[JP-BT17] Eosmon: The anti-meta Deck.


Hello Community, 

This is Mang Giga, your friendly giga. Straight from the wild meta of the Philippines. BT17: Secret Crisis is full of surprises and new builds in and they also did revive long forgotten decks. Specifically, EOSMON!!

Why is it relevant? Because we are doomed once again to the super-fast meta of Hybrids!! Yea, I’m looking at you the one who posted the Hybrid article earlier hahahaha. 

Basing from our side hobby of killing the joy of people who likes meta decks, here’s how we counter the meta 😊

Deck Build

Here’s how to cook your EOSMON! Here’s the Recipe:

5 Eggs
Couple of Morphomon
Bunch of Eosmon
Seven Menoa Belucci
8 other cards.

3rd Place Evo Cup

Eosmon in BT17 Environment

With the revival of the long forgotten hybrid decks, thanks to the guys from @DDDTcg for putting fuel to the fire. More and more people are going ungga bungga with Red and blue hybrids., these blinks and you lose type of games need to have guys like me who gatekeeps people who wants it the easy way.

But countering the top decks is not enough, you also need to consider what common decks are being played in your area. Decks like MagnamonX, Tyrant, Shine, Mirage, Doru-SOC, Looga and Omni-ace compete for top spots in the meta in our area. Frustratingly, the Unblockable shenanigans of the blue hybrids really strike a nerve on our player base here. So here I go as a hired meta-killer.  

Level3 Digimon: Pretty standard 7-8 rookies which has little wiggle room because your lvl4s need to evo from Morphomon. And your whole deck will depend on this to cheat-evo to your lvl5-6 due to their ESS: 

8 lvl4 Eosmon is a golden standard. Left one activates during “When Digivolving” to spam tamers, and ESS redirect attack(very important), Right one activates during “On Play” to spam tamers, and ESS to play tamers. Important timing is when to activate it, whether you need to force your opponent to play all their tamers, or just stick to the “When Attacking” to only fill your side of the board with tamers.

Total of 10 – 12 LVl5 EOSMON (depending on my mood)

Left one got On Play/ When Digivolving Dedigivolve shenanigans and Redirect ESS. 

Right one got the standard on attack, special summon Eosmon, and ESS of GO BIG OR GO HOME.


This is what makes this deck dangerous. Imagine encountering a kid, playing a toy truck, he throws it at you and it grows into BIG BAD OPTIMUS PRIME!!! And bumps you into kingdom come!!

BT17 gives all, I REPEAT, all EOSMONS +1000 for each tamer. Imagine having 2-3 of that in your board filled with tamers. EZ 30K DP adding the deletion effect of them makes it even more dangerous. 

4 BT17 Menoa, 3 BT6

The BT17 variant is so strong since it disables all “On Play” effects of your opponent, and gives a pseudo-Decoy for your Eosmons vs removal effects. It also allows you to discard and draw to to find what you need from your deck… if it still isn’t enough that you have BT6 Menoa Bellucci. 

Modern meta requires CUTTING EDGE solutions. This is your defensive move during security checks, paired with the BT17 lvl5 De-digivolve can blow your opponent’s Digimon back to being a rookie and also delete 1 other body . Kimeramon is also your attack extender, and you can also use this to delete those floodgate Pomumons and Pillowmon. Program Emergency halt can also give you 1 turn of protection, even though you can let your EOSMON army survive during Crimson Blaze via Menoa Decoy, this is still good to have. 

Here Comes the party poopers. The emperor keeps all the Ukkomon and rookies in check. Best thing? You play it for free since it is also a  white tamer. This is also your draw engine. Quartzmon is sooo damn effective in locking out the hybrid army. And with a ton of Eosmons and tamers, you can easily trash up to 4 security at once! And with memory to spare. Talking about digivolving for free.


This sequence lets you evo to lvl4 for 1 memory, play a lvl5 for 2, potentially play a tamer and De-digivolve, then free Evo your lvl4 into a lvl5 all for 3 memory. 

This opening hand play combo lets you play a tamer, then disables their tamer’s “On play” effect while getting a draw 2 and memory choke.

Playing the Morphomon promo lets you search, then inserting it as a source for BT6 Eosmon lets you play a tamer, then abuse the on attack effect to cheat evo into lvl6.

When this ESS is correctly setup on a LVL5, playing this Menoa Bellucci give you additional trash Eosmon to insert on BT6, to potentially delete a threat and get as much as Security Attack +3 on your attack.

Best defensive move. Hold at least one of the BT17 for a just in case security trigger off cutting edge. Takes care of 2 problem at the same time. 


One of the proud moments of this bad boy is getting a 3rd place finish in a recent Evo cup and a couple of tamer battle wins. Might have placed higher if not for the SOC-Doru matchup. 

Here’s the strategy via combined matchup data 

Win VS Looga: You win the battle by outpacing the board spam, decoy and redirect

Win vs Shine: just go turbo into Quartzmon and see them freeze

Win VS Omni-ACE: Let them play out all the tamers, then Menoa will disable all “On play” and unsuspends. Bait them into omni-ace and use decoy and De-digivolve

Win vs MagnamonX: just wait for the perfect timing to redirect and when Magna-x loses protection, that’s when you strike. Imperial Ace combo can also be prevented since the Eosmon he will bounce will be deleted instead, hence it will not be able to re-stand. 

Win VS Tyrant: what seems to be a bad matchup will be overturned due to the speed of board spam and HIGH DP of each Eosmon via the BT17 lvl6. Menoa also helps since the bottom-deck shenanigans can be “decoyed” to let your Eosmons LV6 survive. Redirect ESS also plays a crucial role on this matchup.

Win VS Hybrids: lock them up by early Digimon Emperor, play 2 if you need to. Most likely they won’t have early removal for your Eosmon, so abuse it.  Then setup your BT17 Menoa early so you can ensure that there will be 1-2 LVL5 or lower Eosmons to save your boss card. Menoa’s decoy plays a crucial role here, and Quartzmons always finds ways to finish the game. 

Lose VS SOC-Doru: it is very hard to get away from collision and De-digivolve. So for this, you need to be very careful and never raise from the hatchery without any plan. 

Final Thoughts

Always study your area’s meta and see what may be a deck which catches your opponents by surprise. This Eosmon deck has a lot to offer starting from board spam, attack redirection, decoy, deletion, de-digivolve, and gatekeeping. You need to time you key cards to maximise the effect’s efficiency since every card combos with a different component of your deck. You may misplay big-time if you don’t practice this enough. 

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