Garry: Hunter x Hunter Deck Review, BT12 Meta Thoughts, and Evolution Cup Report

Invited Author: Garry Yeung

Country: Indonesia


Hi, Garry (@garryyeung) from Indonesia here. With the release of BT12-Across Time Bandai decided to have an early Evolution Cup and with same prize again (Omegamon and Agumon) and with only 1 week from the release of the set the meta is still unclear and people are still trying new things. So today I will tell you my opinion about the early meta of the set and share what I know about my Hunter deck.

First of all I don’t think there’s a tier/near tier 0 deck this time, unlike last set where BlackWargreymon X-Antibody just beating everyone’s ass and with the new restriction list Xros Heart having trouble to control the game. BlackWargreymon is still a strong deck but with the new hunter deck that can set up tamer from scratch easily and Arresterdramon Superior Mode can easily deal with the Greymon X-Antibody Sources Effect. The new Wargreymon can also easily deal BlackWargreymon X-Antibody since it can easily hit him with raid but lately I have seen people just bring both of the BlackWargreymon and the new Wargreymon in the same deck so they have become more flexible.

Deck Building

Overall, I think there’s gonna be a lot of variation of this hunter deck in the future, with people trying new things. There are other option you can choose and I think the card to consider bringing in the future would be Cho-Hakkaimon for board control and more draw, Soundbirdmon BT10-072 and Yuu Amano BT10-093. But in the end it’s all about your playstyle and for now I will stick around with this decklist and might change it a bit in the future.


Digitama (Lvl2)

I think bringing only 4 Monimon is always the better choice for this deck but you can consider bringing one Kozenimon if you really want to play the deck with 5 digitama but again I don’t recommend it and just adjust it to your playstyle.

Rookies (Lvl3)

4 Gumdramon and 4 Psychemon is a must, you always need the draw from their sources effect and Psychemon is a great card for you when you need to take the card from your tamer sources. Trust me they are gonna help you in the early-mid game. While I rarely use the Gumdramon DigiXros effect but you can always use it when you get a little bit bricky. Now I choose 4 Dracmon since I bring 13 Tamer in the deck so you can always reduce it to 3 or 2 if you only bring 12 Tamer (bringing 4 is still okay though) since the +2000 DP from the sources is always great. For alternative you can try bring ChuuChuumon so you got more blocker (this is great if you are facing against Xros Heart or other deck that want to hit you early with rookies), Shoutmon BT12 is also not bad. You also must notice that people are bringing in Ekakimon BT12 but just be careful that one doesn’t have save for himself (although you can always save it later from your level 4 save effect).

Champion (Lvl4)

For now I trust 4 Shoutmon King and 4 Damemon to play my tamers and Arresterdramon for the same reason as the purple rookies (you always need the draw and the rush can always help you finish the game). While for Tuwarmon for me it’s quite a bricky card if you have it in the early game but once the enemy start coming out and you need to remove them you can devolve first before evolving to Arresterdramon Superior mode or Omegashoutmon to make it easier for them to remove the enemy’s Digimon. There’s a chance to remove Damemon if you don’t feel like it to gacha your tamer (I already see some people ditch them) since you can discount Tuwarmon evolution from all of your tamer later on. But with my playstyle I would like to play it the highroll if you want to try you can bring Dobermon BT12 for vengeance ess but careful once again like Ekakimon you don’t have save for himself (and worse thing you can’t save 2 like Damemon).

Ultimate (Lvl5)

This is where you can change it a lot even I think I need more time to experiment here. For this decklist I think I use quite the standard one (4 Arresterdramon Superior Mode and 3 Omegashoutmon) but there are some combination I would like to try. Previously I mention Cho-Hakkaimon as a potential change for Omegashoutmon since you can control the board like Omegashoutmon but in exchange of Omegashoutmon Security Attack+1 you can get more draw when you clear your enemy board. Astamon is also a potential good card here even if you can’t digivolve it from the black and red level 4, you can always play them from your tamer’s sources and play another tamer (I think in the early game doing this is always good). But I think overall you should always bring 4 Arresterdramon Superior Mode the rest is up to your playstyle. If you want to play into Quartzmon you better play Astamon more since you can reduce the Digivolution cost.

Mega (Lvl 7)

At this point bringing one is only for lucky charm for me if the times come when I need to evolve my level 5 to Quartzmon. I think you can adjust this to your local tournament. If you have many Red Hybrid, Xros Heart, or heavy tamer or swarming deck related in your locals you can always add more Quartzmon and focus on it.


Playing 4 Taiki for consistency you always need more card, this is the first tamer besides Tagiru that you want to have at the field first. When you don’t brick you can play Tagiru later via Shoutmon King or Damemon but always priotize Taiki over other Tamer unless you need it. For now, I bring all the other tamer 3 so the total is 13 tamer, if you want to bring less tamer you can always cut Watchmaker or Amano Yuu to 2 copy.


