[JP-BT15/EX5] Galaxy – The Infinite Loop


Recently the Galaxy Infinite Loop deck becomes a very hot topic among Digimon players after It is revealed as top-4 of DC-1 tournament in Japan, deck's owner is a Japanese player @umekottc (His Twitter/X is here). The first version was created by @alfreymor (From Thailand) when he made top-4 in Thailand Championship Preliminary 2nd Round (Date: 10th Dec 2023).

The loop is very scary, it is like the nightmare happens to players who is playing against this deck when their opponents reach the loop. It seems their turns will never come again ever.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta.

Loop Requirement

This deck purpose is to flood the board and destroy opponent with the OTK by attacking with multiple rookies/champions in the board. When the infinite loop start, the opponent will never able to play their turns anymore.

To prepare for the the loop, these conditions must meet:

  • Have at least 1 blue tamer Sayo and Koh on board, need 2 blue tamers Sayo and Koh if the opponent has a memory tamer.
  • Have at least a Legend Arm on board: BT3 Zubamon/Lodomon or promo Zubamon.
  • Have a Coronamon or Lunamon with the promo Zubamon in their Digivolution source.

How does the loop work?

To setup the loop you need to observe opponent's board to see how much memories they can have at the start of their turn.

  • If they don't have memory tamer, you can give them from 1 memory if you have 1 blue tamer Sayo & Koh, up to 3 memory if you have 2 Sayo & Koh.
  • If the opponent has memory tamer to set their memory to 3, you MUST have 2 Sayo & Koh, if they can get 4 or more, then you have to increase the number of Sayo & Koh accordingly.

Now when you see that you have enough tamer to kick of the loop, you can follow these steps to perform the loop:

  • Play the [P-097] Zubamon for 3 cost, then place it under LV3 Coronamon or Lunamon to gain back 2 memories.
  • At this time you can pass turn to opponent at 1 or more memories depends on your tamer setup or opponent board. (If you have extra memory, you can play those 2-cost option to search for cards before pass turn).
  • Start of opponent's turn, play promo Zubamon from Coronamon or Lunamon digivolution source then gains back 2 memories for each trigger (1 trigger per blue tamer).
  • Now it is already your turn again, if you have red tamer to set your memory to 3, it is great, because you can do some digivolving to lv4 galaxy to search for more cards or play the option cards to destroy opponent's Digimon because during your OTK attack, opponent can blast Digivolve to stop the rest/delete or return to hand/deck.
  • Once you reach 6 or 7 or more Digimon on board and want to attack, you may keep 1 backup like keep 1 Zubamon promo in hand and not use 1 of your lv3 Coronamon or Lunamon to attack. 

The opponent's security is also a problem for Galaxy loop. Just pray for no Crimson Blade (clear board, and you can't play Digimon by effect) or yellow option cards that can clear your board.

Final Thoughts

This deck has more potential in BT15-EX5 format (when Apocaly and Anubis are out of the picture) than BT16 format. In BT16, there are many Digimon that your option cards cannot touch or deleting tamer. But well, if you reach the loop early then your winning chance is higher. 

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