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Hi I am Juan, known as DrZaius, maybe you know me already from other articles and deck profiles. This time our friends from DigimonMeta.com asked me to write an article about our BT16 Yellow Vaccine, since this deck has already been giving me very good results during this format.

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Yellow Vaccine

As an introduction, most people know about my experience with yellow decks so a lot of people was asking me about the decklist and what tech cards was I playing during weeks. I wanted to keep this information in secret for a while until I played the decklist in a regional we had in Barcelona last week. The list was a success, with a top8 in that regional, 3 wins at locals and 2 evocups won. First of all thanks to the Luxury Gaming Team and my friends Angelo, Jesús and Lectro for helping me with the testing and thanks AND congratulations to Alejandro Santana, the other player who managed to top at the regional with a similar list, because we were theorycrafting the deck together all this time. 

Now let´s get technical, I´m not going to describe what the cards do because you the readers should already be informed about this and it wouldn´t add value here. 

Let me start explaining some decisions that may not have much sense now, but you will understand better after explaining the detail of the matchups:

1..Rookies: No Kudamons, no Ukkomons. The format itself has become a turn 2 bombs format, so most decks can take the game in the second turn. Promoting Patamon into a Magnamon X, promoting Loogamon into an OTK, promoting Ukkomon into a big Numemon board, promoting a BT14 Agumon into another OTK, and lots of hard scenarios. Good old searcher rookies feel obsolete now and Kudamon is not a good card anymore despite being a good searcher, but each turn we have must be extremely efficient in terms of memory and impact on the game. About Ukkomon, despite being an efficient turn 1 play, it´s not a yellow card and this ends up being a problem in corner cases. You can lose games just because Ukkomon isn´t yellow, and this is not acceptable. 

2. No Ruin Mode, all hail Digimon Emperor. The memory control is more important now than ever. Digimon Emperor is more efficient at memory choke opponents than Ruin mode on it´s own, and it´s a draw tool that you can control. If you are going to deck out, you can choose to not activate it´s draw effect. If you are into Mirage, you can choose not to draw and you are OK. In the late game, both Ruin Mode and Emperor are the same card with the same effect: Your opponent won´t promote any rookies from the breeding area and he will evolve into a lv4 in breeding. So Digimon Emperor becomes a new Ruin Mode that doesn´t brick your hand and doesn´t need a LV6 to evolve from.


3. The Armors: I never promote my rookie unless I get some value from that evolution. All my level 4 armors are good cards, except for ST17 Rapidmon. It is by far the worse of them, because it rarely can attack the security or anything in order to use it´s removal effect. I´m never attacking with it because it can become a Magnamon X that assures my win, and it could die to a security bomb. This is why I was only running 3 copies, and I was running 2 copies of GoldVeedramon. Its cheaper evolution cost made him a best card overall in terms of memory control, and its effect can delete a small body from Numemon, and it also has 6000dp, which is something that will be relevant later.

4. The MVP of the deck: Magnadramon. We had to decide between Venusmon, which was the card most people were running, or Magnadramon. The only question you need to ask yourself is what do you rather, disabling the opponent´s Magnamon X for a turn, or removing it from the field? I know my answer, just let them die. The card itself can get rid of a Magnamon X, a TyrantKabuterimon, a big Wargreymon stack… etc in combination with Angewomon X, who is a 3-of for this reason. The security manipulation effect also becomes relevant by placing your hand´s Emissary of Hope or Awakening of the Gold Digizoid there, so you get them back and return more resources from your trash.

Game Plans and Matchups

Now we need some information about the format, the most common matchups and interactions and how to approach all of them. We were in Spain and spanish players like two things, fast aggro decks and Security Control. The second one, Security Control is a complete bye for Magnamon X, since you will always swing 2 or more times per turn with immunity to whatever they could have in the security, so with that matchup covered, most of the decklist could be oriented to the fastest aggro deck in the format: Numemon. 

