1st Place Premier TO Event – Tournament Report (Europe)

Invited Author: Symphonus (Twitter)
Country: Germany

Event Premier TO Event –  JUNE BT4 26/6/21
Participants: 135
Deck played: 2 Colors Security Control
Final position:  1st Place
Overall result:  7-0

R1 Wargreymon Shine Splash 2:1
R2 Pure Wargreymon 2:0
R3 Wargreymon Shine Splash 2:0
R4 Red Omni 2:1
R5 Pure Wargreymon 2:0
R6 Megazoo 2:1
R7 Imperial Blue with Hybrid Splash 2:1

General Thoughts

Going into this Tournament I wasn’t aware that Security Control would be so favored against the Pure WarGreymon variant of yellow and just picked the deck because I was comfortable playing it.

With some advice and adjustments from a fellow player, I just played along just hoping to go x-1 x-2 max not expecting me to actually go undefeatedIy

Tournament breakdown

Round 1: I got paired against a fellow German player who I was (coincidentally) also paired in R1 in our national tournament, playing the same deck and lost to him there.

He played Wargreymon and added a bit of the Shinegreymon meaning a bunch of tamers and the probably most important piece, the yellow Rizegreymon which gives the lvl 6 “SecurityAttack+1” when you have 3 tamers.
The idea is kinda scary, since when Wargreymon is left unchecked he just swings for 4 securities.

Luckily for me, It died on the 1st swing every time so I didn’t get pressured as much and I could just play my game. It was still a close game!

Round 2: The next round my opponent also was a fellow German player who got 2nd in our national tournament. He bricked both games horribly and with the natural unfavored matchup, these games weren’t interesting to tell about unfortunately.

Round 3: My 1st non German opponent also ran a similar idea to my 1st opponent but he didn’t have the yellow Rizegreymon, which would be a keycard against me to have enough pressure. So I was able to play it slowly and win solidly in the first 2 games.

Round 4: As soon as I saw my opponent hatch a red egg and digivolving it, I thought it was an easy win, since I don’t have a high opinion of Red Omni. But his deck was weird enough teched against my deck with BT01 WarGreymon that doesn’t activate options from security and BT01 Secret-Rare MetalGreymons Inheritable effect would buffs Wargreymon by 3000 DP so it is not easy to destroy him. So the match actually became very interesting, each player won a game, but game 3 was decided by him not drawing digivolution lines early (hand brick) on so I could play my game with an easy win.

Round 5: Felt terrible being matched against 2 german players but then I got matchup against a good friend of mine who was also 4:0. he already lost hope early on since he knew it was a bad matchup for him, but not drawing stuff he needed was the finishing blow. Won both games with no actual fight.

Round 6: At this point there were 4 undefeated player including me (2 other german players and another guy)

I knew one of them, he played Imperialdramon Blue which I wanted to avoid. Luckily I was paired against the non German player and I didn’t know what he played.

As we started playing, I quickly realized he played MegaZoo and Security Control in BT4 actually is a good matchup compared to 1.5 Meta. But it was still grindy and 1 in 2 games was on the edge of decking out while One is decked out game actually. I won the last game with TK Takaishi tamer in security revealing a non yellow card which didn’t let him recover so I could swing for the game twice in a row.  

Final Round: Since I played against the non German player, it means the other German player played against each other and of course I hope that Imperialdramon Deck loses (lol). He won so with no more chances to dodge, I had to play against it and was prepared to lose this last round.

In this matchup I was hoping that my security is good or else Imperialdramon will just go on a rampage and chip my security away. Luck was on my side when stuff happened which was in my favor multiple times and him not having proper evolution lines all 3 games led me BARELY win this matchup and finish this tournament with a 7:0 record winning the special invite ticket for a future Bandai Event. 

Closing thoughts

In hindsight, I think I just made the right deck choice which being favored against the bunch of yellow decks excluding Wargreymon Shine Mix, also not making a lot of misplays (I definitely did some at some points) so my opponents cannot punish me as hard, led me to a undefeated score, which I didn’t expected in the beginning. 

 Special shout outs to Kevin Besta AKA KVN who gave me advice and revealed 90% of his list to me so I could “netdeck” it. (Kevin Besta also won 1st place in American Top Cut Event).

Looking forward to the next Bandai Event and hope to be a force there as well!

