[JP-BT17] Deck of the Undying: DexDorugoramon Takes the Throne


Hi, I'm Clarence, also known as Kurova1990 on X. I've been passionate about card games since my teenage years. I had the honor of representing Singapore in Cardfight Vanguard in 2013 and winning the Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Singapore Winter Qualifier in 2017.

I started playing the Digimon Card Game in 2022 during the EX03 release, as one of my favorite Digimon is Sakuyamon. People often ask me how I stay so focused, and I believe my experience with other card games, especially Yu-Gi-Oh!, has helped a lot.

I've won quite a fair number of Evo Cups and Regional Qualifiers, but my most notable results were at the Ultimate Cup 2023 in Singapore and Malaysia, where I achieved a total score of 10-2 with AguHybrid.


These victories provided me with invaluable insights and strategies that I bring to every match. Each tournament, whether big or small, presents a unique challenge, and it's this constant pursuit of excellence that drives me forward.

GAO 2024

My most recent achievement that I'm particularly proud of is securing First in the Grand Asia Open Cycle 1 Singapore Qualifiers. In a field of 128 participants, I managed to maintain a flawless record of 10-0 with Dorugoramon. What's even more satisfying is that among those competitors were some of the best Digimon players, many of whom are my friends and teammates. It's moments like these that truly showcase the level of competition and camaraderie within our community.

My matchups are as follows:
Vs. Omega
Vs. NumeUkko
Vs. LeopardX
Vs. Seven Great Demon Lords
Vs. AncientGaruru
Vs. Dorugora (Purple)
Vs. Omega

Top 8: Vs. AncientGaruru

Top 4: Vs. NumeUkko

Finals: Vs. NumeUkko

Decklist is as shown in the image below.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimonmeta

This carefully crafted lineup reflects hours of testing, analysis, and fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance in various matchups. Each card serves a specific purpose, whether it's for offense, defense, disruption, or resource management. As a player who values versatility and adaptability, I've curated this deck to be flexible enough to handle any situation on the battlefield. It's not just a collection of cards; it's a strategic arsenal designed to outwit and outplay my opponents at every turn.

Playing this deck is akin to playing chess, where every move is carefully calculated, and I plan several steps ahead, strategically paving the path for my opponent to go down specific avenues that ultimately lead to my victory.

Why Dorugoramon?

To explain my choice of Dorugoramon, I'll first share my personal tier list of the meta. This list reflects the current competitive landscape, showcasing which Digimon are dominating the scene. By understanding this context, I can better illustrate why Dorugoramon stands out as my pick and how it fits into the current meta:

This tier list only lists decks that had potential to secure Champion.

My personal top tier decks of this meta are as follows, in no particular order: Yellow Vaccine, NumeUkko, AncientGaruru, and Gaburo. Each of these decks has demonstrated exceptional strength, speed and versatility in competitive play, making them formidable opponents in any matchup.

I have personally tried all the tier 1 decks, but I found that each of them has its own glaring flaws. These observations further reinforce my confidence in Dorugoramon's viability in this meta, as its strengths complement and compensate for the weaknesses present in other top-tier decks.

And it is because of the nature of these decks and the environment, that Dorugoramon emerges as a strong anti-meta contender in this meta. Its distinct combination of offensive power, resilience, and strategic flexibility, coupled with access to Taunt and De-digivolve positions it as a formidable adversary against these top-tier decks.

Why choose the purple variant and not black?

I started out with the purple Loogamon variant, and then modified it to the black Dorumon variant and eventually went back to purple Loogamon variant again. Each variant has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Loogamon Variant

The Loogamon variant shines with its access to Mindlink Eiji Nagasumi from both hand and trash, allowing for smoother combos and gaining memory, which proves invaluable when dealing with opponents trying to limit memory and resources. Additionally, it has BT17 Bowmon, which allows you to evolve from the trash, making resource management much easier.

You also have access to Alliance which is very important for Dorugoramon matchups given that the deck is unable to deal a ton of damage at once.

However, the downside is that Dorugoramon lacks immunity from bounce, which might spell trouble when you don't have another lower-level Digimon on board. Also, without access to Piercing, your Collision will not deal damage at all to your opponent’s security.

Dorumon Variant

On the other hand, the Dorumon variant offers unique advantages, such as access to anti-bounce, which automatically prevents AncientGaruru and Gaburo from checking for lethal. Additionally, it features Sephirotmon, serving as a secondary Taunt to seamlessly transition into Dorugreymon, further solidifying its defensive capabilities.

