[JP-BT16] Garry: Thoughts on BT16 Meta and Bandai Card Festival Kuala Lumpur Runner-Up Deck!


Hi again, Garry from Indonesia here, been a while since I wrote something but here I am. So this set we got the theme from the newest movie Digimon 02 The Beginning, and hey guess who’s back my Magnamon deck, it is literally the first deck that I wrote article for here in digimonmeta (It’s been a crazy journey).

In this article, I will talk about post-ban meta (goodbye to you Apocaly and Anubis) and I will give you all advice and my opinion for my Magnamon deck. Hopefully it can help you guys play with or against it and keep making the meta interesting.

Deck Building

Click into the Image for the decklist in digimonmeta.com

Digitama (Lvl2)
Wanyamon BT11-002 (x4)
DemiVeemon BT16-002 (x1)

First of all you don’t always need 5 Digitama so you can adjust to your style but with some matchup (I’ll talk about this later in the article) sometimes you need full Digitama to utilize the advantage of Armor Purge and play a bit rush in the early. Wanyamon is probably the Digitama you want to have at first hatch because you always want to evolve Veemon behind and play the new Daisuke and play another Veemon upfront, with that you can immediately draw from the Digitama. For the fifth Digitama you can play whatever you like either Upamon for draw or DemiVeemon to add more DP to your Magnamon, but my choice is the new DemiVeemon because +1k All Turn in Magnamon never goes wrong for me. I see some player still use Bukamon from BT14-002 but because I run 4 Veemon BT3 (Jamming) I don’t really need the Bukamon Digitama, eitherway it got hit by ban so to play it from 1/5 is very hard and not consistent.

Rookie (Lvl3)
Veemon BT3-021 (x4)
Veemon BT12-021 (x4)
Veemon P-117 (x4)
Veemon ST9-02 (X3)

I bring a total of 15 Veemon, In my opinion you can bring more or less, it depends on how you wanna play it, because I want to hit early I bring more and in case I have the tamer in hand I can play the combo and keep the pressure on. Unpopular opinion for some people, I still think the Veemon BT3 is still strong just need to play it early or when enemy don’t have any blocker or potential ACE. If you’re asking why I’m not playing the new Ukkomon from BT16 it’s because from practice and multiple testing I feel like the new Ukkomon slows me down and I have less flexibility because I can’t evolve into Magnamon from Ukkomon.

Champion (Lvl4)
Magnamon BT8-038 (x4)
Magnamon BT13-040 (x2)
Magnamon ST17-13 (x4)

For the Lvl4’s I bring total of 10 Magnamon. Some people usually change Magnamon BT13 to other armor like Flamedramon or Raidramon but personally I always want to evolve to Magnamon so I can always go all the way up to Magnamon X-Antibody even without the option from BT9. The new Magnamon from ST17 is very strong, I always look for this one when I am searching because you can consistently control opponent board, even when they Jogress or we can’t control opponent number we can use it to get rid of important source like partition, jamming, and others. If opponent swarm too much you can always get rid of the upper source before devolving and destroying them with Dexmon BT9.

Ultimate (Lvl5)
WereGarurumon BT15-026 (x2)

For the Lvl 5’s slot it’s obvious that you want to bring ACE into the deck because you have many Lvl 4’s on the field. I guess the ACE you bring is depend on how you want to counter the meta but for me WereGarurumon is the best choice because I can stun (opponent or tamer can’t suspend) annoying Digimon ex. Tyrant, Paildra, even in a mirror matchup it can get annoying for Magnamon X-Antibody. If you prefer to reduce more source and clear board you can always go for Zudomon from BT14, some player even bring minus DP and recovery (Angewomon  ACE and MagnaAngemon ACE), in my opinion all choice is viable because they can bring something to the board.

Mega (Lvl6)
Magnamon X-Antibody BT16-102 (X4)

The core of the deck, the cherry on the top of the cake. This new Magnamon X-Antibody is very good to play for offensive and defensively. I tried play it together with the old Magnamon X-Antibody but it does not work for me because this new one really outscale the old one. My only advise for you is to keep in minds that you can get hit by option in security or opponent’t usually can ACE timing you easily when hitting with him. Other than that if you have a way to destroy the opponent’s Digimon or can trigger Magnamon X-Antibody immunity from Blinding Light, don’t scared of anything just go swing and win.

Mega (Lvl7)
Dexmon BT9-112

The basic strategy of fighting a big one blocker is to swarm, so usually to handle this you can bring Dexmon and clear the opponent’s board for cheap cost. Alternatively, you can bring ShineGreynmon Ruin Mode but the cost of this card is your presence of Magnamon X-Antibody in the field since you need to evolve it from there.