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

English Format – A Blue Yellow Aggro Deck, A Unique Build

Invited Author: Dylan Williams
Country: Australia

From Digimon Card Meta: Dylan William is a DCG player from Australia and has built many different decks that top at his local tourney. We invited him to write an article for his recent first place deck at Akikambara, which we think is very unique and creative. 

Blue/Yellow Aggro deck

My Blue/Yellow Aggro deck is designed to put pressure on your opponent early whilst clearing their Digimons and gaining a lead in the Security race through Recovery and Security-x. The main playstyle of the deck is to attack early with the blue rookies/champions to gain the lead whilst drawing cards and gaining memory. As the game progresses you will utilize the memory gaining aspect of blue through Leomon, Gomamon and Hammer sparks to allow your hard casting of yellow level 5’s without giving your opponent to much memory to respond so that you can then end the game with progression to yellow level 6’s and Chaosmon Valdur Arm.

Due to the pure aggression of the deck and ability to Recovery I found there was no need for any blockers. You should be setting the tempo of the match early with your aggression and if they try to respond in kind this deck is able to further the lead/gap by hard playing MagnaAngemon for Recovery +1 before moving into a Kentaurosmon to prevent Security checks for a turn (5x mons get sec-2) or Mistymon/SlashAngemon to wipe threats off the board.

As the game moves into the end stages you should be able to continue with removing your opponent’s digimon with Chaosmon: Valdur Arm which is a huge threat for them. If you are in a tough space Puppetmon can buy a turn and allow a stepping stone to Chaosmon Valdur Arm.

The main gimmick of this deck which I really love is the ability to use Kaiser Nail to play a MagnaAngemon for much cheaper than its original play cost. Kaiser Nail is really strong in being able to play a level 5 for cheap, getting the on-play effect, and having another body on the field for your Yellow Level 6’s. Kaiser can also activate from Security so if timed well you can get a free Yellow 5 on the field, sometimes laughing as you just recover the Kaiser nail they revealed.

Early Game Combo

Upamon is the only egg needed for the deck. You shouldn’t ever run out of eggs before the game ends and helps with draw support as you play.

Veemon is super strong and a threat in itself. If left unchecked this little bugger can constantly chip away at Security with no negative effects to yourself.

[BT1-029] Gabumon is a nice draw support and body on the field. It’s safe to throw away at Security or even evolve into Leomon as a delayed memory gain for next turn.

[BT1-030] Gomamon/ [BT1-035] Leomon is a huge part of the deck. Ideally you just keep throwing him at Security until he is deleted giving you 3x memory. This is incredibly useful when it comes to hard playing your yellow 5’s.

[BT3-024] Airdramon serves two functions: 1) he comes from Security to help with aggression or 2) he goes on top of Gomamon when you don’t draw any Leomon so that you can still utilise the memory +1 of Gomamon when needed.

Mid Game Combo

[BT1-057] Sirenmon is just a vanilla stepping stone. I’ve been playing blue/yellow since 1.0 and completely overlooked the [BT4-043] Crowmon on release of BT4. I’ve since swapped Sirenmon for Crowmon as the 8K of Crowmon means it is safe to hard play vs wargreymon and other -6000dp decks.

[BT1-061] Mistymon was initially put in to help against rookie rush. The on play 2x -3000 helps to slow your opponent’s aggression but can also be useful as a 7K to avoid -6000 effects. This also combo’s with Kaiser Nail to help with board clearing.

[BT3-040] Shakkoumon as a blue yellow was a simple choice but provides a range of utility. 7K to help against  -6000 effects decks, evolves from blue so can stay in the breeding area until ready for your Slashangemon/Chaosmon combo, great hard play to slow down Security checks vs you.

[BT1-060] MagnAngemon is the focus of the deck. The Recovery on play allows you to gain a lead against your opponent and allows progression to your level 6 threats. This is the best combo for Kaiser Nail as you get it back on the field for a lot cheaper. The inherited effect can also come in clutch as it will give your level 6/7 +1000 for every 3x Security you have meaning your mega gets that extra power to get over your opponents threats.

Late Game Combo

[BT1-062] SlashAngemon is there purely for clearing your opponent’s threats and is the perfect stepping stone to Chaosmon. If need be SlashAngemon can come in to take out suspended level 7’s as you can for instance evolve slash to give an Omnimon -8000 DP in turn making Omni 7000 DP which is lower than Slash which could then attack and survive.

