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It’s me again Mang Giga, your friendly giga. Straight from the rowdy classrooms of the philippines. BT18 is such a hot subject right now because it revives the dreaded hybrid meta.  And just like what we did last time with the Ancient Garuru meta, we will teach you how to counter the meta!!

We are doomed ONCE MORE!! to the super-fast meta of Hybrids!! Yea, ukkomon and the shitty tamers with ESS are to blame. Current counter-meta strategies revolves in playing Digimon Kaiser on turn 1 or 2, if not, you are going to get steamrolled by the aggressive decks. 

Placing Digimon Kaiser on your deck eats up important space for your combo cards. So what’s our solution?  Don’t play digimon kaiser. Become the zenith and kill everything on sight. 

Deck Build

 Here’s how to Body block all those Metaboi Hybrid players. 

4 Dorimon Digitama
4 Vemmon BT18
?? Venom BT11
2 Snatchmon bt11
4 Snatchmon Bt18
1 Destromon Bt11
4 Detromon Promo
3 Galacticmon Bt11
1 Dark Seraphimon Bt18
1 DeathXmon
4 Zenith the world champion!!!
2 Liberator Ex7 Sec
2 Black Scramble
3 Fusionize
1 Digi Dimension
1 Final Zubagon Punch

1 Jollyfries
1 peach mango pie

Galactimon, the oppressive Final Boss:

This deck revolves around countering everything you place on board. And with the Bt18 meta, everything is placed on board, and tamers are sitting safely on the battlefield. Not for long!! The hybrid players repetition play of raising Ukkomon, play tamer turn pass is so boring.  So you must memory choke them with your Vemmons. 

With the usual opening sequence of the hybrids, it is a guarantee 2 memory, then you counterplay by playing a 2 or 3 cost to choke them to 1.

Fusionize is a good memory choker for 1 cost. What’s good about it is you can snatch it back using Snatchmon bt11 so it is not a waste to play it on turn 1. But the main selling point is placing a Vemmon and digivolve from trash. Security effect also lets you play a Vemmon on 3 revealed cards, and trash the rest.

Turn 2 is the exciting part. You enemy will most likely give you 2 memory. If that happens, beat them down either by attacking using the Vemmon, or using the Digi-Xros effect of Snatchmon to reduce the cost by 4, then digivolving reduction by 4. It will then chokes them back to 1 and effectively delete all tamers and Ukkomons.

The next set of actions are complete freedom. You can either play Zenith to setup your discard+gain and draw combo, or blast evo any digimon that attacks. Another cool card is VORTEX Resonance.  Since Zenith and all the BT18 Vemmon lines are liberators, you will be able to play this. Security effect will also let you play any one of those from the trash or hand.

Finally, the last BOSS!! If you feel you are reaching 8 Vemmons in the trash, IT IS GO TIME!!!

Galacticmon’s effect places 4 more Vemmon on source,  then if 8 Vemmons are in,  you delete 1 Digimon. Comboing this with black scramble and the Vemmon ESS, will reduce the digivolving cost even further and sets you up for a massive comeback if your side of the board is cleared. 

It is also a ticking time bomb since start of main phase will trash 1 sec of your opponent. 


Tech Cards: When your initial plan fails and you get flooded by tons of digimon(yes I am looking at you bloomlords), play Dexmon. If you feel like attacking and performing a lot of checks, hit them with Zubagon and get that reboot. Protection by the pesky tyrant? Use DG dimension!!


Zenith Ability –  removes 2 Vemmons when a digimon attacks

Lvl4 ESS – Restand when removing vemmon from source

Zubagon- gives sec+1 and additional DP

TOTAL: 4 Checks + reboot

DigiXros Snatchmon + vortex Resonance

Evo paths: free evo to destromon or evo for 1 to galacticmon


This is a collection of my testplays up to this point

Vs Hybrids/Tamer based decks and Avians: just give them least memory and keep deleting everything on board. Use fusionize to effectively evo from the trash

Vs Lucemons: keep an early Zenith and utilize the dedigivolve mechanic of it to prevent the chaosmon on satan mode. Keep placing vemmons on board to sacrifice

Vs Numemons: use the redirection ESS and keep rushing. 

Vs Angels, cendrill and Hexablau: Don’t save the your galacticmon. Let it die, digi-xros using snatch then rebuild your Galactic

Vs Tyrant – fak this matchup. Pray we will not face this bug again. 


Vs R/b hybrid WW

Vs Miragegaogamon LWW

Vs Purple(multicolored hybrid) WW

Vs Avian WW


I now materialized how ZENITH (from the Web Comic) won vs Owen and the others. This deck is badass!!

DON’T BE LAZY!! Stop picking the hybrid decks because it is easy to pilot! More of these anti-meta decks will show up if you let your guard down!!


  1. Thank you for the deck list, I really hope that they make Gaiamon in the future to give us a big L7 boss monster for the archetype.

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