[News] Digimon Adventure 2- The Beginning move to be showing in US

Next month, Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING will make its premiere in the U.S.! Presenting in English dub on 11/8 and Original Japanese with English sub on 11/9!

The first 50 guests to arrive at each night’s screening in the U.S. will receive Tamer Party Pack -THE BEGINNING- ver. 2.0 which includes 3/14 cards commemorating the film!

The cards from this promo set are presenting all the characters and new Digimon/Tamer appear in the show. 

There is a new introduction of new lv3 white Digimon Ukkomon and its new tamer Lui Ohwada. The Ukkomon is quite useful in current Japan meta (bt15), it helps to hatch very fast in the game.

For BT14 English, this Digimon is also good for Belphemon deck because the ProtoGizumon can utilise it to reduce play-cost.

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