1 Copy of Calling From the Darkness, easily said the best option for the deck since you can get your Arresterdramon Superior Mode back and other purple Digimon. Since Arresterdramon Superior Mode and Omegashoutmon can’t save themselves and their sources there’s always gonna be a ton of Digimon in your trash when they died. Make sure you only bring Monimon in the Digitama deck if you bring this option for easier activation.

Tournament Report

Swiss 4 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Ulforceveedramon X-Antibody (2-0) W W
I don’t think I remember anything else besides the enemy bricking so hard to get the Ulforceveedramon combo done. I just play it slowly but surely by controlling the enemy’s Veemon, although the Leomon from the EX is a bit annoying in the early since he got the memory and draw.

Round 2 VS Beelzemon X-Antibody (2-0) W W
Since the enemy deck rely on swarming the Impmon and hitting security early on, I can get the advantage by getting free tamer from security and controlling the board easily with the Shoutmon sources to destroy 4000 DP below. Although the enemy can also control my board every turn I have more hit with Arresterdramon rush and Arresterdramon Superior Mode end of turn attack.

Round 3 VS BlackWarGreymon X-Antibody (2-0) W W
The first game I thought I already lost when my opponent destroy two of my tamer with BlackWargreymon leaving me with one. But slowly I comeback by playing tamer with my Digimon’s effect and controlling the enemy board back with Arresterdramon Superior Mode. Also my enemy having hard time to make his second mega. The second game my enemy brick and hard play Metalgreymon since I already have one tamer I can easily destroy it with my Omegashoutmon although my Omegashoutmon died with the first check (hitting the enemy’s mega in security) he still having hard time to find rookies and play another Metalgreymon from hand therefore I always lead the game with a memory advantage and finish the game.

Round 4 VS Wargreymon X-Antibody (2-1) W L W
This series probably the most surprising for me because although in the first game I easily control the enemy’s Digimon and manage to finish the game before the Wargreymon can finish me, he comeback easily in the second game by checking all my security with the help of security attack+. Sadly in the second game I am the one with the bricky hand even in the last turn I only have 1 Arresterdramon Superior Mode in hand and 1 Tamer only. If I have more hand I think I can still try to win the game since there are 5 Tamer in my arena after the enemy checking all my security. The final game is very intense since the enemy realize without him playing another tamer or Digimon besides his one beefy Wargreymon I won’t be able to do anything to it. At one point I even hope there’s a tamer coming out from his security so I can control his Digimon. The final moment from this game is when the enemy check all my security and I got my Watchmaker from it and it is my fourth tamer in the field. From there I feel like there is hope for my last turn since the enemy still have three security and 1 Omegamon X-Antibody BT10 in the field. At my last turn I have one Dracmon (he survive since my enemy Omegamon X-Antibody my Arresterdramon Superior Mode) in front and I have all four different Tamers in the field, at this point I can finish the game by hitting with Dracmon and finishing it up with Arresterdramon rush and Arresterdramon Superior Mode end of turn’s effect but then I make a fatal mistake that almost cost me the game. When my Dracmon check the security it’s reveal a X-Antibody option making me got no memory enough to Digixros my rookie and evolve it to Arresterdramon and hit twice with Arresterdramon Superior Mode. I forget that I can hit first with Arresterdramon that I give jamming to check the last two security with Watchmaker effect (Security Attack+1) and then finish the game with Arresterdramon Superior Mode end of turn effect. What I do in the game is I evolve it to Arresterdramon Superior Mode give him blocker and check his security without suspending (end of turn effect) and give him 1 memory therefore I can block his omegamon attack next turn and finish the game with Dracmon in the arena or another DigiXros from hand and Arresterdramon rush next turn. Luckily last turn my enemy forget to hatch and evolve the digitama making this play possible. If I make this mistake and my enemy didn’t make his mistake I would have lost the game. (I still feel so stupid until now)

Closing Thoughts

First of all I think this is a great meta with the diversity of the deck that are competitive and playable, I hope Bandai can maintain this kind of environment for the game (but please stop with the Omegamon Evolution Cup the price is going down like hell). I remind you all that this is still early in the meta and I find that there are more variation you can play for the Hunter deck. Since the enemy are more likely to play one unit only without any other Digimon or even Tamer the Hunter deck might have to find a solution to control the enemy or at least for now devolve it or destroy it with Tuwarmon or Omegashoutmon (Yeah this Hunter deck actually still can control your enemy field even if your enemy want to try one unit Digimon strategy). I might be experimenting a bit with Cho-Hakkaimon or Astamon and since I don’t like the playstyle of Soundbirdmon and the old Yuu Amano from BT10 I don’t think I will touch them (They are still great guys just make sure its suitable for your playstyle). Hopefully I can share a lot more in the future and goodluck for all of you. Don’t forget to follow me at twitter @garryyeung.

