[EN-BT15] Dan Vang: 1st Place NA Core TCG Online Regional with Numemon.


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I’ve done one of these. Recently, I won the Core TCG Online Regional on April 6, 2024. I used Purple/Violet base Numemon for the event. Recently, many close friends and players have used Black base Numemon and enjoyed it. I started testing it after I saw how well the deck can perform: it has recursion, multiple draws, and DP reduction (which is difficult to have immunity in BT15 format)

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After Ryan won the Texas Regional with Purple/Violet base Numemon, I was motivated to use the deck. The Demimeramon eggs are able to trash any cards you don’t need in your hand (Venusmon, Zwart Defeat, or even a Monzaemon if you have extra).

Zwart Defeat came out of security a few times. Evolving over a PlatinumNumemon to Defeat to delete a Tamer is useful especially against decks that need the Memory Setter or a specific tamer such as Takuya or Analog Youth. Zwart Defeat existing on the board means that Leviamon will end up deleting it and then being deleted by Defeat.

Merciful Mode is useful for BT15 as many decks rely on their trash (Leviamon, Red Hybrid, Numemon, Mervamon, Deva). Also, it only costs 3 memory to evolve Merciful Mode over Zwart Defeat.

Matchups in CoreTCG

Round 1: Gabubond

I was able to rush before he could establish Bond. I believe every time he had a Matt, they did not have a BT6 Gabumon and vice versa. Do not underestimate the deck as Gabumon Bond of Friendship can bottom deck your key pieces (which means they won’t be in your trash to use for plays such as Numemon X or Monzaemon’s ‘On Play’ Effect).

Round 2: Gabubond

My opponent bonded early during Game 2; luckily it was an EX1 Gabumon and not the BT6 so I still had security left and bodies on board. Azulong Ace did help me in this match.

Round 3: Wargreymon

My opponent (and homie Brian) wasn’t able to stabilize since they couldn’t find a level 4. They had many boosts & trainings but without the level 4, I was able to push without fearing a level 6. Numemon’s biggest fear is a big blocker that could avoid the DP reduction.

Round 4: Terriermon/Bunny

Game 2 for both of us was awkward as I opened with no rookies or Numemon except for Geremon. Next turn, I evolved into Monzaemon X over it. Even though I could not use the ‘free play’ effect, I could still play bodies to achieve the DP reduction effect. Our turns were a repeat for a while: opponent plays Rapidmon, I play a new body to DP reduce it. Playing around the MegaGargomon Ace is important as it can stop you from unsuspending and digivolving; a well-timed Ace on Monzaemon means Numemon is in danger.

Round 5: Black Base Numemon

Another homie, shout outs to Ernie! This was a difficult match as Numemon mirrors can be challenging. I think the black base has an advantage as it can build a board and not hope the Digimon with the Demimeramon egg gets deleted. Purple/Violet base Numemon wants to get deleted to draw more cards. X Antibody Protoform helped in this match as you can continue getting your Numemon X or Monzaemon source back to hand.

Round 6: Yellow Vaccine

One of the more difficult games for the Numemon deck. At one point, my opponent was at 0 security. Three turns later, they were at 5 security again. I was extremely lucky the opponent decked out during game 1 (which took about 45 minutes). Game 2 ended in a draw as we were in overtime. Shoutout to the Bancho Boys.

Round 7: Beelzemon

Played against a phenomenal Beelzemon player; shout outs to Noel from Brick City. Game 1, their mills and searches were not as optimal. Two of their searches only yielded one target instead of multiple choices. Game 2 felt closer as they were able to mill faster, but were not able to achieve a count of 20 or higher.

There should have been a Round 8 for the tournament but the two remaining undefeated players tied. I was grateful as Round 8 would have me facing either Deva (Hung) or Terriermon (Steve). Both decks are challenging to the Numemon deck if you cannot find the Monzaemon X. I was lucky enough to dodge Red Hybrid, Leviamon, Deva and Security Control. Fun fact: I faced 2 out of the only 3 Gabubond players in the entire tournament.


Shoutouts to Gaia Force Gaming for always being the best support. Shoutouts to Chris, Mike, Nhan, Hector, Antics, Manny, Nick and everyone who helped me test ratios and the deck.

Shout outs to Ryan for winning Texas and making me a believer for the Purple/Violet base and to Matt Vang for winning last month’s Core TCG Regional!

Thanks to everyone for playing the Digimon Card Game and enjoying it. Also, please remember this: I love Digimon. 

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