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I’m Piku from Indonesia. Been playing since the BT7 release era. Got Top 8 on several Evolution Cups and was the first Indonesian DCG national team player to win an international friendly match (vs Japan in 2022).

My go-to decks were Paildramon jogress and Yellow Hybrid. When XH ran rampant at Evocups and JetSilphy got hit, I stopped playing. I just started playing again around the BT15 release era. Guess how lucky I am to leave during XH oppression and be back in the apocalypse? Lol.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta.

Deck Build and Strategy

I’ll be frank. It’s a fun deck. My go-to meta deck was MetalGaruru as well. But as a former Yellow player, the mechanic has taken my interest since back then. Honestly I took advantage of the situation: I thought people would be tired already with the oppressive format and start to use whatever decks they like. So if you ask, what was the plan for the meta? I did none. Although I’m pretty sure Garuru would be somehow manageable by the -DP mechanic.

I just bought the Yellow package like a week before the tournament and it was actually because I wanted to abuse the mechanic for the new Magna X. I was like, maybe I’ll try playing the deck so that I’ll be more accustomed to it when the time comes.

If we talk about Yellow Vaccine (YV), I think the “T2 Bulkmon check 2 jamming” is more prominent. I’ve tried it, but I found the draw really lacking. Also coincidentally, it was recently confirmed that if you evolve Patamon by its own effect to Tailmon from the sec, you’ll get +2 in total from both Tailmon and Patamon. I prefer Tailmon to Bulkmon any day aesthetically anyway, and with Tailmon I can use Tokomon for easier draws.

The strategy is pretty simple: cheat the mechanic by digivolving from sec. That’s why I include heavy Lv4 like both Rapidmons as well. Tailmon was included because it gives extra memory and pseudo-Jamming by Barrier, and it’s a 2-cost evo just in case. For Lv5, I max RizeGreymon to play tamers for free (Hikari gets the most value) and SA+1. For the ACE, I use Angewomon because I won one from a local so I just needed to buy another 2. It’s better anyway, as you’d like the guaranteed -6000 and the balance of recovering and trashing sec. The harder thing was selecting the Lv6. I was tempted by the 4 checks of WarGreymon/Sleipmon, but it just didn’t work after I playtested for days. Then I just go with Seraphimon for the guaranteed recovery, -7000, and SA+1, plus some Venusmon for control.


I only used 3 Trainings because most of the time you’d want to digivolve from the sec, and it’d be cheaper anyways. Less option because I believe Angewomon and Seraphimon would take care of removal jobs. Most of the tamers have the ability to reduce and increase your sec at the same time, which is really good. But if I have to say one surprise MVP, it would go to Plotmon for a simple fact: it can give you free recovery in a pinch.


I participated in two tournaments within the week with the deck. I did take note of all matchups but I might’ve already forgotten the minute details.

The first one is an offline local with 16 players, swiss BO1.

R1 – Terrier. It seemed that it was pretty hard for the opponent to tower nor blast to SaintGargo thanks to the -DPs, because not even armor Rapidmon would survive. The biggest DP should be SaintGargo, so checking with Seraphimon was a breeze. If I remember correctly, at the end I locked the win with Venusmon. Win.

R2 – Mugendra. The opponent was unable to do anything because they couldn’t put a single body with all the -DP thus seemingly to lower their discard rate. They finally put an EX1 one with one Analogman in the back, but I was able to get the old Rapidmon to rest it and win with 2 bodies in the field. Win.

R3 – Belzeebu. I think the thing that won me the match was my ability to choke consistently. With all the optional memory gains, choking is indeed easy. If I remember correctly, they hard-casted a Beelzebu but I was able to straight clear it on the next turn with -DP. Win.

R4 – Duke. Their first tower hit something in the security, but I couldn’t be sure. Maybe I minus -DPed it. Despite the high DP of Duke variants, I think Tailmon’s Barrier ESS saved me during Seraphimon’s check twice. Win.

The result was 4-0, ranked 1st.

The second one is an online Japanese Discord tournament with 11 players, swiss BO1.

R1 – Apocaly. It’s just generally a hard matchup, because Seraphi would die if checking any of the Dark Master. Also, if you delete one Apocaly (which usually needs Plotmon, Angewomon, and Seraphimon), the stack won’t have any protection against the new Apo and you’d get overflowed. This match, I decked out. Lose.