Khai: BT12 Beelzemon – This is the right way to trash OPP's Securities.

Invited Author: Khai

Country: Brunei


Hi everyone, 

I have recently joined Brunei’s Gamers Tavern Digimon Tourney with a total of 21 players participating and have won the tournament using one of the poster boys of the Digimon World Beelzemon.

A brief introduction, I have played Beelzemon since its first released back in BT2, always putting at least one BT2 SEC Beelzemon in any of my purple decks. Ups and downs of battles the card just couldn’t fit in the meta, but with the intro of EX2 Beelzemon line and supports, the deck became better with its discard pile strategy trashing from deck, cheating out Impmons and Beelzemons, I have won quite a few tournaments with Beelzemon since then. Although the deck and formulas still felt clunky especially with the ongoing meta till BT11, the deck struggled a lot. It was missing its “X Factor”, missing pieces to make it as scary as the Tier 1 decks like BWG X, Xros and more.

It was a struggle except till the new release of BT12 Beelzemon X Antibody support line. The deck can now properly compete with the existing top decks. Although there were a lot of choices I have decided to go for this build:

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

Match Results BO1:

1st Game: Jesmon X – Win

2nd Game: Mugendramon – Win

3rd Game: R/B Gaiomon – Win

4th Game: BWG X – Win

5th Game: Wargreymon X – Win

I will not explain to much on how the deck works but will break down my choices from BT12:

Impmon X Antibody


This card one of the good choices, it allows our Beelzemon discard pile after so many trashing from deck to be more of a Box Deck with our trash becoming a more accessible resource.

On play or when digivolving you can trash an option to return 2 of the best choices Wizard or Demonlord, I would usually choose wizard with the choices of returning Wizardmon or Baalmon to keep on what the deck wants to continue, filling up the discard pile. The "inherited effect" of the Impmon also helps us with trashing from deck.

Beelzemon X Antibody

The main hero of the deck that I have chose to focus on. You will only want to focus on the digivolve ability as that is what the deck has evolved into, the ability has allowed the deck to reach all new heights in battling the deck’s worst match ups by trashing away security. With how the we usually trash our cards from deck it is not impossible to reach to at max 30 cards to trash 3 security which is a big hit to opponents.

One of the toughest match ups for the previous Beelzemon deck had to be BWG X, with its midrange defensive strategy preventing destruction. After including Beelzemon X, my strategy against BWG X was to build up my board state, and also try to discard as much cards to hit that one evolution of Beelzemon X to trash most of their security. With that I will eventually finish with one hit of one my digimons.

Seventh Full Cluster

The main hero of the deck that I have chose to focus on. You will only want to focus on the digivolve ability as that is what the deck has evolved into, the ability has allowed the deck to reach all new heights in battling the deck’s worst match ups by trashing away security. With how the we usually trash our cards from deck it is not impossible to reach to at max 30 cards to trash 3 security which is a big hit to opponents.

One of the toughest match ups for the previous Beelzemon deck had to be BWG X, with its midrange defensive strategy preventing destruction. After including Beelzemon X, my strategy against BWG X was to build up my board state, and also try to discard as much cards to hit that one evolution of Beelzemon X to trash most of their security. With that I will eventually finish with one hit of one my digimons.

Also to share one of my favorite combos of the deck:

Calling of the darkness to return Beelzemon X if in trash or any purple choices. Baalmon to revive any of the 2 Beelzemon to field for the Beelzemon X to evolve on. Also to note no one want to delete a Baalmon if they don’t want to see a Beelzemon coming.

To finish up this article, I would definitely recommend players to try out this deck. I will continue to experiment builds to atleast include the EX2 cards in the future. I am very much excited for the new ST Beelzemon that will be released soon!

Ronnie Haboc: Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 or Kamen Raider Dukemon

Invited Author: Ronnie Haboc

Country: Philippines


With the new BT12 support for Dukemon/Gallantmon, it gave Dukemon/Gallantmon another way to manipulate the battle area. And with the new Takato, it helps Dukemon/Gallantmon to bounce back. 

The Deck list below is what I used for the 25th of November, The release date grind for the Booster Across Time.

*Disclaimer: This is not the final build for Dukemon bt12*

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

As a Red deck, it focuses on aggressive plays and controlling the battle area with the deletion effect that comes from WarGrowlmons and Dukemons. With the help of Growlmon BT12 and Wargrowlmon EX3 to help you on playing a Takato for free. 

