[EN-BT16/EX6] 7 Great Demon Lords (7DL) Top-4 PECO Online Regional


Hey! I'm Eddie, I did Top 4 in the last Online Regionals hosted by PECO (107 players). You can find me in X as: https://twitter.com/loliDhun.

First of all, thanks to the digimonmeta staff for allowing me to share with you this article about the new Tier 0 deck; The 7 Great Demon Lords.


Deck Profile

Here you have the recipe: 

2 Digimon Emperor BT8-094
2 ShineGreymon: Ruin Mode EX4-074
4 Beelzemon EX6-056
1 Lucemon: Chaos Mode BT7-111
4 Rise of the Seven Great Demon Lords EX6-069
4 Gate of Deadly Sins EX6-006
1 Seventh Full Cluster BT12-110
1 Calling From the Darkness BT7-107
2 Biting Crush EX5-069
3 Rivals' Barrage ST14-12
4 Lucemon EX6-018
4 Sistermon Blanc ST12-12
2 Porcupamon BT13-081
3 Lucemon: Chaos Mode EX6-054
1 Beelzemon (X Antibody) BT12-085
2 Belphemon: Sleep Mode BT13-088
1 Belphemon: Rage Mode BT13-091
1 Leviamon (X Antibody) BT15-081
2 Leviamon EX5-063
1 Lilithmon EX6-057
4 Creepymon EX6-058
1 Belphemon: Rage Mode EX6-060
1 Leviamon EX6-061
2 Ogudomon EX6-073

For me, that's the perfect list for the current meta. You have cards such:

Lucemon Chaos Mode (BT7): This card was really better than I thought, sometimes we really need to delete one of the opponent's tamers such as memory setters or DNA tamers, or even to delete a big body and then evolve into another 7DL.

Lilithmon: This is an underestimated card to be honest, in some matchups this card can be key, especially against Numemon that, spoiler, is the biggest threat of this deck.

Leviamon (EX06): With a proper field setup can be really good in some specific turns. Against DNA tamers or hard on play bodies this card is legend.

Beelzemon / Creepymon: Just too good to not to play 4 of each, mill engine and really good main effects.

Leviamon (EX05): Key against a mirror match in combination with biting crush or rise of the seven great demon lords, so you make sure they can't play ogudomon by effects. And obviusly really good card against the 80% of decks in the meta.

Belphemon sleep mode: As a last turn before ogudomon is one of the best.

Lucemon / chaos mode (Ex06): Too Op, Chaos Mode's all turns effect is busted, and lucemon's both effects are really good, as an opening / turn 2 is so hard to remove for most decks.

Rise of the Seven Great Demon Lords:

Overall really good, especially against battle deletions such as green decks or raids.

The rest of the demonlords cards are that basically we want them to have because of the different names for the gate, even tho we might use them eventually.

Calling from the Darkness: Mandatory, activates 7DL’s all turns effects and can return porcupamon and Ruin modes to the hand.

Porcupamon: Mandatory to deal with floodgates + he deletes lv. 3 lucemon which is key for the mirror early game.

Digimon Emperor: The way we can slow down powerfull earlygame decks like Numemon, Red Hybrids, Armor Vaccine / Magnamon X… And it also gives you draw engine which is key for this deck to not to be handless and to have different options in order to play the best card depending on the game situation.

Rival’s Barrage: Decent removal, dangerous in security vs bt16 paildramon , but necessary to recycle cards in trash.

Shinegreymon Ruin mode: If you can, play 2. He destroys the metagame and can delete any last turn floodgate.

Ogudomon: I think just 2 is enough, don’t forget that you can delete the gate, not to play ogudomon on play, and digivolve from the hand i

Possible cards that you can play as tech or for a different playstyle: Death slinger,  Mist memory boost, Omnimon merciful Mode, Mastemon Bt3, Matt ishida bt2, Barbamon (meh)…


The playstyle's idea is pretty basic actually, you just need to set up the trash as soon as possible and to play depending on the matchup and game situation, as 7DL is a deck with tons of possibilities. 

The biggest “combo” of the deck is the Lucemon's one, playing any demon lord with the cost reduced and the lucemon up next so after the on play effect you can send that demon lord to the top security, activate its all turns effect (if it has) and to digivolve into lucemon chaos mode (only Ex06 one can be evolved) so you get a really good setup for the opponent’s next turn.

Also cycling ruin modes is a good way to control the field as you have tools such as set rival’s barrage or calling from the darkness to recover ruin from trash.

And obviously to have in mind that you can digivolve any of your demon lords from Lucemon: Chaos Mode something simple that some people forget.


