[JP-BT17] Reyhan: Dark Master Zoo Deck won Evo Cup

Hello, i’m Reyhan or @Arrivederci_XA on twitter a jank deck enthusiast and because i have won evo cup recently with Dark Master (DM) i asked to write guide on it, so here it is.

PS: It’s my first time writing guide so im sorry if its hard to understand

So Here is the deck i use on evocup:

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta

Deck Build

So quick Introduction on this deck, it uses mainly Dark Master Package from BT15. Dark Master Gameplay revolves around its level 5 recruiter (Gigadramon, LadyDevimon, Scorpiomon and Cherrymon) to search and set up the level 6 boss (Machinedramon, Piedmon, MetalSeadramon and Puppetmon) and control the board with said level 6 boss card and end the game with its ultimate boss card level 7 apocalymon to deck out your opponent.

Because of last restriction list, apocarymon goes to 1, so the gameplan for Dark Master must change, not decking out your opponent but now to total control your opponent board with various ACE digimon. Both Machinedramon and Piedmon can evolve into Omnimon Zwart to add more body into your board and control your opponent even more.


Common Dark Master Mechanic 

All of level 5 recruiter has the same effect that read

On Play –  Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. Add 2 level 6 or higher cards among them to the hand. Return the rest to the bottom of the deck.

End of Your – Turn By deleting 1 of your Digimon, you may play 1 Digimon card with the [Dark Masters] trait from your hand to an empty space in your breeding area without paying the cost.

The search effect is not limited to dark master traits, so it can search any level 6 or higher including various ace monsters. Also for the end of turn effect it does not require to delete itself to get the effect, it can delete other digimon and stay on board for ACE pressure

Next is the level 6 boss, all have different removal effect but shares same gimmick

[Your Turn] This Digimon can only digivolve into white Digimon.

[End of Opponent's Turn] Delete this Digimon. Then, you may play 1 Digimon card with the [Dark Masters] trait, other than [This Digimon Name], from your hand without paying the cost.

Basically, the DM can only last for a turn before it is deleted itself and replaced with another DM with a different name, but by evolving black and purple DM to Omnimon Zwart this effect is no longer a problem.


Card Choices Breakdown:

Level 2

4* DemiMeramon BT15

Great egg to filter your hand and search for key pieces for your gameplan. Although on my decklist I run ukkomon package, I hardly ever use all of my digiegg, usually only 2 or 3 at max, so i opt to use one type egg to make sure I got the right egg.

Level 3

4* Phascomon

4* Ukkomon BT15

2* – 0* Ukkomon PR


This is mainly fodder digimon for Lvl 5 Recruiter effect, Phascomon has on deletion draw and discard to filter more card from hand, and Ukkomon BT 15 can provide more deck digging to missing combo piece, also good as going first move. Ukkomon PR is here to add more lvl 3 for consistency and memory.

Level 4


Level 5

4* Gigadramon BT15

1* – 3* Etemon EX6

2* Scorpiomon BT15

4* Lady Devimon BT15

2* Mephistomon BT17

First let's talk about the lvl 5 DM Recruiter, Gigadramon and Ladydevimon is black and purple digimon respectively, this is important because Omnimon Zwart can only play black and purple digimon so i run max copies of them, scorpiomon here is for Vikemon Ace Play and also it has blocker as inheritable, but Omnimon Zwart cannot play it so only 2 copies.

Next is 2 Mephistomon, a brand new BT17 support, it has effect when deleted by effect you can play a Dark Master from hand or trash for free, usually i call for MetalSeadramon or Puppetmon with this effect for quick removal and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (IPM) ACE play. it also count as level 6 when revealed by recruiter making it easier to tutor.

The last is 1 Etemon EX6. This dude and Vikemon Ace is pure Magnamon X killer with its combo. Run 3 if your locals is full of Magnamon X. i’ll explain the combo on the section ahead.

Level 6

3* Machinedramon DM

1* Metal Seadramon DM

3* Vikemon Ace

1* Puppetmon DM

1* Grankuwagamon Ace

4* Piedmon DM

First, for the level 6 DM, both Machinedramon or Piedmon are used at high numbers (4 and 3) because Omnimon Zwart can only evolve from purple and black. I would like to run 4 machinedramon but there is no slot left for it. Then both MetalSeadramon and Puppetmon at 1, is the main target for mephistomon effect and said IPM Ace play. four of them are also main material for Apocalymon and UltimateChaosmon. 