On the past metas, one of Dukemon weakness is having Low DP with the st7 Dukemon/Gallantmon 11k DP (with a possible to get 14k DP with its effect) with the help of the New Guilmon and Growlmon giving Dukemon an additional of 4k. One other weakness was having a comeback option, and it was fixed by the new Takato that let you warp evo with ANY Guilmon to a Dukemon/Gallantmon.

And with the Combo mechanic of the New Wargrowlmon BT12 and Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 to extend your turn. After you delete or "raid" your opponent's Digimon, at the end of attack it gives you 2 memories, then digivolves into Dukemon X to attack once more. 


Round 1: VS Jesmon, Win 1-0

 A battle with a lot of Jesmon players (including the MasterSaberKlein), and my deck was ready to handle it. With the 2 Crimson Blaze to stop them from playing Sistermon. However I was unable to use either of the crimson blaze. I was fortunate enough to have my Lv6 Dukemon to appear first, then swing to reduce their security to 2. Then with the help of Gallantmon Crimson Mode to trash the remaining 2 on the turn. 

Round 2: Vs D-Brigade, Win 1-0

With this match up, I was able to trash some key pieces of my opponent using Wargrowlmon EX3, and always give her a few memories to work with. So I can control the battle area by deleting her digimons, and chip away her security with the trash effect of Dukemon BT12 and Dukemon X BT9. Since there is a possibility of disruption on her security stacks.

Round 3: Vs Jesmon, Win 1-0

With this match up, I was lucky that my opponent had a bad hand, so I quickly took advantage of it. And I was able to use crimson blaze to delay his turn, so he won’t be able to summon sistersmon. And was able to win.


Match up with decks, Red hybrid can be a little hard, since it can counter your deletion their Digmon, then can summon a Takuya Tamer for free from either hand or trash. 

With BlackWarGreymon, the Wargrowlmon EX3 can help you bring back your Takato from trash, if they deleted it, using Blackwargreymon bt8 or the option Hades Force. And even if they have protection for your deletion with the Greymon X, you can use “Raid” to delete their digimon.
With Bloomlordmon, it will be best to have your crimson blaze on hand or on security. So you can control the battle area, since Bloomlordmon gameplay is like Jesmon, they need to spread out.

With Xros hearts, always match the aggression of your opponent. Take advantage of getting your Dukemon as quick as possible then finish. Having crimson blaze on hand will also be key to winning.

Closing thoughts

With the new Dukemon supports that came on ex3 and bt12, Dukemon has more options on controlling the board, and being able to bounce back. I feel Dukemon can be a tier 1 deck with the new support for this BT12 meta. Even though the deck is straightforward gameplay, you also need to know when to be aggressive. 


Mark: BT11 Welcome to the XROS School bus HID lights edition.

Invited Author: Mark Aurelio Beloy

Country: Philippines


Hello everyone,

This is professor B. B for Biktory, and today we will showcase the upgraded version of the Xros schoolbus(

to those who don't know the joke: Xros is comparable to a school because of the amount of Small tamers and rookies, and the Shoutmon Bigs which seem to fetch them via schoolbus.

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

The new addition of Black agumon-x line cards definitely made an impact to the meta. From an X-ros deck lover's point of view, the previously safe haven for the little tamers are now being threatened by the big bad [BT8-070] Black wargreymon and the addition of [BT11-107] hades force. This brings a lot of problem especially when managing your materials for X-ros cost reduction.


Black Cat Hobbies Prelims Tournament,  just 1 day after the Super tamer battle Finals. I gear up to put my Xros schoolbus to the test to see if they can still stand up to the Black wargreymon infested meta. Everybody is expecting the usual build for the Xros deck wherein the digimons would need to wait for a tamer first before attacking, then saving it under a tamer. The problem with that strategy is, your opponent is pretty much expecting it and will choke you most of the time to 1 memory.  in order to surprise then,  we will divert from the Shoutmon X7 route to the Schoolbus driven by [BT11-086]Mervamon.

The deck starts off with our usual kids(i call them the classmates) 4 of each Angie, Jeremy and Mickey, 4 of each Shoutmon, Starmons, Jason Dorulu and Batistamon (because he blocks everything)

Then in order to speed up and be more aggressive, every removal option has been excluded from this deck. Sunrise Buster[BT9-099], Fireball [EX2-067], Crimson Blaze[BT8-097]?? Blackwargreymon-x [BT11-074] is like a Honey Badger! he doesn't give a **** about option cards,  he eats them for breakfast, so why not remove them entirely?

Prof B, if the game drags on, how can you win the matchup agains Black wargreymon? Answer is, you don't. you need to end the game in the span of 4-6 turns.

How do you do that if you are always behind in memory? you sacrifice 3 kids. what?? replace all of your [BT11-095] triple Tamer cards, change them into blinding light[BT4-104] and Reinforced memory boost[BT6-100]. they will be food for Blackwargreymon and hades force anyways. 