 Once you have 5 or more names under the gate, you can decide to play your demon lords with the cost reduced in 3 or 4 for each gate, and to just use that effect once, twice or three times. What does it mean? That you can choose to reduce from 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 or 12 cost, something really important to try to choke the opponent at 1 memory.


I felt like my deck was ready for most of the matchups, even though I was afraid to play against red hybrids and numemon especially. Let’s take a quick look of my regionals participation:

1st round vs Numemon (2-0): Digimon Emperors were key here. Also creepymon defending me early game blocking small bodies.

2nd round vs Mirage (2-0): He had no chance, just to not to attack his security with the rush so avoiding tamers or options made enough to slow mirage gameplay. Obviously trying to draw as less as possible and avoiding having +6 cards in hand.

3rd round vs 7DL (1-2): Only loss in the swiss, win the 1st game thanks to lucemon and also porcupamon deleting his lucemon. the 2nd game was a bit of a brick, just x antibody demon lords in hand. 3rd was a bit closer, but he took the advantage of having creepymon while i just had EX5 leviamon. I'd say a bit of bad luck but however, my opponent played it well.

4th round vs Numemon (2-0): Double Creepymon MVP + he didn’t play a single Chikurimon.

5th round vs Armor Vaccine (2-0): 1st game he started slow, the biggest threat was that he played 5 T.Ks in total so ogudomon wouldn’t be that explosive and pillomon was a threat, however, once i deleted pillomon thanks to ruin mode and i had board control, he forfeited the first game.  The 2nd game he started with Magnamon X turn 2 but with no other resources to remove security I played Belphemon: Sleep Mode so for the upcoming turn I was able to take Magna out of the field.

6th round vs Imperialdra (1-1): This was tragic. When I was going to play Ogudomon my neighbor, who I share the electric panel with, decided to switch off the lights so I couldn't finish that game and they gave me a game loss (i thought the top cut was over here.) I tried my best to win 2 games asap playing around Leviamon from EX06 and ruin mode but it was just enough to win 1 game, so we tied.

7th round vs Imperialdra (2-0): It was more or less the same as the previous one. Leviamon from EX06, ruin mode and beelzemon were keys here. Just needed to be careful not to play Ogudomon if he had Dragon Mode on the field, as if I play a Digimon by an effect he can evolve into Fighter mode and send my ogudomon out of the board. It was scary when he attacked me the second time with bt16 paildramon and he checked rivals barrage so he could attack me twice more, however I was able to survive that situation. Also both Lucemon Chaos Mode were really important.


Top 8: Numemon (2-1).

1st game: Nothing to do, he literally won me in 4 minutes.

2nd game: He didn’t have enough rookies so I could control the field pretty decently the whole game. Venusmon was a threat as i can’t activate ogudomon’s effect, so that’s why it was important to control every lvl5 who was on the field. 

3rd game: This was a good game. Opponent decided to play around chikurimon (which is the way to play vs 7DL) but thanks god i saw Porcupamon + Lilithmon, those both cards are the best against Nume, after that earlygame i was able to play use Lucemon combo 2 turns straight, so with that and  cycling -10k DP on field with ruin mode the game was over.

Top 4: Leopardmon X (1-2)

1st game: He delayed one game to evolve rookie and breeding which I think was enough for allowing me to set up. 2 consecutive turns of Lucemon combo and he had no chance.

2nd game: I just had leviamon as a resource to control the board, which was good but not enough as i needed some milling + all turns effect to set up gate’s sources. However I was able to keep the game and I think he only had 4 cards in deck so he risked to attack with 12k at security with an overflow of 3, check was sleep mode so he could survive and with a quartzmon he finished the game.

3rd game: It was a single player game,  he opened with 4 training in 2 turns so he was set up enough to suspend my bodies and to delete them by battle, I tried to  start attacking with Beelzemon early game as I knew he was gonna have a lot of Digi/Tamers if Ogudomon decided to appear but I checked a 12k so Beelze was gone and it made me the game even more difficult. Rise of the Seven Great Demon Lords would have been nice here, as I can play something after my 7DLs get deleted but unfortunately I wasn't able to see them.


It’s pretty simple, you want to start with a small body, ideally Sistermon Blanc or Lucemon, but you can try with only porcupa or digimon emperor. Just against another 7DL you are allowed to keep a hand with only big guys.


I would like to thank Digimon Card Meta team again to give me the opportunity to share my thoughts about this deck,obviously to my friends Agustin and Fran who helped me to try different matchups, Nico for his ruling knowledge, Brian for his 2 ruin mode tip and to the Lanzarote’s Digimon TCG Community ‘Los Puretas Elegidos’, the best community in the Canary Islands by far.

Hope you all have a nice day and see you soon.


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