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In the beginning (BT1), Bandai released the birds. But they could not survive on their own and relied on other cards to catch their prey. As time passed, the birds faded into mediocrity, until 2 years ago, Bandai descended upon us mere mortals and gave us new birds (BT11). But alas, they were useless. Bandai had given most of their blessing to their new favourite child of the time, WarGreymon of the Black, infecting them with the X-Antibody. Months passed and Bandai returned with more birds (BT13). The people celebrated but it was still not enough. Once again, Bandai had given their blessing to the Greymon Clan but this time to those of the Yellow Variant. The birds were left out of meta relevancy as the Yellow Greymons ran rampant, punching everything in sight.

The Yellow Greymon rampage continued until one day the apocalypse arrived (BT15). Decks were disintegrating before the peoples’ eyes. But with it, came more birds! The birds were stronger and a new sky could be seen. Alas, it was all for naught as they just flew around not doing much in the wake of the apocalypse. The people clamoured, “Surely, there has to be some payoff to all these random birds.”

Before the turn of the year, Bandai descended one more time and put an end to the apocalypse. They released new life into the ecosystem, reviving old decks (BT16). The people rejoiced for the birds had grown and were stronger than ever.


BT11. BT13. More SRs in BT15. These were the ingredients Bandai had chosen to create the perfect little birds. But Bandai accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction… Antibody X. (theme song plays)


11 Lv3s. Searchers and Chika Engine Biyomon

9 Lv4s. Not too important but provide utility like Blocker, Retaliation, Recycling or +1 Sec (BT1 Birdramon not included in build used). Also, enables early game ESS for the Lv3s.

10 Lv5s. A lot of combos revolve around them. Most important part of the deck imo.

8 Lv6s (I feel should be reduced by 1). Extends your Combos.

6 Tamers. Chika and Sora (Flexible ratio). Akiho, as much as I love her design, is redundant because of Garuda X and doesn’t provide any memory gain. 1 at most if you want but low-key Analog Boy might be better there.

Remaining: Options. Trainings (or mem boost). Wings of Love (Free Tamer and triggers Sora). Removal Option (for Immune to Digimon effect Digimon). X-Antibody (OG or PF. OG relies on your Digimon already being able to attack. PF is miles better imo since Phoenix X will already have Blitz)

Other possible choices:

Lv3 Ukkomon (Promo/BT16) for early aggro and search/mem gain.

Lv4 Aquila (BT13) on play kills floodgates

Lv5 SkullGreymon (Promo) Delete your own bird/itself to delete opponent digimon.

Lv6 Zhuqiao (BT8) Kills wide boards AND activates other birds On Deletion you have lying around that are stunned or already attacked.


“Play birb. Birb rush. Birb attack. Birb die? Don’t care. Play new birb.”

Early game, you want to chip your opponent’s security while gathering your own resources. Enough to make them feel pressured. You’re ok with dying but you want to start setting up your engines/combos. This is where all your Biyomons come into play. Either to search more pieces via BT11 or BT15 Biyomon. BT13 while unable to search is a core piece for the Chika engine to start pressuring your opponent.

Engine #1: Super Chika Biyomon Go!

Pieces: BT13 Biyomon, Chika and any Garudamon (not X)

More useful in the early game to start gathering your resources and pressuring the opponent. Playing a BT13 Biyomon either by Chika’s own effect or paying the cost, lets you bounce Chika. Digivolve into a Garudamon for free. Which Garudamon doesn’t matter; BT13 lets you play Chika again, BT15 Ace lets you play a Sora which can translate into the Sora engine if you don’t have her on board yet. Now you have a Lv 5 on board. Drew 1 additional card from digivolving.

Lv 4s are mostly used to “unlock” your Biyomon ESS, Blockers or set up for a Blast evo letting you play a free tamer as well.

Engine #2: Sora keeps throwing birds at me and wont stop.
Core: Sora

“Keys”: BT15 Yokomon, BT15 Birdra, BT15 Wings of Love, BT16 Garudamon X.