Blinding light is a real good choice since you are running a yellow digitama, you may also combo it on the same turn with Reinforced memory boost to "gain some good memories, while getting back your security".

Blackwargreymon and hades force anyways. 

Playing Reinforced memory boost from your hand does a lot of good thing. if gives you opportunity to place a tamer on security, makes you draw a material for Digicross and give you 3 memory to use for later. Hitting this also in the security provides such a good core memory, oh your opponent will surely remember what's coming up next.

You mentioned being aggressive, you got it by almost instantly attacking your opponent's security directly without waiting for any tamers to save your xros buddies. you attack using the rookie, you draw by the effect of Pickmons. If it survives, then good 🙂 more materials for Digixros. if it Dies, it dies an honorable death only to be picked up by mervamon on the later turns. but the point is. by turn 2 your opponent should be down to 3 security already.

By turn 3-4, you should now either set the opponent's security to 3 below, have a memory augmentation tamer/s , or you may already have 2-3 Blinding lights on your hand and a lot of cards from the trash or under the tamers. then the time is right for the Big sister to fetch you into her school bus by only 8 cost then playing 2 other Xros kiddos to rush attacks. just remember to prioritize putting sparrowmon under mervamon for great success.

What happens if your opponent plays one of those disgusting memory blocker and cost reduction jammer like chuumon and the solar boys? you still have angie and her pet jason dorulu, and you also have shoutmon starsword. It gives -3000 DP and deletes a digimon with 2000 DP when you cross it will shoutmon and starmons. you can gain rush and draw at the same time.

ShoutmonShoutmon Sempais:

X4 will still be our priority, we run 3 of them since this is the optimal number of times you can loop it in 1 turn

X3 will now come into play since x4 is considered to be High cost if you don't have all the 4 material cards. x3 also give you exta memory next turn if you decide to trigger it.

X5 will only be "forever alone" in this deck. he is a special existence since everytime you try to pull off playing him for 0 cost then attacking for 2 checks, he doesn't die! you are not stuck in a "now what scenario", but because you have mervamon, you can digivolve her on top, call a digimon from your trash then swing for game. Mervamon also enables you to digivolve straight into dexmon if reduced playcost won't permit it.


Vs EXAMon(xros kids really hates EXAM days)

these kids usually speed through in attacking examon while he builds up. but during the last turn, my opponent was able to hard cast a lvl 5 which in turn give me almost 5 memories. ahhh such good memories. he has 3 potential blocker due to the restand. so i ended up attacking using 2 digimons, playing 2 blinding lights *whoooosh: such strong effects of Flashbang* then while the enemy is still blinded, I made my 3 rush digimons attack for Game! 

Vs Dukemon

a tricky matchup.but the goal here is to make your digimon die everytime it attacks. otherwise it will be memory food for Dukemon. I controlled the game by using my digimons to attack and die, but I ended up gatting 2 survivors on the board. No Choice I had to xros it into x3 to lessen his memory gain upon deletion. He ended up hitting my Tai and kari from security, a reinforced memory boost. then I go for my usual blinding light-mervamon combo for early game aggression.

Vs Bwargrey-X

The start of the schoolday usually begins with a prayer. PRAY SO YOUR OPPONENT BRICKS!! after that, go ham on aggressively attacking your enemy.

he played a Black greymon, digivolved to metalgrey for blocker,  I played a dorulumon, Shoutmon x starsword.  it is deleted in 1 go.

he also hit some good tamers from my security which gives me additional attackers for my next turn, then blinding light combo again for mervamon with 2 background dancers for 3 attacks.

Vs Shoutmon X7 build

it's like going on a fieldtrip and seeing a different school bus going to the same location.  It will depend on your bus driver.

mirror match with Xros depends on how fast you can pull off your combos. 

My opponent had the advantage of playing 1 mikey on turn 1, while I attack using sparrowmon. He followed up with a free play dorulu and attacking my security which hit my own mikey. Then from there I got the advantage to play an early x4. 

X7 is quite slow in building up but it offers a way to delete/attack Bwargrey, but infront of mervamon, you have an advantage of 60 km/h in terms of speed.  x7 only give you 1 blocker while mervamon give 3 attackers. it's a win

Championship Vs Commandramon

This damn little army is as strong as the BTS army.

at first 1 commandramon appears then call another, and another, and another. my opponent skillfully utilized parabolic junk when attacking. luckily I also have some ballistamon to soak up the damage.  This quickly became a battle of memory gain and playcost reduction. the annoying thing here is, whenever I use x3 to attack, It is almost guaranteed not to die. So i cannot recycle my materials. while on the other hand, everytime commandramon dies, he summons another unit with rush. i also ended up having to digivolve x5 into mervamon at some point. it was a such an intense battle of speed and memory gaining mechanics.

