Leaks: EX-07 Digimon Liberator

EX-07 Exclusive Set: Digimon Liberator

Release Date: 31th May 2024

Below is pack design for EX-07

The complete and ultimate form of "Shumon" appearing in Digimon Liberator is reveal: Chaperomon and Cendrillmon

The childhood II, perfect form, and ultimate form of "Pteromon" appearing in " #デジモンリベレイター /Digimon Liberator" are revealed! !

Fluffymon, GranGalemon and Zephagamon

New Digimon appearing in the Digimon card game NEW PROJECT WEB comic " #デジモンリベレイター /Digimon Liberator ", Yorkmon, Fluffymon, Grangalemon, Zephagamon, Chaperomon, and Cendrillmon have been added to the Digimon Picture Book  

Yuuki and Impmon in Digimon Liberator

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