[BT3-043] Kentaurosmon is a threat in itself. When he comes into play through digivolve he gives 5x targets Security -2 allowing you to get another turn of attacks in over your opponent. If left unchecked Kent will constantly chip away at Security and if by chance they do delete it they risk losing one of their own mons due to the ‘On Deletion: -11000 DP’ effect.

[BT2-049] Puppetmon is a simple tech to help buy a turn through preventing a turn of unsuspending. Its secondary use is to be a stepping stone to your Chaosmon Valdur Arm however can also be used to gain a memory when attacking first.

[BT4-091] Chaosmon Valdur Arm is the big boss that is a huge threat for your opponent. When he comes into play he is clearing 2x small-medium threats or one large one. He can help you to keep your tempo in the game.

Other Scenario

T.K. Takaishi is your tamer of choice. It allows you to peak at your Security and decide how to play as well as removing that one card you need to maintain a lead. Defaulting to 3x is also very useful.

[ST2-13] Hammer Spark is a requirement to help you get into your yellow threats without giving your opponent too much memory to respond.

[ST2-16] Cocytus Breath is your threat removal of choice. If you let them set up a mega this card will come in clutch to save the day but is best found in Security.

Other additions:

In previous iterations this deck ran a purple Mimi tamer and extra hammer spark. Mimi was a great addition as it turned your hammer sparks into a memory +2 or turned your opponents hammer sparks of.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

TAK 3rd Place Oceania Tournament Report (Australia & NZ)

Invited Author: Chris Austen
Country: Australia

Event TAK OCE JUNE BT4 26/6/21
Participants: 100+
Deck played: Yellow Wargreymon
Goal for the event:  Top 16   
Final position:  Top 3
Overall result:  6-1
Avg Game time:  30.5

Tournament breakdown

Round 1:  Played against Purple MetalGarumon both me and my opponent were still kind of waking up despite his locals starting at 10am whilst the locals I play at have a 1,2 and 6:15pm start respectively after that. As soon as they saw they yellow egg they said, “yay meta straight away”. Having recently made the deck and tested it a little bit at locals. I knew the overall play style of the deck and was able to swiftly take game 1, game 2 I was unable to get the 2-0. Not getting the tempo control or a line cost me, so onto Game 3 I was able to get the win and started off the day with a 2-1 record.

Ladder ranking: Equal 1st

Round 2: Was what I was not going to enjoy but was going to face regardless, the Yellow War Mirror. I knew exactly what to expect going into this matchup, it would be based of if one of us bricked if not a skill match-up would take place and I was able to get a nice 2-0 record.

Ladder ranking: 14th

Round 3: The yellow mirror but this time I was unable to get the win and was unable to take the win here. Having gone 2-1 for this match and playing slightly dirty and trying to push pressure on early in game 3 only to have it back-fired and not having a level 6 hurt a lot as they where able to climb to level 6’s.

Ladder ranking: 22nd

Round 4: The return of Imperial, something that I had play extensively at locals and swiping multiple tops at a constant rate with the deck which I refined after 2 weeks of playing it and played it throughout the second half of the 1.5 meta. Inheritability War has a good matchup and forces Imperial to play on the back line which is not used to at all. That or knowing all the decks ins and outs means I knew how to win easily and exploit the flaws of imperial. During the second game they where unable to promote Paildramon and even Imperaildramon Dragon mode from raising area due to board state and constant memory choking. This was by far the fastest game I played and was sub 15 mins in terms of how fast the game played. I did offer to have a look at the deck and offered some advice in terms of what I ran personally to help improve the deck for them.

Ladder ranking: 13th

Round 5: Surprised to face this further on in the day was Purple MetalGarurumon once again. So far, I was 3-1 overall and this game was a crucial game to determine if I would make it into the top cut or not as I guessed only 6 rounds would be played upon initial thoughts. Game one ended swiftly in my favor. Though game 2 was an uphill battle due to unable to get a line rolling fast enough and not having enough tempo to being able to memory choke them. Whilst my opponent was able to get the Cerberusmon combo off against me, due to me making the mistake of giving them slightly to much memory. Thankfully, the winds changed, and they bricked very hard. So, it was fate I was able to get a top spot for this event having them hard cast numerous Digimon from their hand and evolving into Kimeramon in the backline. Despite everything working out great for me board state wise, I made sure to give them no breathing room at all and made sure to always keep them at 1-2 memory.

