BT17 Omnimon Back at Tier-1?

There's been a lot of talk about Bandai hellbent on pushing Omnimon back to the top of the tier list. Just look at this!


A LV6 Wargreymon or Metalgarurumon can be played for 8 cost and digivolves your other Agumon/Gabumon into their LV6 form for free!

This is a very simple 10-cost setup that will put immense pressure to your opponent. 

By playing the option card Miraculous Ultimate Knight for 2 cost to putt an Agumon/Gabumon in play, and then another 8 cost to play a  Wargreymon/Metalgarurumon which digivolves your Gabumon/Agumon into their LV6 form for free.

Now your LV6 Digimons cannot be trivially removed from the battle area as otherwise you can DNA Digivolve them into Omnimon ACE, which would deal drastic damage to the board.


While the new Tai & Matt is meant to synergize with these new Digimons, its inevitable to overlook the synergy coming from our older [EX4-061] Matt and Tai. When Digivolving normally into a LV6, this tamer lets you play an Agumon/Gabumon and gains 1 memory, and you would proceed to activate the [When Digivolving] effect to effectively put 2 LV6 Digimons on your board for 2 cost. Then, DNA Digivolve into Omnimon ACE.


And since it is so tremendously cheap moving up to Omnimon, it now makes sense to further Digivolve into Alter-B. This not only diversifies your arsenal, but also synergizes well with the new tamer Tai & Matt, allowing your Alter-B to attack at the end of your turn to deal significant damage to security.

In an Alter-B play, opting for an Alter-S instead of Omnimon ACE would also make sense to avoid paying a -5 cost overflow unnecessarily.



Not without weaknesses, this deck can be countered in a few ways. 

When 2 LV6 Digimons are in play waiting to DNA into Omnimon through the Miraculous Ultimate Knight option card, the opponent can de-digivolve to disrupt the setup. 

Omnimons are also ineffective against Venusmon since their effects are mostly triggered [When Digivolving] or [When Attacking]. 

Against some of the current tier-1 decks, this deck cannot easily penetrate a buffed Magnamon X or Tyrant unless you can inherit at least +1000 DP. This deck is also sufficiently ineffective against a 7DL but it becomes a timed race. 


The new Omnimon support is truly magnificent, being extremely efficient (2 cost in your turn to launch) with access to a variety of removal effects (mass return, deletion, and de-digivolve). On top of that, it can also be aggressive on security through Alter-B. 

It is also very versatile, launching similarly at 10-cost on-play through the new option card Miraculous Ultimate Knight. This not only allows players to time their attacks/controls more precisely (at a higher cost) but also to recover from a bad hand.

However, this deck lacks access to -DP effects which are essential to control some of today's tier-1 Magnamon X and Tyrants. 

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