It also has access to Piercing through Kosuke Kisakata.

However, the downside is that the combo is very rigid, as BT17 Dorumon only slots in Kosuke from the hand, and there are no ways to search out Kosuke given that Cool Boy and BT7 Dorumon only search for X-Antibody cards / digimon cards. There is also only Kosuke as your tamer unlike the Looga line where you had both Cracker Fang and Eiji.


Reason why from Black to Purple

Personally, when playing the black variant, I faced a situation where I fought against the Ancientgarurumon deck, and I made a Dorugoramon with Kosuke mindlinked. I deleted his one and only BT7 Koji on board, and collision forcing opponent to block, but he triggered a BT17 Koji from security through my piercing. What’s worse is that originally I could control him by passing him to 1 but now because he triggered the Koji, he has a memory setter to 3…

Another situation against another Ancientgarurumon deck, he has an unsuspended Ancientgarurumon and I had a Dorugoramon, a dorugamon and Kosuke on board with Dexdorugoramon in trash. I mindlinked my Kosuke and played Final Zubagon Punch attempting to Collision with 16k DP into it.

He blast-ACEd into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode ACE and sent all my source and trash to the bottom of my deck. And then my Dorugoramon dies from the Collision, causing me to almost lose.

From then on, I decided that the Looga variant would be better in the case of all these weird situations. Because if I had Eiji, I could have Alliance into it and not die from collision, and I need not rely on only Final Zubagon Punch for additional damage.

Explanation on the moves of this deck

Dorugoramon plays for Dummies

The game plan of this deck is simple: Be reactive early game, and proactive in the mid-late game.

Dorugreymon (Portion 1)

  1. Push out Loogamon
  2. Mindlink Eiji with Loogamon effect
  3.  +1 memory
  4. Evolve Dorugamon to taunt opponent
  5. Evolve Dorugreymon passing to your opponent’s turn.
  6. Opponent attacks during the main phase, Dorugreymon with Eiji as source blocks.
  7. Dorugreymon effect activates its effect when an attack target is switched.


Dorugoramon if it wins battle (Portion 2)

  1. Continuing from Portion 1
  2. Evolves into Dorugoramon
  3. Dorugoramon effect activates, deleting an unsuspended Tamer or Digimon.
  4. Battle Proceeds
  5. Dorugoramon wins battle
  6. Dorugrey ESS activates, playing a 5 Cost and below SOC or X-Antibody card.
  7. Dorugoramon unsuspends from its own effect


Dorugoramon if it loses battle (Portion 3)

  1. Dorugoramon loses battle
  2. Activate DexDorugoramon interruptive effect from trash
  3. Evolve Dorugora into DexDorugoramon
  4. DexDorugoramon on evolve effect activates, De-Digivolve 3 and delete all lowest level on play.
  5. Dorugrey ESS activates, playing a 5 Cost and below SOC or X-Antibody card.
  6. DexDorugoramon unsuspends from its own effect


[Bt14-006] Bowmon: 

Considering we're utilizing Ukkomon, I believe adding a 5th egg is crucial. With BT15 Loogamon requiring only 1 cost to evolve unless it originates from SoC digitama, it seems to be the perfect fit. This addition allows for instances where high-rolling and evolving all the way up during attacks become feasible.


It serves as a strong opening card and aids in searching for missing components. If left unchecked, it snowballs remarkably.

You may reference it here: https://youtu.be/9E3N5UjfzAY?t=18850 

The Demon Wolf of the Castle of Nine WolvesIt helps to dig for parts and also Eiji and also aids in discarding cards to trash. The security trigger does the same thing. There’s a delay to play out tamer when necessary too.

TyrannomonThis is another essential tech in the deck. It helps dig for key pieces, especially Eiji, serves as a blocker, and is a level 4 Digimon with a 2-cost evolution. I felt the need for another 2-cost evolution level 4 in case I didn't draw Dorugamon.


Blue Hybrid / Ancientgarurumon Deck: 

80:20 Very Advantageous

The game plan against this deck is simple: starve your opponent of Koji by deleting them and maintain your board with low-level Digimon to protect your Dorugoramon or DexDorugoramon line from bounce effects. Keep in mind that Blue Hybrid techs in Crimson Blaze, so avoid overloading your board with too many Digimon. The ideal low-level Digimon to have is Dorugamon, as you can evolve it into Dexdorugamon from the trash, providing protection against Crimson Blaze's deletion effects.