Closing thoughts


Xros is still one of the most flexible decks, and it will keep getting stronger and stronger.

There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy xros deck. Be Aggressive, be Creative.

So far. I was always saved by the light, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

And this concludes another Digixross deck showcase!

See you again next semester.

Shout out to Black Cat hobbies, and Carlo Lorenzo Ho for the Final battle.

The fieldtrip is worth it.

Thanks to everyone in the Digimon PH community and also to the GLORY OF MASTER SABERKLEIN.


Bwargrey bad guy, Xros+merva good.

Get rekt early, rest early.

[EN] Dr Zaius: 1st Place Ultimate Cup Europe with Yellow Hybrid ft Venusmon

Invited Author: Dr Zaius (Juan)

Country: Europe


Thanks to DigimonMeta for inviting me to write the article. My name is Juan, better known as DrZaius and I´ve been consistently playing the european online events since I started playing back in BT5. I got some success, like tops in Regionals and Ultimate Cups, won a Digi-Fest and the previous European Online DC-1. This time I managed to win the latest European Ultimate Cup held by RaidNTrade with a deck I couldn't take to the big events: Yellow Hybrids. 

A few weeks ago from the moment I write this, I won the DC-1 with the Xros Heart deck, which I took since the beginning of the BT10 format and I harvested a really big streak of wins in locals, also I considered myself one of the best Alphamon players in Europe, giving even ideas to players like Utsu from France about the deck who got success with it. I felt really sure about my skills with any of the two decks but then the banlist was announced and this Ultimate Cup had it applied, so I was running out of ideas. 

With Alpha and Xros Heart gone, the format basically made MetalGarurumon X a nearly tier-0 strategy. Since I didn´t have the promo cards the deck runs, and I would only need them for one single tournament, I decided to return to control decks. As I expected about half of the tournament being Metal X, the best choice was to lock them from winning by controlling Venusmon. 

My friends and me were discussing about Ophanimon Loop, but I also expected a big amount of Security Control decks, since this metacall was pretty obvious. Ophanimon Loop, as Mastemon does, die by deckout to SC, but hybrids don´t. SC is historically proven to be bad against hybrid decks. From my point of view, you play a bad deck with good removal when playing SC, but Yellow Hybrids is a good deck with worse removal. I had a previous version of the deck with 4 Sunrise Busters, so I only needed to make a few changes to the original version.

My only concerns were two things: Jesmon GX, which was the worst matchup to face by the deck, due to its floatability; and having some draws between rounds. I am the kind of player that likes the grind game and plays better under pression, but in an online event you need to play fast and wasting time when having a slow opponent can just cost you a whole round. I got pretty lucky of ending most rounds 2-0. 

Click into image for link to decklist.


The Digi-Eggs: 

As this format is still pretty fast and aggressive, Upamon fits better to be at 4 copies. I left one Cupimon just in case I found a D-Reaper deck in any round. You go full-aggro with Rapidmon and need to get more cards in order to have a quick game, since it is unbeatable if it gathers Gatekeeper + 6 material Mother. Also having the fifth Digi-Egg makes you able to play longer against a control deck.

The Tamers: 

This is the most important part of the deck. Back in time in BT7-BT8 formats, most tamers were not active during most part of the game, with the exception of BT1´s TK Takaishi. TK is still one of the best cards in the game because of the consistency it provides, the memory setting and the information you have about your security, which is really helpful when taking decisions. I run 4 copies because the event had mulligan, and its the card you always want to open with. Then 3 copies of Zoe Orimoto for extra consistency. In the previous versions, consistency was an issue and Zoe solved most games, since you had to waste TK searches in order to get the hybrids. Now you have multiple ways to increase your resources and get better cards in the security stack.

The rest of the tamers are easier to explain: 2 Cody, 2 TK & Kari and 3 copies of Tai & Kari. Cody and Tai & Kari have the main goal of making you have 4 memories. 4 is a very important number in this deck, since most of our powerplays cost 4 memories: Shakkoumon, Tamers, Venusmon, Rapidmon… It´s nearly impossible to play around Tai & Kari tamer because most decks cannot afford to wait for a turn to attack, due to the danger of cards like DeathXmon and Rapidmon. As we are not Security Control, we are more proactive, and leaving the opponent with 3 securities is also easy. The tamer was insane during the entire tournament. 

About TK & Kari, it acts as Swords of Revealing Light, giving you extra turns since the opponent won´t attack you unless they feel like winning. In this extra time, you can easily win the game or set even more tamers, or just heal your securities. Just broken.