If you check the list, half or more of the deck is oriented on winning versus Numemon. We have 4 Pillomons, 3 Heaven´s Judgement, 2 Rapidmon X, 9 armors, 5 Ace digimons, 1 DeathX, 1 Magnadramon, 2 Digimon Emperors and the Magnamon X gameplay itself… There´s little to do if you are on Nume into this build. 

Into Numemon, we can get a really easy win since the beginning of the game if they go first, which is something they commonly choose to do, so half of the plan was already accomplished. We must be aware than in order to explode, they need to draw their pieces, and the best approach to defeat Numemon is to deny their draw power, which comes from the digi-egg Tsunomon (EX4). They must control a digimon with the source AND a different digimon to evolve, so they can draw from the digivolution and the digi-egg. From there, they have 3 possible openings:

  1. They have the best opening: Rookie in breeding + cost 3 Numemon on play. This is the best opening they could have, but a greedy one. We can hardplay an ace for 4, killing the 3 cost body and passing them to 1, from there, they have 4 in hand and a rookie, and all the possible plays they have mean passing turn giving you memory that let´s you go wide.
  2. They open with BT16 Ukkomon: This one seems good, but lets you do all the setup you need. You can just go for the Patamon + BT14 TK setup, or Rookie + Training. As long as you give them 2 memories maximum you´ll be good.
  3. They actually evolve into a black rookie and Numemon in breeding: This is the best play they could do, but given the bad deckbuilding decisions most Numemon players take, this is unlikely to happen since they run a really small amount of black rookies. There is no space for 8 Ukkomons and 8 black rookies. 

From all of this scenarios, just keep the control of the memory and focus on choking your opponent all turns. You will eventually get a Pillomon, Magnamon X and in the end, the win. If the game becomes grindy and your Numemon opponents actually deploy a board, there is an insane combo featuring BT8 Rapidmon and Rapidmon X, so this are the steps:

a) If you control a tamer, promote any rookie and make BT8 Rapidmon without passing turn (Training card, Patamons effect, emissary, actually digivolving, we don´t really mind how to get there). Use Rapidmon´s effect to suspend and give the Monzaemons who have Numemon X as source -5000dp.
b) Evolve it into Rapidmon X Antibody. Now the Monzaemons die instantly because of rules processing (they have now 0 DP) and Rapid X when digivolving effect keeps pending, and the second All turns effect triggers to give you 2 memories.
c) Numemon X´s On deletion effect triggers now, and your opponent may play a digimon from trash. If this digimon has an On Play effect, it also triggers and resolves.
d) Now you return to Rapidmon X when digivolving effect, so it suspends everything and it may attack. You can suspend and attack the body that revived from Numemon X´s effect to assure the cleaning.

The other hard matchup of the deck is the mirror match. We could identify two main versions, the yellow vaccine one and the Veemon based one. The first one is a very grindy game that if none of you brick  will end up as a 1-0 for any of the players. Due to the defensive playstyle of both of you, one of the players will eventually deckout. The list is prepared to reduce the chance of decking out by playing 4 Nyaromons. This also assures you always have protection on your Magnamons. This last aspect is what makes Yellow Vaccine better than Veemon base, because Veemon base relies on cards like Blinding Ray to enable the Magnamon X protection, which also enables the opponent´s Magnamon X effect, leading to the vaccine player´s victory in most games. Triple Angewomon Ace and the Magnadramon is our best tool to delete Magnamons. The total reduction is 15000dp, which is the most standard amount a Magnamon X could reach without its effect in the Veemon base (12 base + 2k from BT16 Veemon + 1k from digiegg).