Grankuwagamon ACE is here mainly for tamer control especially for Blue Hybrid and Imperial matchup, also it has purple color so it can blast evo from ladydevimon on board. Omnimon Zwart effect can play it and its also material for UltimateChaosmon. Overall, a pretty great card i wish i could run more.

Vikemon ACE is the best lvl 6 for surviving BT17 meta in my opinion. it kills Magna X, halt numemon, diaboro and other ukkomon based decks, dodging paildramon partitions (with de-evo). it evolved from black and blue, so synergy for gigadramon and scorpiomon and because it is black, omnimon zwart can play it and become one as UltimateChaosmon material. you can also blast evolve to Paladin Mode via this card/. Very important card to search from recruiter.

Level 7

1* Apocalymon

4* Omnimon Zwart

2* UltimateChaosmon

2* Imperialdramon Paladin Mode ACE

Omnimon Zwart is the Backbone of this deck, without it this deck cannot run, with its on digivolve effect, mill 3 then i can play various combinations of recruiter, level 5 and ace digimon to fit any situation. On top of that it also can remove one of opponent digimon. also mainly white source for this deck option.

UltimateChaosmon is a great midgame finisher, come out of nowhere and usually my opponent did not expect this card slapping them 4 checks and ending the game with the next attack. also serves as a great removal for numemon and armor matchup. can be played with any combination of black + purple/green lvl 6 which this deck run both for total 12 pieces. in emergency case, you can also access this card with cost 4 option.

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode ACE, new addition from BT17, can be accessed both by blast digivolving from level 6 blue or green in which there is 6 target on this card. its effect to strip sources and return all trash to the deck is very useful against black or purple deck but in this deck it has more utility, you can also return your own trash with lvl 7 white digimon (i run 7) to also gain +3 memory during your opponent turn. This is important to catch your opponent off guard, and finish your opponent by returning all of their sourceless digimon to their bottom deck to restand multiple time.

Apocalymon is Apocalymon

Tamer and Option

2* Mega Digimon Assembly

3* Analog Youth

Analog Youth is for more piece digging and some bonus if your digimon with source deleted. Honestly you could run this deck with no tamer at all. the option is for emergency chaosmon move if you need to jogress ASAP, also if checked in security it could salvage your one of apocalymon, neat.


There is no set combo to follow but i’ll give 2 example of the combo that achieve specific thing

A. Basic Combo

Req : You need 

  • black/purple DM on raising area, 
  • omnimon zwart and 1 DM on hand
  • black/purple recruiter, 1 Green/Blue DM and mephistomon on trash
  1. Put your DM from raising to battlefield

2. Digivolve DM to Zwart and play both Recruiter and mephistomon

3. At the end turn, Recruiter end of turn effect will proc and delete mephistomon

  1. Now your field is ready for lvl 6 digimon ace and lvl 7 Imperialdramon paladin mode ace. you also have follow-up play in your breeding area.

B. F Magnamon X Combo

Req : You need 

  • black/purple DM on raising area, 
  • omnimon zwart and 1 DM and Vikemon Ace on hand
  • preferably black recruiter but purple is also ok and Etemon
  1. Put your DM from raising to battlefield

2. Digivolve DM to Zwart and play both Recruiter and Etemon, both on play effect will proc. recruiter to dig and etemon targeting magnamon x giving it -3k and "[Start of Your Main Phase] This Digimon attacks."(although magnamon x is unaffected the effect is still lingering on it until the end of the opponent turn).

3. End your turn, delete your etemon with recruiter (if your recruiter black otherwise delete your recruiter), put DM on raising

4. Opponent turn, beginning of main phase, because the “unaffected” effect end on the end of our turn, their magnamon x must attack. blast evo to Vikemon, de-evolving 2 and because -3k still linger, if their digimon now has 3k power, they automatically deleted and ending the attack. if they put magna x again just repeat the process to remove it.

In Conclusion

The deck is strong, packed with various removal option and battle trick but honestly i think the strongest aspect of this deck is its flexibility, many times during a match my opponent doesn’t expect to be slapped by 4 check chaosmon or decked out by apocalymon or getting memory pulled by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. It is still a set-up type deck so a faster deck can beat it if you are not careful. overall this deck has very good matchup against most of the deck in the meta but still have worst matchup with Gaogamon, Thank you for reading, see ya!

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