Ladder ranking: 12th

Round 6: This was would most likely be the final round and would determine if I would be in the top 8 or not which was not the initial aim. Going into the event but became a very high possibility after getting into the top 13 players being number 13. Game 1 I was able to get an easy win but during the second game I was unable to get a complete line which cost me the game. During the all-important game 3 my opponent bricked hard, which can happen in yellow occasionally when they hard played level 5’s and even Wargreymon. I knew I had secured the win and would have made the top 8 cut if another round wasn’t played. So, I still had a chance regardless to make it, after the match I stayed around for awhile talking to my opponent. With a few others who watched the match and a bit of the ending and talked about how everyone was doing overall and how they found the event. I was told by someone I was rank 6 overall so had secured the top 8 regardless now.

Ladder ranking: 6th


This was it the final round and for all the marbles, every single prize outside of the champions prize of free entry for the next update was here. The box, the double alt arts for top 8 and 16 and everything else. It was against green and thankfully it was at the end, due to it being one of the few decks I was worried at playing against and it could not have gone any better for me. Game 1 I was able to keep tempo control constantly and wiping his board away all the time to prevent them from every coming back into the game. Though game 2 was an uphill battle and I was unable to ever have enough memory to play with. Game 3 was a blowout game for me with them bricking very hard and almost constantly hard dropping Digimon. The game pace was always me in the driving seat, despite always having heaps of memory to work with I made sure to never give them more than 2 memory ever to make sure I secured the win.

Overall Thoughts

This was it the final round and for all the marbles, every single prize outside of the champions prize of free entry for the next update was here. The box, the double alt arts for top 8 and 16 and everything else. It was against green and thankfully it was at the end, due to it being one of the few decks I was worried at playing against and it could not have gone any better for me. Game 1 I was able to keep tempo control constantly and wiping his board away all the time to prevent them from every coming back into the game. Though game 2 was an uphill battle and I was unable to ever have enough memory to play with. Game 3 was a blowout game for me with them bricking very hard and almost constantly hard dropping Digimon. The game pace was always me in the driving seat, despite always having heaps of memory to work with I made sure to never give them more than 2 memory ever to make sure I secured the win.

Closing thoughts

With the aim of top 16 overall I was able to reach the goal and go way beyond set expectations for myself and get a top 3 finish. Which finally marks a major top event after many years of playing competitive TCGS. Playing at a constant rate the past few months helped me refined my overall playstyle and helped me become an experienced Digimon player in a short time. Here is to the one of hopefully many major tops for Digimon.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

The Case of Lilith Loop in BT6

Invited Article | Author: Bryan-先輩
Twitter: @bryandara

Disclaimer: the current competitive standpoint, the deck is nowhere near top-tier builds like Kizuna and/or Jesmon: the deck is solid but not as quick in terms of setup.

Comeback of 5 security + some board clear leaving 1 digimon in raising and 1 lvl 4 at the opponent’s play area vs Jesmon
4 security wipe in a turn vs ulforce and the 1st Lilith -> Zwart is affected by Howling Memory Boost

A Lilith-Loop for BT-06

This is my current list: ratios and/or card choices can be tweaked, up to the player’s decision. Do note that I do not play any blockers in this deck because they are useless against Kizunas, so might as well max out the Promote package!

So with this build, instead of the usual board setup and board control on the opponent, you would usually play a LV5 and a Ginkakumon Promote (with Kinkaku and Ginkaku in trash) via your Zwart effect.

[BT6-075] Ginkakumon Promote: for the [Draw 1] and +1 memory when you place a Ginkakumon and Kinkakumon into his digivolution cards from your trash. With [Haste], you will not mind him deleted in the process of security check while attacking (so he will end up in the trash again).

[BT5-079] Blackwargrowlmon: this is the usual member that helps generate a second attack but this time he can be used to digiburst off a Ginkaku, Kinkaku or Promote stack.

So, with the constant cycle of spawning Promote for free and digivolving into Lilithmon to take back Jack Raids, you should be able to draw the white option cards [BT5-109] Mega Digimon Fusion! and digivolve into Zwart for free in order to respawn Promotes to attack security.

