Breeding Phase

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Q: Can I choose not to hatch a Digi-Egg or move a level 3+ Digimon from the breeding area to the battle area?
A: Yes, both hatching a new Digi-Egg and moving Digimon from the breeding area to the battle area are optional.
Q: Can I hatch a new Digi-Egg when a Digimon is already in my breeding area?
A: No, your breeding area must be empty.
Q: Can I trash the Digimon in my breeding area to hatch a new Digi-Egg card?
A: No, you can't. Digimon and Tamers can't be trashed or returned to your hand or deck unless the game rules require it.
Q: Do I lose the game when my Digi-Egg deck runs out of cards?
A: No. You won't be able to hatch new Digi-Egg cards, but you won't lose the game.
Q: Do I digivolve Digimon in my breeding area during my breeding phase?
A: No, digivolving Digimon in your breeding area takes place during your main phase.
Q: I move a Digimon from my breeding area to my battle area. Does the Digimon's [On Play] effect activate?
A: No, it doesn't. Moving a Digimon to the battle area doesn't count as playing it.

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