). So this is actually a big hit to the current BT13 English meta.

Conclusion: Bandai has taken the current English meta into serious consideration to create this restriction list. 

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