[JP-BT17] Robin: 1st Place Evo Cup with Red-Blue Hybrid


Hello DigiDestined! This is Robin from DigiDestined Doods (@DDDTcg), back with your meta spread for BT17: Secret Crisis. This is a critical set for players as they look to crack the meta to prepare for the upcoming Evolution Cups and Grand Asia Open. Without further a woof, let’s dive right in!

There are 2 variants of Blue Hybrid, one with a blue base and the other with a red base. The main difference is the access to options for red, with Nume Ukko running rampant in top tourneys, Crimson Blaze became a top choice for players to counter the match. Blue base can avoid the Digimon Emperor lock, unlike Red base which are hard stuck if they get memory choked.

Winning decklist Evo Cup April 20: Wargames

Deck Build

This is a recommended skeleton for anyone looking to start with Blue Hybrid. The Ukko package has provided consistency and constant pressure on the board, your goal is to bring your opponent down to their last security and complete your Tamer > Kendo > Lobo > Ancient combo to bounce the last security to hand and end the game. 2 Digimon Emperors is a necessary evil to counter the horde of Ukko that you are going to face. There are also situations where you can end your turn by playing down Digimon emperor with the effect from AncientGaruru and locking your opponent’s Ukko!

In the Blue base variant, there are more slots to consider depending on your playstyle. Players can opt for a more option-heavy build to level the playing field and punish opponent for blindly attacking. BT17 also introduces 2 Level 7 Aces, Imperialdramon: Paladin Ace and Shinegrey Buest mode Ace which can help to stabilize your board and set up your lethal.

Blue Hybrid in BT17 Environment

BT17 offers a diverse pool of decks, a joy for many players. With most tournaments changing to BO1 formats, consistency is key and we have seen decks like Nume Ukko, MagnamonX and Yellow Vaccine taking top spots. We are also seeing a resurgence of our favourite doggo, Fenerirloogamon, being able jogress to Takemikazuchi, it can potentially end the game by turn 3. TyrantKabuterimon remains a threat to many players with its annoying immunity and redirect. There are also new decks like Omegamon Ace, Eosmon, and Dexdorugora climbing the meta ladder, waiting for the right moment to shine.

Thankfully, Blue Hybrid can navigate these challenges with its Digimon/Security bounce mechanic and unblockable shenanigans. It also offers key option cards that can turn the tide in your favor.

Shoutouts to Polvito (@AldorTCG) for the weekly compilations!

Source: https://twitter.com/AldorTCG/status/1781155508780442081/photo/1 

Digitama Considerations:

Yokomon allows you to return your Ancientgaruru when you have thinned out your resources. You can also use this effect to bounce a security to your opponent hand if you have a Ancientgaruru in play. Pinamon is an alternative to Gigimon, as it does not need to pay 1 it can delete a Ukkomon on board.

Upamon… probably use Wanyamon as you can easily play a tamer with Strabimon ESS.

Level 3 Considerations:

Flamemon helps you to dig for hybrid and ancient protector options. Gotsumon could help you to deal with decks that plays a lot of digimon by effect (e.g Nume Ukko, Tyrantkabuterimon, Partition ESS) Gaosmon is a good answer to digivolution reduction cards such as training options, scramble options, hidden potential) and even in the mirror match where Lobomon is digivolving to AncientGarurumon!

Gomamon offers stickiness to your board and also provides unblockable attacks if left unchecked. BT7 Strabimon is a searcher and can play down tamer to maintain pressure. Memory gains are annoying to deal, Modoki could help solve the problem.

Level 4 Considerations

Digivolve Agunimon is to avoid Digimon Emperor lock. The rest of the blue hybrids just add to your level 4 counts, there are enough searchers and draw if you have a Ukkomon base or you could play more Bokomon.

LV5 Consideration:

Apart from the usual level 5 hybrids, I believe having access to Zudomon Ace might be the key to your early brick and tempo swing. Stripping source is one of the few overlooked mechanic in the current meta, and being able to discard key digivolution source could help improve your match ups. (e.g stripping NumeX ESS, Armor traits in MagnamonX or RapidmonX)  

Level 6 Considerations

Honestly, the only level 6 you want digivolve to is AncientGarurumon, and you probably have less than 3 level 5 to digivolve into. Other than that here are a few tech choices that I think are worth considering. 

LV7 Consideration:

Dexmon has a sweet spot in every deck as a flexible level 7 tech choice, and you can now digivolve your lobomon into AncientGauru! While for the rest of the level 7, they could offer you some match-up advantage. Trouble facing against a big body, Shinegreymon Burstmon Ace can offer you a huge DP minus, Gabubond Ace can stop a lethal by bouncing 2 targets and with the ability to attack twice, might be able to secure your game next turn. Paladin mode Ace can work miracles if you are up against Nume Ukko, Fenrirlooga or decks that rely heavily on trash materials. If Apocalypse was still in the meta, this would be the Apoc Killer.

Tamer Considerations:

Do note that all your hybrids can only digivolve on yellow tamer, but they would need to pay the full 3 cost. Hacker judge is a set to 3 tamer and you can mindlink him out at the end of turn when your kendomon digivolve to ancient to maintain a tamer on the board to continue your attack next turn. Purple matt can help you to pull back memory and allows you to digivolve from Lobomon to AncientGarurumon as you have a purple tamer in play!

Options Considerations:

For options choices, heaven’s judgement can help to clear the board easily with 3 to 5 colors and deal with Tyrantkabuterimon. As Ancientgaruru can only bounce the lowest level, your opponents will try to set up another body as a target to prevent that, as such supreme cannon and forbidden trident could come in handyl when dealing with a wide board.

Final Thoughts

This is no straightforward deck that you can master overnight, you would need to be familiar with the memory manipulation that the deck has to offer, and play carefully to your final game plan. The priority is to get your memory setter out early, after which start memory choking your opponent and time your crimson blaze when they go for a wide board. Early Digimon Emperor against Ukko-based decks can turn the tempo heavily in your favor, so mulligan wisely and always take your time to plan out your round.

Last but not least, have fun and drink Kopi! #unkerstogetherstrong

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