The Rapidmon and Rookies package: 

This part is the most simple. Rapidmon is pretty broken. In BT8 I considered this the best card of the format. Can solve any board state on its own. Has pretty strong psinergy with your tamers, and is a level 4 than can kill any Digimon in the game. Running 4 copies of ST1 Patamon was mandatory if I was about to play Rapidmon, and two copies of Salamon which is a pretty solid card in order to have a total of six. Having 6 rookies give you high probabilities of starting with one of them during the first turns, which is something you really want.

Most players were asking me about why not running the red base with EX2 Gigimon and promo Guilmon… The answer is: Just read Rapidmon. The value you get from Rapidmon is just so high that the red base can´t compensate it with random draws.

The Hybrid package: We are a hybrid deck, so we run the full 9 copies package, with the limited JetSilphymon.

The spicy part: 3 copies of BT8 Shakkoumon. This card is basically a replacement for the copies of JetSilphymon we lost. It works as a basic lv5 with “When digivolving, recovery +1”. The thing is that having a cost of 4 makes it pretty psynergic with the deck. Before we were explaining why the number 4 was magic, and here is one of the reasons. Also I´m playing 1 copy of ST8 Coredramon, which is a good blue lv4 card, just in case we need to DNA digivolve. In the tournament, DNA digivolve into Shakkoumon was more frequent than evolving into Jet by 1. Also is a double color card with a good inherited effect.   

Finally, the queen of control: 3 copies of BT10 Venusmon. What to say? The card just makes Metalgaruru X explode. Most players didn´t even know the card. The value it gives is just insane. It basically says “you win an extra turn”. And you can do a lot of things if you get a free turn, like winning the game. Also I run 1 copy of Susanoomon in case I faced a control deck to avoid deckout and a copy of DeathXmon, to have a good play against rogue aggro decks.

The options:

2 copies of Yellow Memory Boost for extra consistency, Reinforcing Memory Boost and Sunrise Busters as obvious choices in a yellow deck. The only spicy card here was Loekthe Adistako (or whatever the name is). I packed in 3 copies because the card is good against all decks and in any given position of the security stack. BT5 yellow players know how easy is to be at 3 memory in order to trigger the full effect of this card. In a vacuum, paying 8 for removing one thing does not sound good, but paying two to remove two threats is a different thing. Just insane. The last card is a copy of Wyvern´s Breath, just in case we needed to remove a thing like DeathXmon or a really big body.


2-0 Vs. MetalGaruru X: Pretty standard game. This was the matchup that I tested the most and was fast and straightforward. Venusmon did her job.

2-0 Vs. MetalGaruru X: Again against this deck, this time against an Spanish player, Adrian Dueñas (shoutouts here to him!). This player from Madrid is also an ex-Yugioh player that plays really well. I just got really lucky. In a given moment, a Loekthe option card appeared in the 4th position of the security, killing two Weregarurumons in the process.

2-0 Vs. Jesmon GX: Here is when I though my tournament run was over. This matchup is the worst by far, since it can get protections from Gankoomon X, revive constantly the Sistermons, and has OTK potential. The point here is that I can´t kill both the Jesmon and the Sistermons in a single turn, so I depend highly of my options in security. This isnt even great because they still have access to A Delicate Plan or Gankoomon X… I just got very lucky to survive and win both games.

2-1 Vs. Jesmon GX: Again, I felt really unlucky since I didn´t expect to see another one. A misplay costed me game 1, but I was able to win the next games. This player ended up with 3rd place of the tournament and was playing a version based in Gankoomons, so it was a pain to deal with. Rapidmon suspended its board of blockers and I could attack for game with hybrids.

2-1 Vs. Beelstarmon: This was against Unluckyvann, which is one of my friends. We even tested together for this event and I shoutout here to him. It was by far the most intense round of the entire tournament. We reached the time-out and he couldn´t kill me in time, but I could kill him with hybrids. Ironically, this was the deck running Psychemons and was the first where I could resolve DeathXmon.

2-0 Vs. Blue Flare: I didn´t expect Blue Flare performing so well in the tournament. I did a misplay in game 1 by hardplaying Coredramon, being greedy to DNA digivolve later and return something to hand, but this didn´t work. I was able to grind that game and then the second game was faster. Blue flare has a strong grind game if you give them enough time.

2-0 Vs. ImperialDramon: Again, a spanish player, Zoriak (shoutouts). It was pretty funny because he didn´t know what Venusmon did. Actually he is one of the best spanish players, having topped all Ultimate Cups he participated in. He got the second place in the tournament. But our match was just fun to see. Venusmon did everything and he played into Venusmon with misplays. The funny part is that we were both in our Discord channel talking together during the entire tournament. 

2-0 Vs. Blue Flare: Against Riku, another spanish player. If in round 6 I was not expecting Blue Flares… Just imagine in the final round. This time I was nervous because I know the grind game of Blue Flare and I need to remain with one single Digimon on the battle Area during all the time, making me unable to make a quick win. My best bet is to do some cheap damage and stall with Venusmon and heals, and then Hybrid rush him. This was the game plan and it worked out both games.


