[JP-BT16] An Interview with Giga: Used HeavyLeomon in Asia Final.

1. Quick self introduction about yourself, your achievements in Digimon Card Game and how do you think about DTCG compared to other TCG(s)?

Hello guys, my name is MangGiga, your friendly Giga. Previously Professor B for Biktory. I don't count my achievements on DCG, but since you asked :)) got Evo cups, Magna Cup, paildramon Ulticup, DC-1 consolations, Supertamer Battle mats, Asia Finals 2023 and 2024.

I really loved DCG as a fan of the anime and seeing how the arts are not lazily "screenshot" from the anime compared to OPCG and UA.

2. Why did you decide to bring Heavy Leomon deck for this tournament?

Backstory: I used both numemon and rapidmon on Prelims and Regionals due to the disgusting Apocaly meta. Then I checked the deck reports post ban, and also luckily, I am following my fellow asia finalist and saw that everyone is using numemon, rapid vaccine and loogamon.

I wondered, if I used the same decks, it would be a very boring Finals. So I dug up my favourite decks and picked a deck who doesn't care about being constantly deleted, while maintaining aggro and controlling the board at the same time. HeavyLeomon and friends. I performed numerous experiments with the deckbuild on Drasil and it surprisingly did well on numemon, rapid vaxx and loogamon.

3. How were your matchups during the Asia Final?

RD 1 (L) vs rapid vaxx(Shane): The win condition for this should have been to early aggro using the lvl4 on attack evo of leomon/liamon to shred his security and reduce the chance for a free evo via patamon or the emissary option. but I got no lvl5 on my starting hand. turn 2 will be the turning point as he would have evolved to lvl4-6 but if I had the dedigivolve ESS on my leomons, I will be able to control the tempo. I had liolmon and elecmon to play in order to dig up a lvl5. I played elecmon to reveal 5 cards and there were none!! even triggered the on attack draw from digitama so no evo to lvl5 during the on attack. then from that point on. hi patamon Vaxx combo is complete and I failed to secure the board. GG

RD 2 (W) vs Black wargreymon(simosukiruri): BWG out of nowehere!! I was able to control the board easier because I maintained aggro while keeping the memory at 1 and clearing the board with the Loader and heavy leomon. on 1 sec check, I got hit by a trident arm and dedigivolved. and needed to rebuild only 1 stack of digimon to prevent him from playing a crimson blaze.

RD 3 (W) vs Tyrant Kabuterimon (Arnold from indonesia.) – This is my highlight of the tourney This is supposed to be an auto lose scenario, and the opponent gets it as he hard played a megakabuterimon ace on turn 1. with 10k DP and at 4 memory, I'm pretty sure as hell that I wouldn't be able to remove it. so I patiently setup my breeding up to LVL4 mad leomon.

The gameplan is to go wide. opponent proceeded with evolving into tyrant and played a grandkuwagaACE ready to evo into tyrant next turn. so I made the decision to atk > evo to lvl5 > EOA delete digi to play l4l via mad leo, sec checked izzy tamer, then evolve onto loader leo.

I have 2 lvl5 vs tyrant, GKACE and an izzy tamer. he then raised his tentomon to suspend my loader and evo all the way up to metallifelvl5 he used GKAce (Grankuwagamon ACE) to attack and gave sec +1 to tyrant, he tried to attack my suspended loader with metallife(10k) but I blast Evo into megagargomon, suspending his izzy and tyrant and disable evo on the GKace and MTlife.

