BT-16 Review: Beginning Observer


Summary at a glance

1. 2 new effect keywords [Partition] and [Collision].
2. New Armor Digimons, some with good effects.
3. Major buffs for the Digimon Adventure 02 crew, Biyomon, Pulsemon, Terriermon, Dorumon, Loogamon, MaloMyotismon, Ukkomon, Insects, and D-Brigade.

New keywords

2 new keywords are introduced in BT-16.

[Partition] (When this Digimon with 1 of each specified card in its digivolution cards would leave the battle area other than by one of your effects or in battle, you may play 1 of each card without paying their costs)

The [Partition] effect is amazing, not only giving Jogress (DNA Digivolution) Digimons much more board presence, but also enables a new slew of combos from old cards. For example, Silphymon can use [Partition] to spit a Mimicmon to gain +2 memory to end the opponent's turn. 

What's more, [Partition] in inheritable so you can freely Digivolve away! Perhaps I should try it with the Bagramon line?

[Collision] (During this Digimon's attack, all of your opponent's Digimon gain [Blocker], and your opponent blocks if possible.)

This [Collision] effect is currently exclusive only to Sheepmon and Dorugoramon line. It feels like a watered down [Raid] effect, so lets wait and see how this would shake up the meta.

New Armor Digimons

Perhaps the highlight of this set, we have 2 Armor X-Antibody Digimons for SECs.

Rapidmon X Antibody is offensive. During your turn, he behaves much like a LV6 version of Ruin Mode. However, his -DP effect extends past turns, so long as Digimons suspend. So during your opponent's turn, any Digimon that attacks (suspends) will automatically become -4000 DP smaller.   

Meanwhile, the shield to the sword, the new Magnamon X Antibody is one of the most defensive (if not the most) Digimon ever to be introduced yet. This Digimon has [Blocker] and is not affected by your opponent's effects (Digimons and Options included). The last Digimon that had such presence would be Mother Reaper. In addition (if you hadn't noticed), he is also the first to have 3 colors (not that it matters much at this point).

But aside from these 2 SECs, the rest of the Armor lineup aren't too bad themselves! They easily power-creep the Armor Digimons from older sets, so we should be seeing them as utilities in various decks.

Other notable buffs

Being a set dedicated to the "Digimon 02 – The Beginning" movie, its no surprise that cards from the Veemon, Wormon, Hawkmon, … lines get buffed. Some are quite notable.

The new Imperialdramon should be able to challenge many of the BT-15 tier-1s, such as Anubis/Merva and Looga. The new Dinobeemon is such a bliss of a card, being long enough the underdog to past Paildramons. The new Shakkoumon has a lot of potential, and the Gatomon Armor deck may see a comeback.


The MaloMyotismon gameplay is also vastly improved in BT-16. It is now easier to launch and recycle MaloMyotismon and Yukio, with the new Arukenimon and Mummymon Digimons and Tamers. However, doesn't seem to work well with BT15's Myotismon ACE though.

Phoenixmon is getting another buff (since apparently BT15 wasn't enough), this time with X-Antibody. Garudamon X Antibody is such a winner, synergising so well with Garudamon ACE and Sora. Meanwhile, Phoenixmon X Antibody can be such a godly card when played with BT15's Phoenixmon. It would be interesting to see whether a Phoenixmon deck can finally shine in the coming meta.

Pulsemon is also getting a slew of upgrades through LV4 to LV6, converging to a Shroudmon that looks to be far superior to any of his other forms from previous sets. In addition, Pulsemon is also getting a [Mind Link] tamer in Hacker Judge.

If you are a fan of insects, rejoice as BT-16 brings the much awaited TyrantKabuterimon and GranKuwagamon ACE, buffing up the rather lacklustre BT15 line. A new Dorugoramon line with its [Mind Link] tamer Kosuke Kisakata and the new [Collision] effect should get some players experimental. Then, we see Terriermon and Lopmon get their X-Antibody variants just in time to spice up their starter decks. 

And last but not least, BigUkkomon debuts with rather peculiar effects. Lots of potential as he can reset the tamer board, deletes like a subpar Dexmon, and accelerates your board at the same time. 

Is this a good set?

A resounding yes!

BT-15 is an Apocalyptic dune thanks to Apocalymon, and subsequently after the promo Ukkomon was made available, the Ukko-Rookie-Rush deck happened. We subsequently observed a sort-of trifecta deadlock between Rookie Rush, Apocaly, and Anubis and Melga. All of those decks are very linear in gameplay (hence not fun).

BT-16 looks to improve variety and deck-building. While power-creeping many of the older cards, they make a lot of different decks stronger (not just specific archetypes) hence being able to stand up against BT15 staples like Anubis and Melga. 

A few more weeks to launch date!

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