R2 – ShineGrey. Basically Shine has to build the stack in one turn, because if any body is left in the field, it would be gone by the -DP. Their hand was not the best and two Burst Mode were in their secs. Gladly, Tailmon’s Barrier for Seraphimon. Win.

R3 – SoC. They didn’t have the best hand. No Eiji until the end, and I was able to choke consistently. IIRC two Fenrilooga were in the sec too, but again, Barrier. Win.

R4 – Belphe + Apocaly. This was harder than the usual Apo because Belphe Sleep just ignores -DP. I don’t think I could’ve done anything better except having a god hand. Lose.

The result was 2-2, ranked 8th.

Mulligan and Tips to play Yellow Vaccine Deck

First, just remember that as long as Apocaly is there, many decks would be much less competitive, including YV. It doesn’t have the speed of Garuru nor the body count of Anubi. We’d play slower, trying to deplete our opponent's resources while doing casual chips.

Again, we can choose Bulkmon’s path for more aggressiveness with the trade-off in less draws (also, I think Bulkmon doesn’t give you much if somehow you’re behind). Also, remember that this is not a traditional Security Control – we can’t hope that the opponent hit something big in the security. What we do is we “rig” our security to enable us “cheating” the digivolution costs. We can bring more destructive options, but that demands cards that let us put generic Yellow cards in the sec. As the substitute, our main board clear options will be Plotmon, Angewomon (it’s far better than the other one because it lasts until the opp’s turn lol), and Seraphimon. Seraphimon is the most superior Lv6 in my opinion because it guarantees a recovery, a -7000, and is able to do multiple checks – and not limited to the digivolution turn except for the recovery part (it’s <All Turn> so if Takeru got checked we can get another -7000 lol).

There are others which main Holydramon as the Lv6, but I want a better balance between trashing and recovering. Venusmon is a really great option for the secondary Lv6, as usually it is able to lock the opponent for a turn. Venus is best to lock a winning position.

My build uses RizeGreymon – so it demands more Tamers. Fixer Hikari is the best pair as it doesn’t have any <On Play> effects anyway. Fixer Takeru is still needed as it gives us another way to peek on the security and helps us to plan our moves for several turns. I just can’t find a better Lv5 and I don’t want to run all ACEs. Also with all the Tamers, you’ll get plenty of memory without fearing the likes of Gazimon.

With this build, we want to see Patamon, a Lv4 (new Rapidmon would be the best), and BT14 Takeru if we go first. With this setup, we’re guaranteed a digivolution for the next turn while passing only 2 memory. A Training wouldn’t be bad either. If we go second, Patamon and fixer Takeru might be the best, because usually we will pass 2 memory with this setup and we can peek at our security ASAP – but remember that our Patamon is not guaranteed to digivolve. The first setup won’t be bad either – just don’t rest Takeru. Other decent cards are basically any Lv3 and Emissary of Hope. If we don’t get “god hand” but we draw Lonkhe, be sure to mulligan. 8-cost removals are supposed to be in the security.

If we can put a Lv4 by our 2nd turn, we can start waging mind-games due to the prominence of ACEs in YV. I only recommend hitting security if we have either Tailmon or the new Rapidmon. If the opponent has destructions, prioritize the armor Lv4s. My last tips would be to preserve Plotmon for late game as much as we can as it can give us recovery in a pinch with its <Start of Main Phase>.

Message to friends or community.

I think the current state of the DCG community, despite the oppressive format, is pretty well balanced between fun and competitiveness, at least in Indonesia – or at least in the LGS I’ve been playing. I just want to give suggestions for anyone posting tournament results. It would’ve been better if we can always put the player count, so we can get better context, and to properly credit the pilot of each of the decklist posted. Sadly, this is what I’m finding in the results posted by the official EN DCG Facebook account. None of those bothered to mention the pilot name. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Shoutout to Arcanum Hobbies, which happened to be the only LGS near my area to have routine DCG tournaments. It has a really good vibe and decent player count. The best part? We may even have three DCG tournaments for the day lol.

Also shoutout to Karin Hanasaki, a member of the idol group Houkago Princess. The deck was dedicated to her, as her member color is yellow and she really loves cats – thus I named the deck “Sexy Angel Karin” lol.

I hope DCG can be a long-lived and long-loved TCG, both by the player base and the management side lol.

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