[EN-BT14] Daniel Carreno – 2nd Place at Latam Ultimate Cup 2023 with Gammamon



Invited Author: Daniel Carreño (Chile)

Date of tournament: 17 December 2023

2nd Place Latin America Ultimate Cup (Number of Participants 50+)

Hi, it’s me again since so much time (Jan 2022), and well, the game is evolving as tournaments do, and we had this tournament, the Ultimate Cup with the modified rules that are as a set rotation. Not my favorite format, since many good decks on the BT14 format are severely limited.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta.

Why did I choose this deck?

Digimon Ghost Game is the only Digimon series that I really like. Gammamon is a very charismatic Digimon and I love it, so, when RB1 comes to the game, I started to get the deck as foil as possible. Also, the last LatAm Ultimate Cup was highly dominated by Commandramon variants and Gammamon can fight against that very well, I thought “maybe Gammamon is good and is not only a hard copium”.

My principal idea was to get a good match against Commandramon and I decided to play against it and not worry about Yellow Vaccine, my worst matchup (with the idea of simply conceding against it).

Digi-Eggs: 4 Gurimon (RB1-001): The only available option related to Gammamon, as BT8 is not available on this tournament. The other option was to play Koromon (BT14-001) but only if I decided to run the Ukkomon variant, that was good, but not good enough against Digi-Police.

Rookies: Gammamon (RB1-005) is the heart of the deck and one of the cards that can make you decide the mulligan, you always want to start with at least one, so, is the logic 4-of card. Gammamon (P-059) is the other 4-of rookie because the 2000 DP add is very good against almost all decks. And now, the “techs”, 3 copies of Gammamon (P-065), the anarchic, the Anti-Police card, with the On Play effect, it can delete cards as Commandramon (BT5 and BT14) and Numemon (BT14), and the Inheritable effect can do it to, so, if you can swing with a GulusGammamon, you can delete 1 Digimon with the When Attacking of P-065, 1 Digimon with GulusGammamon and 1 Digimon with the On Play of this Gammamon being played with GulusGammamon. The other cards are 1 Gammamon (P-058) that is good when you don’t have the raid one (and cost 4 , Ultimate Flare shenanigans) and 2 Gotsumon (BT14-009) to prevent Cargodramon and Brigadramon effects. 

Champions: 4 copies of each BetelGammamon (BT8-013 printed in TP11 and RB1-008) because I decided to use Offense Training, 3 copies of GulusGammamon (RB1-029), only 3 because I can’t use all the GulusGammamon that I wanted to use (No BT8, again), so, I’m not basing my game on it; but still being a good effect, the best one on all the LV4 from the deck. Finally, I decided to use 1 copy of WezenGammamon (RB1-021) to have a blocker in my toolbox, but I think that card was not relevant in all the tournament.

Ultimates: 4 copies of Canoweissmon (RB1-009), the Ultimate that can warp by condition and no by effect, and this is VERY relevant since Offense Training + Canoweissmon works. And 3 copies of Regulusmon (RB1-030), a very good card that helps you to keep your main body in the battle area. 

Mega: 3 of each, Siriusmon (RB1-010) and Arcturusmon (RB1-031), nothing more, nothing less, I think the ratios were good, nothing to add here. And the last but not least Digimon, 2 Proximamon (RB1-036), the final Boss, 1 is nothing, 3 is too much. 

Options: I decided to take the risk and play Offense Training (P-103), using 10 cards that can’t be searched with them. I get 2 purple cards with them 2 times in the tournament but the main function of this card is to get a “memory reserve” and get explosive turns with 1 memory.

Tamers: I played Tai Kamiya (BT1-085, printed in RB) since was the only Red Memory Setter on the format, no other reason; but well, Security Attack+1 is a solid effect. Also, the best boi in the deck Hiro Amanokawa (RB1-032), the only Hiro that I think I should play. This card is the core of all the interactions in the deck. I tested Hiro Amanokawa (P-062) but I can’t see a line of play to play it besides other cards. Also, we tested Lui Ohwada (P-130), but it was not good with the Gammamon interactions, Hiro (RB1) was always the best one.

Any Cuts? 

Not really. Maybe take out the 4/1 Gammamon to get another 4/0.

General gameplay

You try to set yourself up with Gammamon on breeding and Hiro in Battle Area ASAP. BetelGammamon (RB) playing a Hiro is utopic, if you have a Hiro Amanokawa in your first turn, you PLAY IT. 

On this format, try to climb into the Siriusmon, is the main character to break all boards, Arcturusmon is an accessory on almost all your matchups, but can be a very good option too against De-Digivolve version of Digi-Police, since when you delete it (with your own “inheritable” GulusGamma effect) you can set a Proximamon that can be digivolved in… Arcturusmon Again.

Your win condition is inevitability of winning more than rush into Security. Try to break the board.


Round 1: Digi-Police (2-0): Gammamon P-065 showed his awesome power. Digi-Police can stablish very good boards but Gammamon can handle with it 

Round 2: Rookie Rush (2-0): Same case, Rookie Rush is a worst Commandramon in this format, can stablish a lot of floodgates that are not good against almost all decks on the format. The only one that was really annoying me was Syakomon, blocking my Trainings, but well, I managed to make a Siriusmon with 2 Gammamon P-065 on it, and was deleting all, all turns. 

Round 3: Digi-Police (2-0): A studied match, with no De-Digivolve techs, is easy to win with Gammamon.

Round 4: Digi-Police De-Digivolve (1-1): We finished the second game in time, the match was too close, surely the most fun match of the day, Vademon is busted and is a bit ridiculous against this deck. The player was also playing 4 copies of DCD Bomb, 2 copies of Ultimate Flare, and well, the 4 copies of Vademon, the god of this deck. I managed to get a Proxima with all the good inheritable effects to delete all the board and swing to the securities for game. 

Round 5: WarGreymon (2-1): My heart here was broken, my testing mate against me, the winner was getting a Top 8 card as minimum and the loser gets top 32. Sebastian Toro is at my opinion the best player in Chile and I was too nervous, I committed a lot of misplays and well, he made them too. We only wanted to stop the torture. But the Siriusmon line was the card of triumph against his version full of Ace cards (MetalGreymon ACE, WarGreymon ACE). I won, but at what cost, I owe these results to my testing mate, since he helped me to test all my good and bad versions of this deck.

Final Thoughts

Well, Gammamon was not only copium, I missed a lot of cards (almost all the BT8 cards) but the deck runs very well. 

Now we are going to Mexico to play the finals, with the hope that Bandai notices that Mexico and Chile are too far to be considered the same region to play. 

What should I play? I’m testing with Sebastian and other friends to get the best results.

Cheers to the NumeFamily and to all people that supports me on this game, thanks to my family for being patient with me when I’m playing online. 

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