Digimon Card Game Asia Final: Feedbacks and Complaints


On Feb 4 2024 the Asia Final for Digimon Card Game was hosted by Maxsoft to find out the top-2 from 16 representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia to head to Japan for the World Final. Aside from Hong Kong with 4 players, other countries contributed 2 players each.

The event was an ONLINE event with BO1 format. After the tournament, there were many talks among players who participated this important tournament. 

Here is the collection of feedbacks and complaints that was sent to us, and we hope this will help Bandai or Maxsoft to understand what is/was happening and host more proper events in Asia like what they were/are doing for other regions.


MangGiga - Philippines

First of all, this tourney circuit is so much BRUTAL compared to last year and yet considerably less rewarding. (I still haven't forgiven you for the delays in our last years prizings and what not :P)

In order to reach this stage, we needed to go Win either STB, Prelims, DC-1, to participate in Regionals. then comes regionals with only the prize of 2 game mats. imagine being the best 8 players of the country and no participation prize to commemorate it. top 2 don't event have cards or jacket compared to our EN or other counterparts. take note also that each of the games are best of 3 format.

Only 2 players each country will get to play the asia finals and the site also announced only 5 countries. i sent an email for confirmation and they replied that there will be 7 countries, 14 players. Yet we get 16 players in total, surprising 4 player count from HK.

Also, this is a High level tourney, wouldn't it be justifiable to have this at best of 3? all the prerequisite tourneys that we went through has been best of 3 in order for each player to display their true skills for god sake.

Match making and point system is not properly discussed and weeks beforehand. and it is also weird. 4 rounds seems to be so cramped up for a 16 player tourney with top cut only to 4. Tourney details are only finalized during the last minutes before we start. We even need to be proactively asking the questions regarding draws, top cuts and such.

I have nothing against the players since we have been messing around on twitter and on good terms, but for bandai and maxsoft, please help!! digimon is thriving. share us some of the love you are giving to onepiece.

Shang - Singapore

To be honest my own experience wasn't that bad against other players, but then maybe it's because 3 players I played against were people I already knew. The one HK player I played against was very fair and friendly so no complaints from me there

My only grievance to air is that I don't know why as the 1st and 2nd highest resistance 2-1, Shane and I were somehow both downpaired in round 4. There were 6 players at 2-1, so I think it would have definitely been possible to coordinate 3 games between the 6 2-1 players, instead of having 2 down pairs.

Because the first tiebreaker was opponent's win rate, winning the final round actually ruined my tiebreaker and dropped me from 4th to 6th. I feel like I was punished by the system for reasons outside my control.

I also think that a top 4 cut for 16 players is very harsh. At the minimum, there will be 4 players with a 3-1 record, meaning one person will bubble. I believe this happened for One Piece too. I have never played in a circuit before where an X-1 record is not enough to advance to knockouts. I would propose to either do a bracket for Top8, or some kind of modified bracket where all X-1 advance to the knockout stage

In my years of competing in both Pokémon VGC and DTCG, I have never once received a downpair for having too high of a resistance. Downpairs usually are done when there is an odd number of players with the same record and the lowest person with that record gets downpaired because they are the least likely to be impacted by their resistance getting lowered, while the up paired person has the most to gain from winning their up pair

My final wish would be that we get to have in person Asia Finals one day. It sucks to not get to meet these players face to face. At the end of the day i think we all play this game because we love Digimon, and missing out on the chance to meet fellow Digimon fans in Asia in person is disappointing.

With an in person finals, we can do things like livestreams to showcase Asia DTCG at the highest level to the rest of the world. There's a lot of missed opportunities that I wish Bandai would support us with, but at the end of the day I also understand that this would cost a lot of money and Asia is not the biggest market to pay attention to

Other SG Player

The event is run generally ok but i feel the following things can be improved

1. Information of the event can be inform earlier. Like after losing at top cut, I already pack my stuffs because i clarify if there is a game for 3rd place. I was inform no but after the champion is decided, i was told to play the game for 3rd place. I need to setup again and face audio technical issue, so it affect the mental state when playing the game. Cause panic.

2. I think there should be a 10-15min break between round. So player who went overtime still get time to prep their mental state/toilet break for next game. Back to back while help the event to run faster, but can be nerve wrecking for the player who just finish a close game

3. Schedule for Taiwan is a bit unfair. They are not given time to prep. Sat play qualifier. Sun asia final

4. Pairing system is awkward at round 4 as player got pair down despite it being a perfect number swiss tournament


Numerous countries faced issues against HK players in both One Piece and Digimon. Their judges do not take a neutral stance when judging and are part of the same team as their representatives. This leads to biased outcomes which are fed to the head judge and results in one-sided favouritism, allowing the players to get away with misconduct.

Player from Indonesia

I think the main problem like pairing system or miscommunication has already mentioned by others. For myself i has 3 problems:

1. I really have a problem about communication with certain country, i hope for the next online event like this the judge placed on each country can at least help local player to communicate with the others.

2. The format of the tournament very poorly notified, on my own country i got the info about the format like 1 week before Asia Final. So i don't have a time to prepare or modified my deck according it.

3. Rulling of tournament it's not fixed until players briefing on tournament day.

Other than that i think it's my own country problem like internet connection, etc.

Player from Indonesia

Playing online through camera is hard and because we need to keep our hand without opponent seeing by mistake while you need to keep playing and focused on what your opponent play, making it tough to stay focused and intervene when needed.

The other thing is the judge system for this qualifier that have been the same since last year, there can be a bias since local judge might want their own country player to win. Every table should have judge and match recorded so when there is a controversy we can replay back what happend, especially for big qualifier like this one where many prize and slot for world at stake.

Plus, language barrier can add another problem. For the pairing system itself I still confuse why there is a pairdown since its a 16 player tournament and I hate the inconsistency of tournament format in Digimon (Bo1 or Bo3) because ofc it's crucial for choosing deck and how you build your deck. Hopefully, maxsoft and the judge team can resolve this next year so all players can have better experience.

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