[JP-BT17] Shane: How to Beat Yellow Vaccine BT17 version

We would like to introduce again, Shane is one of the best Digimon Players in South East Asia. He was 1 of the competitor that went to fight at the final in Japan Championship on March.

In this article, he will share with us about how to beat a Yellow Vaccine (BT17 version), this is a very strong deck in BT17 meta. Owning a Vaccine deck himself and conquers 7/7 Evo Cup with it, I think we will have some good info from this article.

Here is Shane Deck:

Yellow Vaccine

Hello! If you're reading this you've probably come to either love or hate Yellow Vaccine. As one of the abusers of the deck, I feel like as of late that its power level isn't as high as everyone deems it to be. Getting into the deck, Yellow Vaccine is a fast-paced, tempo machine that aims to get to Magnamon X as quickly as possible through the use of Awakening, Patamon and Messenger while also having good removal and control in the form of Rapid X and Ruin Mode.

I'd say this deck aims to spike early, while maintaining about 80% of power throughout the rest of the game. I'd say most complaints about the deck occur when it gets out the gates too quickly – ie: Turn 1 patamon, Turn 2 Magna X. In these kinds of games, without a good answer the game gets out of hand extremely quickly.

Common Situations against Yellow Vaccine So let's first talk about some easier scenarios. First Scenario:

1. Opponent Evolves to Patamon.

2. Raises out turn 2 and misses.

Ask yourself this, playing against the deck, what do you do next?

I've seen players give too much time for the Yellow Vaccine player in this situation, not abusing the fact that they need another turn to setup a digimon in raising. Abuse this window! It's one of the deck's weakest points and literally every other deck is given free leeway to do whatever they want.

Second Scenario:

1. Opponent evolves to Patamon.

2. Raises out turn 2 and hits a rapid.

3. Is not able to evolve to Magnamon X.

Now there's a threat on board, but you know that the Yellow Vaccine player is missing pieces. He'll most probably dig for cards for the remainder of the turn, and look to go into Magnamon X next turn AND possibly a Ruin Mode.

Now ask yourself. Do you lose next turn? In this situation, 90% of the time you will NOT lose next turn. The next question is, will you be raising out? If the answer is yes and you're worried about Ruin appearing, evolve to a 6000dp and above digimon in raising.

General Game Plans

Rule of thumb for playing against Yellow Vaccine is the quicker you get their life down the easier the game will be. Life = Resources for them, so it increases the odds that they miss Patamon's evolution effect assuming a T.K isn't set up. This is one of the reasons why NumeUkko is still considered by most to do well into the deck, besides being able to kill Magna X through immunity via Monzae X. Besides this, being able to set up blockers/destroying Magnamon X without a digimon prepared in their raising completely shuts down the deck, as they'd need at least 2 turns before they get another one out.

Natural Counters

The section you've all been waiting for! The best decks to go against Yellow Vaccine are listed below. Do note that I won't be going too in-depth on the specific builds as there are way too many variants floating around these days, but generally these decks do particularly well into Yellow Vaccine, especially if the player is only average and doesn't fully understand the deck.

1. DexDorugamon – Taunt and kill! Makes Magna lose immunity and attack. Self Explanatory.

2. AncientGaruru – Bypasses blocker and puts the Yellow Vaccine player on a timer. Also pushes for life early.

3. TyrantKabuterimon – Creates an insanely high wall which is hard for Yellow Vaccine to bypass. Even top Yellow Vaccine players will struggle in the matchup.

4. Omegamon – Very difficult for Yellow Vaccine to remove and is a tricky matchup to navigate.

5. Imperialdramon – Relies on the Yellow Vaccine player having Pillomon to answer the tamer and partition. Extremely difficult if the Imperial player opens better.

6. Miragegaogamon – Can't be blocked & is able to floodgate searches and otk.


That's all for this guide. Hope it's useful for those of you trying to beat this monstrosity which I may or may not take credit for creating. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @itbshane, and I'll respond whenever I have a look at it.

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