To my surprise, he hard-played rapidmon to de-digivolve GargoACE! overflowed 4 then he evo to hercules kabuterimon to suspend it via tyrant effect and bottom deck my digimon. Leaving me at 4 memory 1 lvl5 and no rookie to push out, I am supposed to deal with 3 LVL6 (2 with immunity), 1 lvl5, and 4 life of opponent. like a chess problem riiight? So I solved it by hatching a rookie. played mimi to push it out of the hatching, used HPD to evo into heavy leomon (ESS piercing). attacked GKAce and pirced 1, overflow 4, then attacked the Tyrant to kill my heavy leomon and activate INDOMITABLE(dedigivolving the metallife back to lvl3 then bottom deck through the whole sequence). I then played CHAD's option(Attack of the Heavy Mobile Digimon!) to gain rush then insert X-antibody into Hleo attacked security 1(down to 2), then bodyslam the tyrant to force indomitable. then evolved my rookie into lvl4, finally draw zubagon punch to boost DP and punch the remaining 2 giant bugs to clear the board with overflow 4 again(6 memory), evo my digimon up to another heavy leomon and secure the win for next turn. (I remember not forcing OTK due to sec bomb)

RD 4 (W)vs Numemon(U-Krid) Due to Shane losing the 3rd round, I figured out that I won't have the chance to at least top 4 so I just enjoyed the game with U-krid. He setup ukkomon on hatchery, played early geremon to discard the platinum. on my turn, I setup up to lvl4 and play analog boy to set him to 1. 

He raised the ukkomon(gain and set the memory to 2) and evo to numemonX, he then attacked with numeX, he hit Pulsmon promo from security and I suspended ukkomon. he evo to monzaemon and set me to 1. in order to prevent platinum from getting into play i should not kill the monzaemon. unfortunately, the lvl5 i got was loader leomon so I had to do this combo for board clear: place x antibody under liamon, declare attack and evo to loader, then using the x-antibody evo to leopardmon in 1 turn. Minus DP on monzaemon, played loader via effect of leopardmon then bounce monzaemon to hand setting him up to 5 memory and no digimon on play. he then played the monzaemon back for 5 cost, giving my lvl5 -3k DP, then evo to monzaemonX and numemon to have my lvl5 to a total of -7k DP. then he evo to a CHIKURIMON!! on hatching then played lui to raise chikuri and set me to 1. my only move was to evo on raising, then play rookie to get a lvl4 from security and use the leopard effect to bounce chikuri. at 2 memory, he proceed to attack with his monzaemonX and hit a big digimon causing it to be deleted, and platinum numemon to be played from trash. at 4 memory(gain2) he evo the numemon to monzaemon, then monzaemonX then played chikurimon to reduce the dp of my rookie to 0 then played another ukomon on board. on my turn, I'm at 2 and still cannot use the playcost reduction of leopard. so I evo to lvl4, insert x antibody, attack evo to lvl5 all the way to RAPIDX! for a total of 5 memory, then it activated the suspend and reduce DP killing off the rookies and gaining back 2 memory. he is now at 3 memory and I am ready to blast counter when he attack, because if he decided to kill rapid I will get armor purge then indomitable. that's when he raised from hatchery(gain 2 memory because of lui), then completed the 2nd monzaemon X to delete my rapidX, but! he played the pillowmon via effect, so I cannot activate the indomitable and sealing off his victory. flood gated by pillow and chikuri.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

Blue decks because of bounce Tyrant kabuterimon due to redirects and unaffected.

5. If you could make a change for the deck, which cards you would include to make the deck better?

I have a wish-list since I removed them for more consistency (scared of bricking on B01)

1 cost reaper

buster dive

Winrate 60%

Super Eradication attack

Parabolic Junk

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

Leomon is a well rounded deck. he can cover all bases if played properly but it should come with a cost and preparation. understanding well if you need to focus on dedigivolve, bounce or board clear is the key to early board control. OTK potential is also there since this deck comes with multiple restands and aggro.

Don't be scared, keep experimenting with deck builds and create your own unique playstyle. try your best to predict and go against the meta!

7. How was the tournament's experiences, is there anything that the host can do it better for the tournament?

Asia Finals is so much fun this time around! This group's meta is really a different kind of animal since every build is different, and a lot of tech cards have been showing up. technically the deck distribution is well diversed(even the numemon has variations, my personal favourite was the nume-etemon). More participation prizing on the prerequisite tournaments pls Bandai.

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