These are the hardest matchups, but I want to make an special mention to FenriLoogamon. That deck is scary because you can´t do nothing if they gather the pieces in turn 2-3. In previous formats, playing a floodgate like a memory blocker or a Pillomon was something that stole the turn from the Fenri players, but the new Soloogarmon can get rid of the floodgates during the regular steps of the deck. I thought about playing Venusmon as a possible counter, but finding Venusmon and the required sources by turn 3 was inconsistent unless I decided to run multiple Venus in the deck and the price was too high. Thanks to some testing with my friend Raul Rios (MasterDRK) from our Homelands online locals we found that the key to win versus Fenri was a really simple and silly play we accidentally discovered. I had a game where I controlled a BT8 Rapidmon with 6000 DP which evolved from a Pillomon. When he started the combo, his Soloogarmon tried to delete first a 6000DP or lower Digimon. So if I use armor purge, then my Rapidmon becomes a Pillomon, and that Soloogar can only evolve into a FenriLoogarmon that doesn´t play anything by effects. This leads to that Fenri attacking to get rid of the Pilomon, with 2 checks maximum and me starting with 3 memories thanks to that Fenri. I can take the victory easily after that. This took all my fears away for the regional, but I couldn´t face any Fenri player during the tournament.

Another matchups that come to my mind are:

  • MirageGaogamon, which was already an easy matchup for the deck if I´m having a decent opening, but with 4 Nyaromons I rarely even have 8 cards in my hand, and I can manipulate my securities with Magnadramon to add options there so the matchup became really favorable.
  • Insectoids: This is the classic deck who is very defensive but lacks pressure. I can deploy my board safely and spam Heaven´s Judgment to disable the opponent´s board. Since I was running 3 copies of the option the matchup was already covered. I also had the luck of having tested a lot into Tyrant so I wasn´t afraid of it. (Thanks Angelo and Joan for so much testing)
  • Imperialdramon: I haven´t seen an efficient list of Imperial that I really like because the new support from BT16 and the old support is not as compatible as you could think. Honestly the BT8 version of Imperial was really tempo/OTK efficient deck while the new one doesn´t even OTK and relies on me not controlling a Pillomon. So if I can get Magnamon X + Pillomon on the board there is no possible way for them to win. 
  • Red Birds (Phoenixmon X): This was actually funny because the deck actually made it into the final of the regional. We knew the deck was good and I needed to respect it. My friend YuXOh helped me testing into birds and the games were like “why bro, why???” with me exhausted of seeing that many bodies with rush. A couple of games later I learnt how to face the deck and how to win, but that Thursday afternoon was the hell itself for me. The key point was to heal yourself to 6 securities so they can only play Biyomons with Sora, and then Block everything with Magnamon X. With this gameplan you will end up setting much board and killing him before he starts looping birds on you. 

 So this is the technical analysis of the deck. As I mentioned before, I had a crazy run with the locals before the regional, with 3 local tournaments and 2 evocups won. I was testing some cards between tournaments but the final build performed as well as expected. I felt really safe with the deck since all my rounds in this tournaments were 2-0s on the Bo3 matches and this was a good sign. Even in the regional swiss I had this run:

Round 1: 2-0 Into Commandramon
Round 2: 2-0 Into Rapidmon X
Round 3: 2-0 Into Numemon
Round 4: 2-0 Into Tyrant
Round 5: 2-0 Into Tyrant
Round 6: 0-2 Into Mirror match (almost the same list from my friend Alejandro). I endep up losing the first game and I did some misplays on the second one.

Top cut: 0-1 Into the mirror match. This time I also misplayed, but this long and exhausting games tend to make us misplay in very crucial moments. I´m still happy with my results this format and this was a funny event to say goodbye to the game for some time, now that summer begins and I will be away from tournaments.

Thanks for reading this article and thanks to DigimonMeta for giving me the chance of writing! 

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  1. Hola Juan, comentas que participaste en un torneo en Barcelona. Que sitios conoces de la cuidad para jugar DCG ? Me gustaria poder echarme unas partidas en persona.

    Pd: Muy buena tu redaccion sobre la experiencia con el mazo, un saludo!

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