BT-01 New Evolution


Product NameBT-01
Product NameNew Evolution (Japanese)
DistributionC:45 U:30 R:28 SR:10 SEC:2
ParallelC:2 R:9 SR:6 SEC:2
Release Date22 July 2020
Price180 yen + tax
  • Every pack contains 6 cards: 4 Commons, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare or higher card (+ 1 memory gauge card)
  • Every box contains 24 packs (+ 1 topper pack containing 1 random parallel art tamer card)
  • Every carton contains 12 boxes, and has a fixed distribution of rarities: every carton is guaranteed 2 copies of each SEC and 1 copy of its parallel art (totalling 6 copies of SEC cards).

Probability Distribution

RarityPackBox (24 Packs)Carton (12 Boxes)
Common (C)4961152
Uncommon (U)124288
Rare (R)0.83320240
Super Rare (SR)0.125336
Secret Rare (SEC)0.0140.3334
Non-SEC Parallel0.0200.5006
SEC Parallel0.0070.1672
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