Hi my name is Eka and I play this game since EX2 era. My reason for writing this because I think Leviamon is still underrated deck, its really good and competitive deck but still lack of people playing it, I hope this would encourage them to play this, Lets start..

Tips & Tricks

  1. Although Leviamon has capacity to wipeboard your opponent board including tamer doesn’t mean you have to. Remember the win-con of the game is to direct attack the player so don’t lose your focus or playing around deleting opponent digi/tamer.
  2. Be Mindful of your and your opponent board presence. Leviamon and Leviamon X effects are really depend on the number of both board presence to be optimised. So counts the number before and after effect resolved.
  3. This deck allows you to build up your board for the moment. That “the moment” is when opponent play Digimon by effect. When this moment comes, various effect will activate the same time (usually 3-7 effects) the order of you activate is very crucial, here some explanation :

When opponent play Digimon effect by using your Dragomon effect these will happen :

a. The dragomon effect to forced opponent play lv 4 or lower and the dragomon effect to play the same level when opponent play a Digimon is a separate effect. You can play your Digimon after all the effects are resolved to prevent your board presence increases. And it also “you may” effect so sometimes you don’t have to (back to point 2).

b. When opponent play Digimon by effect, you can gain memory from your ess.

c. When opponent play Digimon by effect, you can delay your Rostrum option delay. You can delay your option to play Leviamon from trash. You can delay another rostrum if you need the 2nd Leviamon for the memory, but if your opponent board is too few, when you evolve into Levia X your Levia X cannot delete their tamers.

d. When opponent play Digimon by effect, your Leviamon or Lv 5 with X anti in their source can evolves into Levia X from trash (including the Levia that you just played with Rostrum effect this turn). Levia X when evolve, if the opponent board (tamer and Digimon) is more or as many as yours, you can delete their tamer 1st, then delete their Lv 3,5,7 each

e. When you evolve into Levia X, you can activate the 7th Lightning Option cards, deleting your opponent Lv 4 and 6 each.

f. You may activate Dragomon effect now if you haven’t (and if  it hasn’t evolve into Levia X).

When opponent play Digimon effect by using your Waruseadramon effect these will happen :

a. The Waruseadramon when attacking effect is to forced opponent to play lv 4 or lower on their board suspended, on play effect doesn’t activate then you may redirect to it. This is important because if the opponent play lv 3 i suggest to not redirect to it and keep the direction to player. Then 2nd effect activate, if your opponent play Digimon by effect all of their Digimon get “on deletion -1 memory”. So, if your Waruseadramon with X antibody card in its sources happen to evolve into Levia X from trash and activate its on evolve effect. If you redirect the attack to lv 3, the Lv 3 opponent will get deleted by Levia X effect and your attack will be canceled because it's no longer has target. Put it simple, If opp play lv 3 don’t redirect, if lv 4, redirect it if you want to save some 7th Lighting option on trash.

b. Step B to E same as above.

The Fun of this deck that you can arrange these effect according to your game condition. You can go A, B, C,D or A, B, D,E, or A,C,C,D choose the one who suits your condition.

Meta BT16

Strong against :

  1. This deck really has the advantage against deck who plays Digimon by effect such as Imperialdramon (both red purple and green blue), Valkyriemon, Vikemon (any deck with 02 tamers and Partition Effect), Tyrant Kabuterimon, Fenriloogamon, Royal Knight etc
  2. Any tamer based deck, such as XH or Hunter. Especially Hunter because usually you just have 1 body on board with no tamer, making Arresterdramon effect cant be used against.
  3. OTK deck because this deck usually has 4-7 removal option making opponent reluctant to attack 

Weak Against :

  1. This deck can force opponent to play Digimon lv 4 or lower from trash. What if the opponent doesn’t have Lv 4 in the trash? This scenario making Leviamon against Deva/Fanglongmon is such a hard game for Leviamon player.
  2. What this deck do are delete and piercing. Armor Purge making deletion sometimes useless and cannot activate piercing so it also doesn’t go well against Rapidmon X and Magnamon X.
  3. The deck that has access to play the floodgate “ Players cant play Digimon by effect” making your Rostrum useless. In my experience, I have 1 Rostrum ready on board, so I hard play Dragomon paying 7 memory hoping to activate rostrum, my opponent play the Pillowmon from trash using my Dragomon effect, and yeah thats it. Game. 

My Deck

  1. Guilmon for finishing. The optimal condition is to have 1 on trash and 1 on your hand. From the trash can be played by using Dragomon/Myotismon effect. I had won various match with this strategy. Evolve into myotismon, play Guilmon, Guilmon attack, then Myotismon for finishing. Or simply, just play from your hand.
  2. Goblimon, the reason I use this because I don’t have Gabumon ST16 because its too pricey. So I adapt with the situation, and I like it. Goblimon gains memory from trashing hand and all of my Lv 4 making me trash my hand so it guaranteed +1 memory. If you want to spend 1 memory, evolve into Garurumon for 2, then gain 1. If you want to spend 2 memory, evolve into Garuru X/Raremon for 3 then gain 1. Suit yourself with your condition of the game. Also when you attack and you trash card with ess of the garurumon, you can gain 1 memory from Goblimon making indirectly When attacking gain 1 memory everytime you attack. The thing that Gabumon cant do.
  3. Myotismon for finishing and play Guilmon rush from trash. I also really think it’s a good idea to blast evolve and block to Prevent Magna X from getting immune if security got removed, but after use it in the real game I think its useless and opp got overflow for 3 memory lol. So I can return its original role as finisher. Also you can hard play for 5 cost, and evolve into Levia/Levia X.
  4. Garuru/Garuru X/Raremon the draw engine so nuff said.
  5. The rest is usual

