[JP-BT15] Mark Beloy: Numemon – Throwing Dung at the Meta



Hello everyone, this is me again, professor B. B for Biktory, your favorite biologist.

Tired of facing the Scary and Ugly Apocalymon every single time?
You want revenge, but you don't want to join the evil purple color?

Fear not, let's give the meta some shit.

With the help of our slimy dream team, we turn the Scary and ugly Apocalymon deck into just an Ugly deck!

Here's how.

Deck Build and Strategy

You gotta understand that the meta comprises of cheating it's way by 2 things: 1. reduced playcost 2. Memory gain.

There are plenty of colors that can satisfy the playcost and memory hostage but only black has the efficiency of playing both of them through Chuumon and Chikurimon. Letting them stay on board is a big headache for this season's meta since removing them will require the opponent to pay a big chunk of memory while you constantly choke them at 1.

Choice of digitama would be the EX04 Tsunomon and BT15 Kyokyomon, why? because it helps you draw cards for it's ESS while chuumon or chikurimon does the powerstance while staring down apokalimon from your hand. It gives you extra draw if another digimon evolves during your turn.

Another addition to the rookie which stares down the opponent is Ukkomon. the promo ukkomon is a very strong opening hand, paired with lui since this will be the mechanism for you to choke your opponent to 1 every single turn.

Now for the main deck, Gather all numemons and I will tell a great story.

The strength of this deck is to play Geremon early. You need to discard Platinum numemon, then draw 2. This will help us in the later setup.

With the addition of NumemonX, while it has numemon as the source, you may play a numemon in it's name if it gets deleted…. sooo it lets you aggro early. If it dies, Play the Platinum numemon from your trash, then by effect, you trash another one of your "numemon in it's name cards to gain extra 2 memory. with 4 memories at your disposal, you can now pivot your board into doing a rush play, or setting it up for your lvl5.

Rush plays involves Lui. On play, he raises your digimon from the hatchery, then gain memory. Paired with ukkomon will let you do it for 1 cost, then have another rookie ready on your hatchery which you can bring out again with another lui.

Now for the Lvl5, this is where you perform all the controls for each matchup. you have monzaemon with onplay and on evo that can minus DP your opponent's pomumon to death, or give sec-1 for big threats. Then you have WaruMonzaemon that has onplay and on evo Dedigivolve specifically for big threats. Both teddybears can be played from hand if platinum numemon dies. hence proving these shit are true gamers, they don't die, they respawn. Another Pleasant surprise for these bears are the Sec+1 ESS if you have nume or monzae in it's name. you have access to that via MonzaemonX, but wait, there's more!! if you evo on top of the bears, you may designate targets for each of your digimon in play then give it -3k . you can literally set it up, then just hardplay a rookie, then perform a board clear. If your opponent has immunity, worry not. The effect is until opponent's endturn.

Top end would be flexible, Give your opponent the shock of their life by disabling them using the body of venusmon then go straight to Ruinmode to ruin the mood, or omnimon merciful mode to show mercy on those metaboys.

By the time you reach this, the Ukkomon army may have already rookie-rushed your opponent to death. satsuki+numemon for the rush finisher.



My 3 month matchups are the following:

Vs Apokali – laughs at their faces by floodgating 2-4 chikurimon. You will most likely win this matchup because you can setup board while preventing them from hardcasting apoc. Having more early chikurimons on board increases your odds since most of their removals rely on either deathclaw or the onplay effects of the megas.

vs Loogamon – Laugh by the tune of memory blocker and onplay dedigivolve via platinum numemon. A favorable matchup since you will be disabling their memory gain. Having early numemonX on your board ensured you will have a digimon by the end of his turn, and whenever you reach a point that you can play the platinum numemon by on deletion effects, you can guarantee either a board clear from ruin mode or returning their trash to deck via merciful.

VS anubis– laugh so hard by chumon and chikurimon. Basically setup the board by disabling their cost reduction and memory gain. Your priority opening hand will be chikurimon, then you counter any attempt of them establishing board by the on evo effects of monzaemons and monzaemonX via dp reductions.

VS bloomlord – chumon eats their memory and chikurimon halts the reduced playcost of the tamer via togemon. ez boardclear using monzX, dedigivolve quartz using waru.

VS garuru – block them then freeplay LOL. Since the garurumon deck relies on being aggro and gaining memory, the key here is to setup that early chuumon, then buildup your stack with various blocker ESS, and while he is establishing hia board, you can rush them down with how fast you can spam the ukkomons with lui combo.

VS Royal Knights. Meh rookie rush them, then play chikurimon. Always chikurimon to prevent playcost reduction, then top end venusmon  if you reach the turn that they can deploy all the royalknights.

VS rookie rush– let it rain -3kDP. Since the rookierush deck relies o. Spamming their board with the cheap rookies, you can setup your own side of the board with blockers, then board wipe with monzaemonX.

VS Shine – put some poop into their shine. Every move of the shine deck will result into getting one of your digimons deleted, so make sure you have you digimon stack to have ESS of numemonX and LVL6 of platinum numemon. That way, whenever they perform the masaru combo, you can free play a monzaemon , discard a platinum numemon, gain memory, then freeplay platinum numemon. That's gain 4 memory on deletion which will effecrtively pass the turn back to you.

VS Heavy Leo – LOL the sukamon deck is not perfect, it dies to the leomon deck. My every attempt to establish board is always being halted by either dedigilolve or bottom deck and dp reduction. The only way for me to workaroun this matchup is if I can get an early venusmon then evo to merciful which will effecrively delete heavy leomon and not trigger the on deletion effect because you will return the cards to bottom deck.

VS Mirage – decks that return to hand is this deck's weakness. Beware since the numemon deck also has very high draw power, mirage can use it against you. If this happens, build uo your stack in raising, then venusmon your way out of this situation.

VS Jesmon – LOL even playing Crimson blaze cannot stop this poop deck. Crimson blaze only prevents freeplay, the key is to not go wide at certain points, and attack any chance you can. Monzaemons are essentially safe from the crimson blaze. And you can control the board by using the ruin mode.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts?

UTOT. this is easily the most versatile deck.
Some of these cards may be restricted or banned it the future, LOL.

Special shoutout to Mr. Deep who polished this deck. I was using a similar deck in the early phase but he figured out a more efficient ratio with Satsuki.

Shout out also to the whole DigimonCard PH community speacially Alvin and Kinoks for the last minute assist.

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