[JP-BT16] Shane Tan: 1st Place Asia Final with ArmorVaccine


Yesterday Feb 4 2024 the Asia Final for Digimon Card Game has finished and the top-2 going to Japan for the World Final are Shane Tan (Malaysia) and Xherioh (Thailand).

In this article, we did a short interview with Shane to talk about his deck and experiences with this tournament

Shane's Deck

Click into the Image for the decklist in digimonmeta.com
1. Quick self introduction about yourself, your achievements in Digimon Card Game and how do you think about DTCG compared to other TCG(s)?

My name is Shane, I’m 23 this year and have been playing DTCG since BT04 around 2 years ago. I’ve topped multiple Evo/Magna Cups in the past 2 years alongside my teammate @BenjaminThaver and recently travelled to Singapore for BCF where I ended top 8/16 (Can’t remember). I also achieved 3rd in the Malaysian BCF after losing to my teammate in the finals but by that time, I had already qualified for Regionals through DC-1. As of 2024, I’ve basically topped at least 1 major-ish tournament using every colour in Digimon.

I generally enjoy games which allow freedom in deckbuilding, for example – in Digimon, you’re able to mix and abuse cards from different archetypes and colours which allows for crazy stuff like the Zuba loop deck a couple of months ago. This kind of interaction will never occur in games like One Piece and Union Arena which – although have some good points of their own, doesn’t appeal to me as much. For now, I’d like to see some more interaction during the other player’s turn without being completely game breaking like Yu-Gi-Oh’s handtraps. ACE was a good step in this direction, but I still feel the game needs a fresh way to slow down OTK decks especially with the introduction of Ukkomon.

2. Let talk about your deck, why did you decide to bring ArmorVaccine deck to this tournament and what did you prepare for current meta like RapidX/MagnaX/ Vaccine Sec Con and Numemon.

I’ve been playing Magna/Rapid/Venus armour the whole season post-Apocaly ban, mainly because I had always been more comfortable piloting control style decks in the past. The deck’s concept was based on ‘Tax Evasion’ as I wanted to cheat out high-costing, powerful cards which would swing the game in my favour if left unanswered.

Looking at the initial meta, there were a lot of people trying out Jogress decks which relied heavily on the deck’s respective tamers to play lv3’s for free at the start of their turn. I initially ran 4 pillomon, which eventually got reduced to 3 as the number of Imperialdramons/Tyrants/Birds/Etc decreased and played for more consistency.

For the mirror, I would say its more of a skill matchup, but having things like Angewomon ACE to reduce their Magna X’s DP will swing the game in your favour as it makes their Magna X smaller, making it difficult for them to blindly attack during their turn. As for Sec Con, Magna X answers it quite well, so I never gave it any thought. For the case of numemon, Digimon Emperor was teched in to deal with it, but it was already a 50/50 matchup depending on whoever had the better start.

3. How were your matchups during the Asia Final and what is the MVP card?

My matchups in Swiss were Leomon, Numemon, Birds, and Loogamon, with the only loss being to Birds due to them having a crazy start and me missing Patamon & Ruin Mode. All the other games were pretty simple, just following the formula of looking to setup a good Magna X/Rapid X/Ruin turn. Ruin Mode was definitely the MVP of the whole tournament, as the only game dropped was the one where I couldn’t find it.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

This deck definitely struggles against OTK/high tempo decks which use sticky cards to push your security down in the early stages of the game. Not having life to work with is rough for this deck, as its early game takes time to ramp up. Having no life means Patamon will be unable to evolve for free, and with most of the lv4s being so expensive to evolve in this deck, can cause you to lose sometimes.

5. If you could make a change for the deck, which cards you would include to make the deck better?

Honestly the deck slots are pretty tight already, with only 3 cards being at 4 copies throughout the entire deck. The only changes that can be made are with the ratios, for example changing out a Rapid X for another Venus, training for another option, and etc.

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

This is a very punishing deck to play. One wrong decision, no matter how small can result in you losing the game. The deck wants to maintain having the advantage and piling on pressure with aces and controlling methods like Ruin/Venus/RapidX. There are times when you just have a perfect Pata – Rapid – Gold Digizoid – Magna X turn and rush the opponent to 2 life turn 2, but those are rare and too unreliable to base the deck’s entire gameplan around.

7. How was the tournament's experiences, is there anything that the host can do it better for the tournament?

The tournament experience was honestly fine for me, but I can say that judges should be assigned to each table to watch and settle disputes throughout the tournament. There were ruling/cheating allegations in both One Piece and Digimon which ended up being unresolvable due to having no recording/judge in the room the players were in. 

Also, calling for judges to confirm a ruling usually results in the game state and timer being paused, however, this was not the case for the tournament. In one case, a 10-minute dispute resulted in both players only having 20 minutes to play, and even with guaranteed lethal on board, caused that player to lose due to time.

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