[JP-BT17] Ron: The Miraculous Ultimate Knight ascends the Tier!

Hello guys. I’m Ron Agbayani and I won some Evolution Cups before and the recent Alphamon Cup (using Loogamon Takemikazuchi) and Evolution Cup (using Omnimon ACE) in my entire DCG experience. I’m also known as Motagz DCG in X account and DCG PH admin so here I am to show my experience and knowledge with this “Hero Deck”!


In the BT17 set, Omnimon ACE was introduced. It seemed to have an inefficient way of playing as it requires a level 7 white ACE Digimon, which needs "Wargreymon" and "Metalgarurumon" for blast DNA evolution. However, after reviewing the support cards, this deck gave a strong sense of control, aggression, and power, but it requires great decision-making skills. Playing with this deck taught me a lot about planning, taking risks, and a new skill – the art of mind games.
In this Article I’ll give the gist and points to remember so that you can pilot the deck well.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta

Deck Build

The most consistent ratio so far in my experience:
15 Rookies of your choice
*3-4 Greymon SEC
6 Wargreymon
6 Metalgarurumon
*4-6 Omnimon ACE/Alter-S/Alter-B of your choice
4 Tai and Matt BT17
*3-4 Tai and Kari BT17
*2 Tai ST15 OR Matt BT15
3 Miraculous Ultimate Knight

Important Points:
* denotes flex points of the deck so you can insert Crimson Blaze and Bond of Courage ACE
– There are 4-5 flex points in this deck
– You can fit in Gabumon EX4 or Ukkomon Promo
– 4th copy of Greymon SEC if you feel that your locals play a lot of rookies (Numemon, Imperial, etc.)
– Omnimon ACE is a mandatory 4x. Alter S and Alter B also give me win but you can omit either.
– Tai and Kari BT17 give you free draw and tamer at the end of turn. It doesn’t matter sometimes if I don’t play tamer with it as long as I drew a card. The closer I get the correct pieces, the faster to win the game.
– Some people prefer to run Matt BT15. In my experience, Tai BT15 increases my chance to win since memory setter is king.
– Deck ratio is flexible according to your play style. Keep on testing!

Card Synergies to Remember

– Ukkomon, Agumon BT17, and Gabumon BT17 works with Matt BT15
– Ukkomon (after free hatching) and Greymon SEC (if deleted) works with Tai and Kari BT17 for +1 memory

– Greymon SEC allows you to gain names of your level 2 (Koromon) and level 3 (Agumon or Gabumon) in his evolution source. You can evolve it to Wargreymon SEC BT14 and Metalgarurumon SEC BT15 since the text of these cards has “ignoring evolution requirements” BUT the digimon must have the correct name, correct existing name of tamer, and a 10K+ DP digimon in your opponent’s area.

– Using Alter-B along with Wargreymon BT17 allows you to trash 2+1 security, catching your opponent off guard because they always expect only 1 security to be trashed. Sequence your [When attacking] effects: Wargreymon BT17, Metalgarurumon BT17, then Alter-B

– To ensure maximum security checks, you may evolve your Agumon BT17 into Wargreymon BT14 SEC with the assistance of Metalgarurumon BT17 before entering the "End of Turn" phase. Once completed, you can activate the EoT DNA digivolution to summon Omnimon ACE for another attack.

Gameplay of an “Unforgiving Deck”

  1. This is a DNA Digivolution deck a high risk and high reward level 7 ACE. You mess up once, hard to bounce back so stay focused and always move with purpose and steps ahead.
  2. Some games give you brick hand with just 1 searcher even after doing Mulligan. The best tip here is to play smart and sustain until you can establish tamers and rookies.
  3. Your priority is to draw cards and establish tamers to fully access your combos. It is alright to give up some securities but make sure you are also able to stall some of your opponent’s play. Crimson Blaze, BoC ACE¸Ice Wall etc. will be your be friend in this scenario
  4. You can risk to hard cast either Wargreymon BT17 or Metalgarurumon BT17 for deletion or stun effect. These units will also make your opponent to hesitate since you can do <Blast DNA evolution> with these. This is the part where you will learn how great you can bluff.
  5. I learned not to do flashy moves through this deck. Everything must be on point so that every resources and action will give optimal result. Remember that you are risking an Overflow (-5) and substantial memories that is also detrimental.

The Art of Mind Games: The Mental Stress to Endure

This deck can mentally stress you and an unsuspicious opponent in many ways.

  1. A standing level 6 digimon is a threat for <Blast DNA evolution> OR a bluff, thinking that you have Omnimon ACE but in reality you still have to search it
  2. Miraculous Ultimate Knight BT17 <Delay> effect is an Interruptive Effect (https://digimoncardgame.fandom.com/wiki/Interruptive_Effects) where it saves your digimon then do DNA evolution. Effective against Tier 1 decks with all kinds of removal. 
    • HOT TIP: Know who the turn player is because he has first priorities of effects. 
    • EXAMPLE: Your opponent’s turn and he played Leviamon EX5. He then targets your Wargreymon BT17 since it has the highest DP in your Area. You tried to save Wargreymon via Miraculuous Ultimate Knight <Delay> since it is an Interruptive effect, summoning your Omnimon ACE. The next thing that will happen is Leviamon EX5 will delete the digimon with lowest DP which is your Omnimon ACE because he is the only one left in your area. He gains 1 memory and gets Overflow (-5). Omnimon ACE’s effect can’t cut in since his [On Digivolution] is not interruptive hence opponent’s effect must completely resolve first – his turn, his priority.
    • Refer to Comprehensive Rules and Link above if you find it hard to know how Interruptive Effects work.