Sora activates whenever you return a red Digimon card from trash to hand which is usually caused by one of the aforementioned “keys”. Usually you want to be playing your Level 3s if you don’t have the right pieces yet to search or to use the Chika Engine or Level 5’s for your GarudaX combo.

Sora is flexible in what piece to play. Saberdramon if you need the Raid Raptor Retaliation. Birdramon for Blocker or Blast Evo set up. BT15 Phoenixmon for its on play to blow something up.

Combo: GarudaX does EVERYTHING! (not everything)

Best when opponent Sec is 3 or less.

Core: Garuda (ideally ACE), GarudaX, Sora

Previously, we relied on BT11 Akiho to give our new Digimon Rush.

With the new GarudaX, you can reliably give itself or another digimon Rush using its own effect. First it recycles, great. Then if Garuda is in its sources, delete 1 opposing digimon its DP or lower. Clears out most Lv 5s and 4s setting up for a Blast Evo. Great. Then cause you recycle you can either activate Sora’s engine to play a new Bird and then give that Bird Rush. Or give itself Rush. Then activate Sora again to let you go into another Garuda X (either by playing Garuda and X-evoing or playing a Garuda X directly). Repeat forever until you run out of Garudas or Garuda X’s. Insane.

The Phoenixes

Phoenixmon X is less of a combo piece but lets you get so much more from your birds, especially the GarudaX ESS to trash your opponent’s security and PhoenixX’s effect to spawn another bird. Unlike most other decks, the Level 6s in the deck are not the win condition but can definitely set it up or just pressure your opponent greatly. BT15 Phoenix can delete 1 opponent’s battle area in conjunction with Phoenixmon X.

Rise from the Ashes (Comeback from nothing)

As you have very little protection, at some point in the game you might find yourself with an empty board and no Digimon ready to raise. As long as you have birds in trash, Sora and Wings of Love in hand, and 2 memory, you can use the option to attempt to rebuild your board, take control back from the opponent or to go for game.

Match ups

This deck loves playing against decks that take time to set-up or primarily have deletion effects or use DP reduction. You can threaten to end the game really quickly or leave your Birds on board knowing that your opponent deleting them will not threaten you greatly. Death is but the beginning of another combo. And new played Birbs with Rush are unaffected by any previously applied effects (as long as it’s not a passive effect or field-wide eg Mitama, Venus, RapidX)

Bad matchups. Stuns, field-wide control, bounce/spin/bottom decks (whatever you want to call it), Battle Control (like Tyrant that uses attacks to control the flow of the game and gain memory of it). Anything that stops your Birds going to trash or attacking freely.

Notable matchups.

Imperial: Going for a big stack might cause it to get suspended and stuck on the field. If you’re not able to spawn new birds and your sources are left in the stunned stack. Watch out for BT16 Imperial DM’s ability to digivolve when you play a Bird by effect. Partition also makes the opponent’s board annoying to control.

Mirage: A lot of your effects add cards to your hand either from searching, draw, trash or bouncing Tamers. Make use of playing by effect to reduce cards in hand.


In terms of future restrictions, I do not think Bandai will touch this deck as it is still possible to play against them by being careful. Probably Garuda X if they have to but I hope not.


Fun combos. Long combos. Birds go boom. Can be tricky in which card to recycle; when to attack, what to play. But that makes this deck fun to play and learn. (If you’re a Fire King fan in Yugioh, apparently, this deck is similar; come try this game!)

I really like the modern card design of Digimon currently. Building this deck for a long time since I started playing a year ago and seeing it all come together like this deck is amazeballs. I hope they still release support for this deck sometime in the future. (Biyomon X? C’mon, Bandai. I know you can do it like with Baalmon X.) In the meantime, I’m gonna change hopium tracks to Tyranno or Dino support.

Shoutouts to my local DTCG community. To opening more digital gates in the future.

Also Takanashi Kiara from Hololive. My phoenix oshi for my phoenix deck.

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  1. Hello! I know is a quite old post but on NA bt15 is just came out and I'm learning about the deck. I have a comment regarding the Engine #1, you cannot pay the play cost for Biyo Bt13 and activate Kristy (Chika), That effect only works when Biyomon is played by an effect. That means hard playing it doesn't count for the mechanic.

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