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Advance search: "black & lv4", "red & option", "blue & red & lv7", "purple & draw", "dragon kin", "cyborg", "antibody", "7cost" (to search for all 7-cost option cards) ….,  use the "&" to add more constraints for the card searching

Booster Sets

[BT-19] 27Sep2024
[EX-06] 23Feb2024
[BT-13] 24Feb2023
[EX-03] 29Jul22
[BT-10] 25May2022
[BT-07] 27Aug2021
[EX-01] 30Jul2021
[BT-06] 28May2021
[BT-05] 26Feb2021
[BT-04] 18Dec2020
[BT-03] 30Oct2020
[BT-02] 22July2020
[BT-01] 15May2021
Promo Cards

Starter Decks (Japanese/English)

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[ST-14] 9Dec2022
[ST-13] 22Apr22
[ST-12] 22Apr22
[ST-10] 29Oct2021
[ST-09] 29Oct2021
[ST-08] 23Apr2021
[ST-07] 23Apr2021

Promo Info, Box Toppers and Dash Pack

Promo [P-110] ~ xxx
1st Year Anniversary (2021)
Box Toppers, Dash Pack, and others
EventBonusPrize Cards
Promo [P-001] ~ [P-109]

Support searching keywords for cards: Agumon, lv3 & red, lv4,  red & option, Jamming, securityattack, piercing, blocker, dedigivolve, digiburst, reboot, vengeance, retaliation , blue, red, green, legend arms, option, tamer, digitama,  rare,  secretrare, uncommon, parallel, rush, hybrid, dbrigade, promo

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