Use [BT3-090] Mastemon to finish the game by trashing security and spawning a Promote as well.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

The BT6 Idol Star Beelstarmon – Tier 1 deck

[BT6-112] BeelStarmon created 2 very formidable deck profiles for BT6 meta is currently both staying in tier-1, one is Security Control deck and another is Three Musketeers playing in purple base color. We have introduced 1 deck profile called ‘Beelko-ntrol‘ for security control. In this post, one of our reader – Kelvin Lazam, a Digimon player from Philippines shares his Purple Beelstar deck profile, as well as his tourney experiences. 

Deck Profile: BeelStar with Gundramon.

Author: Kelvin Lazam

Since Beelstarmon’s ultimate value can be attained if we have as many 7-cost option cards and/or 3 musketeers cards on your trash pile, purple is the perfect color to build around her. We have tons of effects which can feed the trash pile in a flash. 

The rookies have dual purpose which are attacking aggressively on the early stages of the game as well as filtering our deck/ trash pile whenever they get destroyed. 

[BT2-067] Impmon does a really good job on that since we get to discard 3 cards from top of our deck whenever he gets destroyed while [BT4-079] Labramon and [BT3-006] DemiMeramon lets us discard those 7-cost option cards if we manage to actually draw them. Ideally, we would prefer those option cards to be in the trash so that we can reduce Beelstarmon’s cost as much as possible

We also have other discard effects like [BT6-077] Rebellimon‘s digivolution effect and [BT6-068] Impmon “On play” effect in which as a bonus, we can recycle Beelstarmon from trash if we don’t have this cards in hand to use. 

[BT6-060] Deputymon helps to reveal 4 cards and put to hand 1 digimon with [Three Musketeers] and one 7-cost option card among them. This digimon also is used to warp digivolve into [BT6-065] Gundramon during clutch moments.

Filling up your trash pile has never been easier and thus, Beelstarmon will have her value quickly. When Mid/ late game comes, we can then just straight up remove opponents digimons or go aggressive/defensive with [ST6-16] Nail Bone to return some blocker and rookie essentially for free. Beelstarmon will terrorize the meta for a very long time unless they print a hard counter for her effect.

How I play this deck and Win in Tourney

I joined a tournament with 16 participants on Arken Hobby Shop last Saturday and won 1st place. 

Round 1: Eosmon Deck OO
My opponent got unlucky because Beelstarmon decks are the worst match-up for Eosmon archetypes. Every time he will hard play his Lv5 Eosmon, I’ll just play a hard removal as well.
Playing the long game is at my advantage because on the late games, Beelstarmon will essentially cost less (even got her to cost 0) so I can do multiple plays at the same time.
Round 2: Agumon/ Greymon Aggro OXO
This was a really close match. My opponent aggro me out on the early parts of the game and I doing 1:1 removal is not ideal because he only plays Agumons and Greymons. I wont my matches because I reached mid-late game and played Beelstarmon for a very low cost which allowed me to play multiple Nail Bone hence play-free multiple blockers.
Round 3: Security Control OXO
This was the longest match I ever had, both of our decks are removal heavy and he does a lot of recoveries. I won because of free Nail Bone (thanks to Beelstarmon) and “security” Omegamon Zwart Defeat which made me swarm my opponent. I almost decked out on game 3 but gained victory before it happened.
Round 4: Yellow LordKnightmon/ Wargreymon OXO
First game was quick because I rushed my opponent with rookies while he is having troubles on fielding his own rookie. On the other games, GewaltSchwarmer option card gave me the upper hand since it wiped out my opponents field and then I played NailBone for the swarm. I also digivolved Beelstarmon to a Omegamon ZwartD to destroy my opponents TK Takeru tamer and gave my opponent just 1 memory to seal the victory.


Final thoughts:

This deck is really strong especially if you manage to reach mid to late games where Beelstarmon is just VALUE! You can either play defensively with you removals or swarm your opponent aggressively with NailBone. 
One of the probable bad match-ups against this deck would be the Gabumon Bond of Friendship because they essentially just play their digimons from the hatch area and then warp digivolve into their crazy boss digimon and then finish the game with hybrid evolution from their tamers.
Gameplay Video:
This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.
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