Evolution Cup, January 11th 2024, Jakarta

Round 1 / Arifazan – Gracenova: win

The upper hand condition against Gracenova deck is the Lv 6  its just 1 big and long stack with no protection, so I just delete it using Rostrum while lowkey attacking the security. I also had my Gazimon ready for blocking memory gain making it harder to gain memory. But Gracenova deck now is scary because it got jamming now from Gaogamon. In the end I can finish the game after deleting his Digimon a couple times (or more)

Round 2 / Syarif – Red Hybrid: win

This game was hard because Red Hybrid got aggressive from the start while I was keeping my trash ready. At one point my Leviamon X got deleted by Kaiser Greymon. But the opp gave me enough memory to evolve from Lv 3 to Lv 6 while I also used training and memboost. At lv 5, with dragomon I forced the opponent to play lv 4 or lower, then I made the right decision to not summon a Digimon from trash, then my dragomon evolve into Leviamon giving him 3 memory, because the opponent has 2 bodies, the Kaiser and the new one that just played, making me deleting both, then gained 2 memory and then my opponent play on deletion effect to play Tamer and because he played Tamer by effect, my newly evolved Leviamon can evolve again into Levia X, deleting the new tamer he just played. If, I was using dragomon effect to play a Digimon, when he played the tamer, his board was 1 and my board was 2 I still can evolve into Levia X but I cannot delete the tamer (and it also a memory fixer) so it was a right call. The last turn that he gave me 2 memory, I attack the security with levia x, draw and trash with garurumon, gain 1 memory with goblimon, with 3 memory I played guilmon and finished the game.

Round 3 / Joko – Blackwargreymon X: win

Thankfully, BWGX can be deleted although its hard but it's not like it has immune on it. There was a moment in the game that my opponent has 1 BWGX with perfect ess so it can prevent deletion 3 times and 2 tamers, I have none on board but I have 2 Rostrum ready to delay. I hard play the Dragomon, forced opponent to play, I also play syakomon from trash because I need to trash 7th Lightning Option from hand then I played Leviamon from 1st Rostrum. Because his board was wider, I got to delete both of his Digimon, making him prevent once, then my newly played Levia evolve into levia X, because our board was same (3 on both side), I got to delete 1 of his tamer then activated the 7th Lightning Option twice from my trash making him lose all the immunity from Greymon X. the last was I delayed the last rostrum, play Levia again, and delete the lowest and the only BWGX. With Levia, Levia X and 2 others on board, I finished the game next turn.

Round 4 / Grayson- Mirror: Win

Me and Grayson play in the same LGS and frequently sharing and comparing our list together. Currently Grayson using the new support of Syako X and Geso X, and he was using Gesomon for blocking against Magnamon X, prevent it to gain immunity from if security got removed. We Rostrum each other until the moment both of us really hesitant to play Digimon by effect. Because if one of us play Digimon by effect it will really got us into Rostrum Loop. Like Player A forced Player B to play by effect, player A delay rostrum to play Levia, then because levia is played Player B play Rostrum, playing levia deleting Levia, because B played By effect, A delayed Another rostrum and so on. In the moment of mirror, the player who delayed the latest rostrum, is the winner. So I really hard because his Rostrum on board is 3 while I just have 2. And finally I using the Waruseadramon combo, making it evolve into Levia X and finished the game. I finished the game without playing by effect lol.

Round 5 / Garry Yeung – Magnamon X: Lose

Me and Garry don’t play in the same LGS but we always meet in the big tournament and it was nice to talk and share the game result after we play. Like I mentioned above, this deck has weakness against armor. There was this moment when I evolved into Levia X and activated 2 7th Lightning Option, deleting 2 Lv 4, but he armor purged leaving 2 lv 3 unharmed on the board so its kinda useless. With Magna X on board there not much that I can do, I cant use effect and option, so it was GG.

With 4-1, making me 3rd place

Top Cut 

Top 8 / Glady – Tyrant Kabuterimon: win

Tyrant Kabuterimon is immune to effect but not option. I had fun Rostrum-ing the Tyrant and with Rostrum on board, the Tyrant cannot play another Digimon by effect (it still can though, but with consequences). The next turn he tried to swarm instead of evolve into Tyrant. So I evolve from lv 3 to Levia, deleting his Digimon, into levia X more deleting again, and Rostrum again to delete his Megakabuterimon. The next turn I finished the game.

Top 4 / Niko – Magnamon X: lose

It basically the same with the previous game with Garry, not much to say here. This game was worse because he had 2 Magnamon x on board so yeah its GG.

Participant : 32

Final Result : Top 4


This deck was fun if you like deleting tamers and stuff. Yes this deck has weaknesses but hey, that is the fun. The only deck that has no weakness in a banned deck. And current BT16 Meta is very healthy meta you really can win with any deck, so use the deck that really you like, the important thing is to have fun.

Shoutout, to Indonesia DCG Community, we really have become a great community thanks for the support, and Arcanum Hobbies, thank you for always supporting us in DCG.

4 thoughts on “[JP-BT16] EKA: LEVIAMON SWIMS IN BT16”

  1. Amazing text, enjoyed how you explain everything. Especially!!! HAVE FUN and there is no deck with no weakness. Please keep it up!!

  2. What would you replace raremon with if you didn't have access to it? I know it is a great card but it is currently hard to get

    1. HI, i would like to recommend using Dobermon X, it works really great with Goblimon also. And since you will be using a lot of X Antibody type, i recommend bring 1-2 Protoform also to reduce evolution cost. Hope this is helps!

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