[News] New banlist targets Apocaly and Anubis, We also get a first pair-ban ever


On 18th Dec 2023, Bandai released a new banlist that targeted on the Japan BT15/EX5 meta top deck: Apocaly and Anubis-Mervamon

So these cards are restricted to 1 copy per deck, effective from 5th of Jan 2024.

  • Digitama Bukamon (give jamming): key card for Blue with/without purple MetalGarurumon deck.
  • EX5 Gabumon X-antibody and Garurumon X-antibody: Key cards for any purple decks. Too good for search/draw/trash cards.
  • BT15 Secret Rare Apocalymon: this card should be restricted early in the meta because it is too strong and not many cards can stop this deck from its execution/effect. 
  • EX5 Anubismon: Same with Apocaly, Anubis-Mervamon is another meta deck in the BT15/EX5 meta that overpower other decks. With the combo of Anubis-Merva, player can floorboard  their Digimon very fast.

The same restriction list will apply for English meta from March 1 2024, 2 weeks after EX5 is released.

English players have 2 weeks to enjoy before using another decks. 

Apocalymon is a very expensive card in Japanese meta when the set is released, but we are expecting that nobody would invest into this deck just to play for 2 weeks, unless there is a very big tournament with some big prize happens during that 2 weeks, then Apocaly or Anubis-Merva are good candidate to secure some wins.

The first Banned-Pair for Japanese format

During the 2nd weeks of December, there were many talks about the Galaxy Loop deck that too easy to setup using cheap cards. 

Article for the Galaxy Loop.

From this announcement, the Banned-Pair will be applied from 5th of Jan for Japanese meta (no info for English meta).

The restriction is: you can't use these cards together in 1 deck:

  • EX5 blue tamer Sayo & Koh and promo Zubamon
  • EX5 blue tamer Sayo & Koh and BT13 Purple Tamer Keenan
  • EX5 blue tamer Sayo & Koh and ST16 Purple Tamer Matt Ishida.


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