[JP-BT17] Marcus T: Won Evo Cup with Yellow Vaccine


The new Evolution Cup season began shortly after the release of BT17 Secret Crisis, which introduced a few formidable decks into the meta. However, I won an evolution cup with an old, but gold, deck – Yellow Vaccine. Even going into BT17, effects that protect your Digimon reign supreme, but it is no longer as oppressive as before. You will need to be more mindful of tough matchups and at times make more conservative plays to best your opponent.

Deck Build

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BT17 introduced more Ace Digimon and enabled more decks with these cards, hence it is prudent to play more copies of BT15-003 Nyaromon instead of BT14-003 Tokomon. If you suspect that your opponent might be able to counter or have strong removal option cards in security, always trash your security when attacking with your Magnamon X-antibody to ensure it is immune to blast digivolving effects.

The standard level 3 package comes with 4 x BT14-023 Patamon, BT16-082 Ukkomon and BT13-034 Kudamon. Ukkomon and Kudamon lets you search tamers and Digimon efficiently to get the cards you need, while Patamon lets you go into your level 6 in the same turn. BT9-033 Pillomon is excellent for stopping your opponent from getting advantage by flooding the board, but it is a situational play.

There isn’t much room for variation with your Level 4s. There are only 3 yellow vaccine Digimon with “Armor” in traits. Some might not play GoldVeedramon as it doesn’t let you go up to Rapidmon X-antibody, but it still is useful for clearing Ukkomons on the field, digivolving in your raising area, or as an extra target for your Patamon to digivolve to from security.

I prefer to play 6 level 5 Aces. Holyangemon Ace and Angewomon Ace are flexible and excellent cards to use in this deck. Not only do they provide an alternative pathway to digivolve into Magnamon X-antibody, it also allows you punish greedy plays, gain tempo and go up into your level 6s easily. Both can also be played at low cost if you have your tamers set up, but the overflow can sometimes ruin your game plan.

You have the most flexibility with your level 6s and 7s, and you can tailor it to your playstyle and expected matchups. I prefer to play 2 Rapid X-antibody, 4 Magnamon X-antibody, 1 Holydramon and 1 Cherubimon Ace. Cherubimon has more often than not been my Ace in the hole. It is a card not many opponents expect me to use or play, and it’s -dp effects last until the end of opponent’s turn, making it a great way to remove large bodies on the field or Magnamon X-antibody. I prefer to play 1 Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode to stall and shut down decks that rely on flooding the board.

Maxing out BT14-084 T.K is crucial setting up level 4 for your Patamons to digivolve to. BT1-087 T.K. is useful for taking out cards you need from security and the memory setter comes in useful if opponents have a Digimon Kaiser in play.

Option cards are also fairly flexible in terms of your ratios – none of them are so crucial that you need to play 4 of, but are also important enough such that should at least play 1 of.


Vs Magnamon X-antibody (blue)

One of the most challenging match ups you can face is a deck that is similar but more consistent than this build. They only require 2 cards to go up to Magnamon X-antibody so they will usually be able to bring him out early, unless you are lucky. On the flip side, their Magnamon X-antibody is usually quite vulnerable on their next turns as they don’t have a reliable way to reduce their security before attacking. They also don’t have many ways to remove your Magnamon X-antibody besides attacking with +dp boost. The Magnamon X-antibody that is brought out the next turn is generally in a better position to block and attack so it’s ok to make more conservative plays where necessary. You can also remove their Magnamon X-antibody in a few ways – 2 Angewomon, Angewomon + Holydramon or Cherubimon should be good enough for that.

Vs NumeUkko

NumeUkko relies on flooding the board and checking your security. Remove all the Ukkomons first then get rid of the Numemon/Monzaemons that do not have deletion effects. Play Pillomon to slow them down and protect your Magnamon X-antibody from their -dp effects. The best play against this matchup is to digivolve into Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode to lock them down for 2 turns. Use your Aces to ensure they don’t have many bodies on the field, and mostly importantly, do not let them start at 3 memory, as that enables a lot of set up.

Vs Blue Hybrid

Another deck that that may catch people off guard is BT17’s Blue Hybrid. Practice against this deck to understand how this deck works and what cards are needed to go into Ancientgarurumon. Protect your Aces by keeping a lower level Digimon on the field. Be prepared for Jetsilypymon too – they can also retrieve it from trash. A great way to stop blue hybrid from going up to AncientGarurumon and attacking is to put down a Shinegreymon:Ruin Mode. Also, keeping just a Magnamon X-antibody with immunity on opponent’s turn give blue hybrid players a hard time; they will not be able to bounce your security if no card was added to hand by effect. Keep track when BT7-087 Koji is on the field, Digimon with that tamer in source cannot be blocked.

Vs Dexdorugoramon

This deck relies on making you attack on your turn, allowing them to digivolve to prevent deletion. If you are not careful, you could lose your Magnamon X-antibody stack if you are not able to trash your security when attacking. Check your opponent’s trash often and consider whether other Digimon on the field will be safe if you attack. Keep your Digimon in your raising area until it is safe to bring out and use enough dp removal to get rid of their bigger stacks. They will not be able to prevent deletion and proc any when digivolving effects if you can get their dp to 0 even after digivolving.


The Yellow Vaccine deck continues to be formidable even in BT17. In this diverse meta, the key to consistent performance is to understand other difficult matchups work and how to play around it. The beautiful thing is about this deck is its comeback potential – there are many ways to play around a less-than-ideal hand and plenty of searchers that can set you back on track.

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