3. Knowing your effect priorities is also important and I will show you an example.

    • EXAMPLE #1 vs Imperialdramon: Your turn and you have Agumon BT17 and Miraculous Ultimate Knight <Delay> online. Your opponent has Imperialdramon: Dragon mode BT16 and assuming he has Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode ACE BT16. You played Metalgarurumon BT17 then evolved your Agumon to Wargreymon BT17. The opponent did not react so you proceed with End of Turn Phase. You decided to DNA evolve via Agumon’s ESS. After playing Omnimon ACE, your opponent opted to evolve his Imperialdramon: Dragon mode BT16 into Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode ACE BT16 hoping to get rid of Omnimon ACE. Since it’s your turn, your Omnimon ACE activates its effects first thus eliminating Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode ACE BT16. Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode ACE BT16 can’t cut in since his [On Digivolution] is not interruptive hence your effect must completely resolve first – your turn, your priority.
    • EXAMPLE #2 vs 7DL: Your turn and you have Agumon BT17 and Miraculous Ultimate Knight <Delay> online. Your opponent has Lucemon: Falldown Mode EX6. You decided to go all in and summoned Omnimon ACE then you target Lucemon: Falldown Mode EX6 to bottom deck. Since it has an interruptive effect that when he would leave the area, by returning 1 “Lucemon” in its evolution source or trash to bottom of the opponent’s deck, the opponent may play 1 7DL card from his trash. After his effect is done, you can still delete the digimon called by Lucemon: Falldown Mode EX6. Before it can activate its [On Play] effect while waiting in the pending effects, the digimon was deleted immediately by Omnimon ACE because it’s your turn and you have priority. Remember that  Lucemon: Falldown Mode EX6 cut in his effects while Omnimon ACE is still resolving his effects – bounce same level THEN delete 1 digimon.

4. You can deliver a game ending play with the card synergies I presented above and an unknowing opponent may be caught off guard.

Match-ups to Ponder

Never underestimate your opponent’s deck whether it feels like a rogue deck that seems to be brick, or NOT. Remember that you also have a deck that can sabotage you if not played well.

I chose decks to discuss that are usually seen in my locals. I give respect to all decks.

Please have an understanding of your opponent’s deck because in this part you will know what would be your next 2-5 steps – learn to anticipate and counter attack effectively.

  1. Imperialdramon
    • Delete his rookies and level 4s before it becomes Paildramon BT16
    • Setup your tamers and Miraculous Ultimate Knight ASAP
    • Use Metalgarurumon BT15 SEC to stall his Davis and Ken BT17 and Digimons until you can play out your Omnimon
  2. Magnamon X (Veemon and Vaccine Base)
    • Level 4 armors must be armor purged becase your goal is to keep him 2 steps away to become Magnamon X.
    • Metalgarurumon BT15 SEC and BT17 to avoid him to suspend/attack depriving his chance to remove a security and gain immunity.
    • A standing level 6 is already a threat for Magnamon X (without immunity) since you can bottom deck it using Omnimon ACE.
  3. SoC Dex
    • They don’t have answer to bottom decking a card so just make sure you have the pieces to counter attack anytime.
    • If there is chance to delete his digimon with tamer beneath, just do it. As a SoC player it’s also hard to fight back without the tamers.
  4. SoC Loogamon (Old and Takemikazuchi build)
    • It’s a race to setup your Miraculous Ultimate Knight and have all your pieces to Blast Evolve anytime
    • Same strategy with Dex is to delete a digimon with tamer beneath.
    • Crimson Blaze is a must to shut down this deck hence in my recent build I use 1-2 copies depending on the locals I will attend.
  5. Tyrantkabuterimon
    • This deck do not have 1 turn OTK so it’s fine to take some security checks but be cautious
    • Use Metalgarurumon BT15 SEC and BT17 to avoid him to suspend/attack preventing him to gain immunity to digimon effects during his next turn.
    • Eventually the opponent will play Grandkuwagamon ACE to delete your precious tamers but that moment is also your chance to counter attack by playing out Omnimon ACE
    • Tyrantkabuterimon relies on the DP of other digimon. 15,000 DP can’t be reached all the time but make sure he has exhausted some of his cards with DP pump effects.
  6. 7 Demon Lords
    • Beelzemon EX6 is his trump card so be careful when to strike with your Omnimon ACE
    • Wargreymon BT14 SEC is your MVP here since all 7DL is above 10,000 DP. Even his Lucemon is 10,000 DP so just raid it immediately.
    • You will have time to setup your tamers so just go ahead and organized your thoughts and plans.
  7. Red and Blue Hybrid
    • Use Metalgarurumon BT15 SEC and BT17 to his tamers to prevent it to suspend. Of course he won’t evolve it to hybrid if that happens.
    • Sometimes this deck runs out of resources so it might be best to deny him memories in all state of the game.


I would like to give thanks to my friends and LGS who actively make DCG interesting locally as they have evolved from Meta deck statistics-dependent to home-brewed builds or efficient rogue decks.

Hopefully this Article helped a lot of players who wants to play this deck. It takes a lot of game experience but I believe it’s worth it because it will make you mature in decision making in game, or maybe in real life? 😀

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