Reference: https://youtu.be/9E3N5UjfzAY?t=24739 

Yellow Vaccine:

50:50 Match of Skill + Luck

This matchup heavily depends on your draws. Prepare Dorugamon for the Taunt and have DexDorugoramon in hand. Taunt the Magnamon X-Antibody, then evolve into Dorugreymon and pass the turn. During their main phase, instead of evolving into Dorugoramon, evolve into Dexdorugoramon. Since Magnamon X-Antibody doesn't have any immunity yet, you can de-digivolve it back to Patamon and delete it in battle, allowing you to snowball from there.

I don't recommend evolving into Dorugoramon initially because, with Dorugamon's evolution source skill, you would be at 13000 DP, just 1000 DP higher than Magnamon X-Antibody, causing it to Armor Purge and potentially give your opponent another opportunity to evolve into another form. However, if their source is the ST17 Rapidmon, which gains +1000 DP when rested, consider evolving into Dorugoramon to delete a Tamer and then evolve into Dexdorugoramon from the trash.

If you don't draw into these cards and your opponent evolves Magnamon X-Antibody on turn 2, you could be in trouble.


60:40 Slightly Advantageous

This matchup relies on your Digimon Emperor to slow down the Ukkomon Rush and on utilizing Dorugreymon's evolution source skill to flood your board for a comeback. Tyrannomon also aids in this matchup due to its blocker ability. However, be wary of Venusmon's turn, as it can be troublesome by preventing you from activating your on-evolution effects. 


Additionally, any level 6 ACEs are ineffective against your deck; not only do they fail to have an impact due to your deletion immunity, but they also provide you with an opportunity for a comeback.

Reference: https://youtu.be/9E3N5UjfzAY?t=30749 


80:20 Very Advantageous

The game plan for this matchup is similar to the one against AncientGarurumon. However, focus on deleting the Analog Boys to prevent your opponent from restarting their egg too many times. Digimon Emperor is crucial in this matchup as well.

Blue Magnamon

60:40 Advantageous

The game plan is similar to the one against Yellow Vaccine. This matchup is more advantageous because, unlike Yellow Vaccine, this deck struggles to handle a wide board. Yellow Vaccine has access to Patamon during the main phase, as well as Rapidmon and Rapidmon X-Antibody, which can reduce security and gain immunity. In contrast, this deck doesn't have easy access to such effects, except for Blinding Light.

Blue-Green Imperialdramon

50:50 Match of Luck

I personally feel this deck has many flaws, similar to any deck relying on the DNA Digivolve mechanic. However, when your opponent successfully pulls it off, it can be challenging to counter. Focus on using Dorugoramon's effect to delete their Davis Motomiya & Ken Ichijoji to disrupt their strategy.

It becomes trickier when they evolve into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. If that Digimon is on the board with a tamer, you will need to work around its presence by maximizing your on-evolution effects during your own turn.

Seven Great Demon Lords

50:50 Match of Time

In this matchup, aim to race damage as quickly as possible, giving your opponent no time to set up the names in their gate. You'll be in a difficult position if they manage to loop Lucemon and Lucemon: Chaos Mode.


70:30 Advantageous

Many people tend to fear the Blast and/or DNA Digivolve mechanic, but it's a deck where once they execute the DNA Digivolve, their primary objective is accomplished, and there's often no significant follow-up impact. Therefore, bait your opponent into DNA Digivolving and then delete or De-Digivolve them to regain control. Additionally, this deck typically doesn't include many level 4 Digimon, so Digimon Emperor can effectively lock them down.

Reference: https://youtu.be/9E3N5UjfzAY?t=18850 


80:20 Very Advantageous

This deck requires two bodies to function effectively. Use Taunt on the non-TyrantKabuteri Digimon, and during the main phase, evolve Dorugrey into Dorugoramon to delete the unsuspended TyrantKabuterimon.

Fenrirloogamon: Takemikazuchi

50:50 Match of Luck

The deck faces serious inconsistency issues as all other DNA Digivolve mechanic decks, particularly due to the difficulty in efficiently searching for Kazuchimon. Additionally, this deck struggles against the Digimon Emperor. 

However, if your opponent manages to execute their strategy by turn 2, you're likely facing a difficult situation. If not, DexDorugoramon and Analog Boy can greatly assist in this matchup.


What are your thoughts? I trust it provided some assistance to those who pursued it. I have many more detailed insights I'd like to share, but I'm currently seeking the right platform to do so. I'll share them once I've found it! Thank you for reading through to the end! Should you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact me on X at Kurova1990!

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