Daisuke Motomiya BT3-093
Daisuke Motomiya P-124

The old Daisuke is always good for searching your blue Digimon and become a memory setter. The new Daisuke (Promo) is very strong since you can play Veemon from it. The board presence it gives is really strong and the extra memory is always nice. I always prioritize playing this card because it can help you play easily with the extra memory and board.

Blue Memory Boost! P-036 (x3)
Blinding Light BT4-104 (x3)
The Awakening of Gold Digizoid BT9-098 (x3)
Heaven’s Judgement (x2)

As usual armor deck from previous year, we can always bring so many option to play around the armor deck, I will explain each option and alternative choice. First of all, there are multiple reason why I choose Blue Memory Boost over Mental Training, you can get countered by the new Imperialdramon Dragon Mode from BT16 if you are evolving from training effect. Second, you can miss by a lot since you bring so many non-blue color card in your deck. You always want to dig Magnamon X-Antibody from your deck so open more card is a better choice for me. Blinding Light is the best option to remove your own security to trigger Magnamon X-Antibody if needed, the 2 memory you get is always helpful as well.

 The Awakening of Gold Digizoid is a cheap way to go to your Magnamon X-Antibody, you can use it as well to evolve your Magnamon to Magnamon BT8 to unsuspend and finish the game so it’s never bad but I never like to bring a playset for this card because sometimes it’s useless in early game. Heaven’s Judgement is the best option to remove Digimon in this deck since you have 3 colour (blue,yellow,black) you can get the total of -24000k DP. Usually want to keep this option to handle opponent that swarms or big boss like Tyrant, in a Magnamon Mirror if you can keep the opponent Magnamon from checking security you can use this option to destroy it back.


Bandai Card Festival KL Malaysia (129Player)

R1vs Silphy: OO

R2vs Imperial: OO

R3vs Imperial: XOX

R4vs Tyrant: OO️ (Timeout)

R5vs BF: O️ (Opp need to leave)

R6vs Myotis: OO

R7 Bye cos odd player and I have highest TB (they cut x-2 player)

Bad Matchups

Blue/Green Imperialdramon

I think it’s not the worst matchup but sometimes Paildramon can be annoying because your Magnamon X-Antibody can’t activate if it’s rested when Jogress. New Davis and Ken also can strip your source if you’re not immune you will lose your Magnamon X-Antibody effect. In this matchup, opponents usually can use Imperialdramon Fighter Mode ACE easily and will instantly clear your Magnamon X-Antibody before it had chance to check security. I recommend playing Blinding Light carefuly in this matchup since it’s your key card to be immune.

Yellow Vaccine Rapidmon/Magnamon/Venusmon

Yellow Vaccine with Venusmon is probably a pure counter if play correctly. Venusmon can easily counter when evolving effect, Magnamon don’t have any way to activate it’s when evolving effect untill opponent’s next turn. If you’re playing against a mirror yellow vaccine armor, opponent’s Rapidmon can easily clear your board. I recommend playing your rookie carefully so they can’t destroy it easily with Rapidmon X-Antibody and gain easy memory to their advantage.


In this matchup it’s literally battle of strongest DP, it’s very hard for both decks to compete the DP but still harder for Magnamon’s side. If you don’t have Blinding Light in your hand probably you can’t activate Magnamon X-Antibody effect since opponent TyrantKabuterimon will just redirect your attack and you can’t check security. They also have good ACE card etc. AtlurKabuterimon, GrandKuwagamon, and some even bring MegaGargomon. I recommend playing and push as fast as you can before opponent’s can build their field, if you have life advantage you can play it carefully with Blinding Ligh to activate Magnamon X-Antibody while controlling opponents with WereGarurumon ACE or the new Magnamon from ST.

Good Matchups
Most purple deck is a good matchup since they can’t handle Armor Purge, Loogamon probably is the hardest challenge for Magnamon deck, they can easily swarm the board and OTK. But if you play it carefully and make a decent amount of blocker there’s a chance you can hold the OTK, if they play it to slowly you can just rush them yourself and sometimes, they also can’t handle big board (unless they bring Dexmon or ShineGreymon Ruin Mode).


In my opinion Magnamon X-Antibody will probably the most use Tier-1 deck for now either in blue build or yellow build. At first, I thought the yellow build is stronger but after practice and play a lot I realized that the matchup is not that far both Rapidmon and Magnamon can handle each other well at early game. 

At the end, it’s all about how the player approaches the matchup so please try both and find your own style to play whether it’s in yellow or blue. Even after the event I still want to experiment with Magnamon X-Antibody more in the Yellow Vaccine build since it’s also interesting for me. 

Overall, I really excited to see that many players are trying many types of deck, It really is a good healthy meta than before. Hopefully we can meet at events in the future. Thank You for reading my article, don’t forget to follow me at Twitter @garryyeung too see my matchup in Bandai Card Festival Kuala Lumpur.

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