I´m really happy of the result with this deck. Back in time I couldn´t play it in BT8´s Ultimate Cup events because of the banlist hit to JetSilphymon, but this deck is one of my favorites from all times. Also it feels really well to get such a huge result with a deck that nobody was expecting to get success, not even myself!

I felt like I was done after winning the DC-1 event, but having another big win so soon has been awesome. The deck is still pretty good and I felt sure of every single decision I took in deckbuilding and playing. I´m also pretty happy of having 5 spanish players in the top 8, so congratulations to Zoriark, Asibaru, Foturan and specially Riku for getting into the final.

At last, I want to shoutout my friends Xuso, JC, Alberto, Miguel, Dai, Adrian, Iván and Daniel because of the support and the testing, as well as to the spanish community, which has proven to perform really well this tournament and I´m sure they will continue getting good results. Sorry about this article for being so long, if you have reached this sentence, thank you for reading this!

Eka: Aggressive Red Base Black Wargreymon BT11 Format

Invited Author: Eka (Runner-up Super Tamer Battle South East Asia)

Country: Indonesia


Since I’ll be playing in Super Tamer Battle South East Asia in November, from October I’ve been experimenting with various based of BWGX. I also noticed from the other countries in SEA, Grandis and BWGX has still greater number compared to other competitive deck such as X7. So, in my preparation as Super Tamer Battle Representative from Indonesia, I’m thinking about building a deck for tackling mirror battle and also Grandis.

For mirror BWGX, the BWGX weakness is the opponent has greater DP than the BWGX, also if the opponent can attack the unsuspended BWGX, it will give BWGX a hard time. That was why I prefer using Koromon (BT-9) than Gurimon or Koromon for draw. Because if, somehow I have BWGX and my opponent also have BWGX, I need the extra DP for attacking him.

As for Grandis, I realized my opportunity is not as big as a mirror match. Grandis can hit hard 18k DP. It needs 3 Yuuya Kuga To give my BWGX a 6000 boost DP to resist a full grown Grandis, and what is a chance for having 3 Yuuya in your field and activating in the same time ? a really slim chance. So I scrap the idea, I was cutting Yuuya to from 3 to 1. Grandis usually evolve for 1 to Lv 4, do I have a 1 cost Lv 4? Yes you have. Greymon BT-5 is still exist.

So as the conclusion of how tackling mirror match and Grandis, I think I need to play fast and hard. Way faster than Opponent’s BWGX and Grandis. That is why I’m bringing 4 Greymon BT-5 with me. It doesn’t matter to me come out to the field first and having a chance to die first, as long as I can perform 2-3 security checks before them and hopefully ending the game before their lv 6 exist on the field. That’s why I need a full evoline in my hand, so I need more searcher. What is a better searcher than a memory boost? Yes, 4 memory boost indeed. Because I need Greymon BT-5, I think im gonna using Red memory boost, so bye bye Greymon BT-8, say hello to Greymon ST-1

Click into the image for detail decklist

Matchups in Super Tamer Battle

1st Round – Red Based BWGX

My 1st Opponent was Kevin from Malaysia. When he flipped the digitama I saw koromon and I was like (“What the- its mirror!!). Kevin was using Koromon BT-5 for draw. I happened to have a full evoline to Gaioumon and using Red Memory Boost for the 2nd turn. As for the 3rd turn, I was forwarding my Digimon form hatching area, delaying my memory boost and continue to evolve to Gaioumon, and checking 3 Security because I have Greymon ST-1. It was a smooth 3 checks with 14K DP Gaioumon* Chef’s Kiss*. Next turn his BWGX appeared, attacking and trashing my sec for the next turn. His BWGX also tried to delete my Gaioumon but prevented the deletion by returning X antibody to the bottom of my deck by using Greymon BT-11’s effect. This time, thank God I’m using Koromon BT-9 so I have a 14K Gaioumon with Metal Greymon BT8 Ess, attacking his BWGX and having control for the whole field because he didn’t have any Digimon in raising area, so I played memory boost to passed turn. And next turn, because he still didn’t have any Digimon in the field, I’m forwarding my Agumon from hatching, check his last 2 security with Gaioumon then swing with Agumon for the game.

2nd Round – Grandiskuwagamon

My 2nd Opponent was Mark from Philliphine. He was using Grandiskuwagamon. This time, I hope that at least 1 of my 3 Hades Force is in the Security. In the early game he evolved to Snimon give me 2 memory, then I played Red Memory Boost giving him 1. This game I choked his memory so much, I always wonder how to pass turn and giving him 1 memory, to slow down him from evolving him to Grandis. He played Mimi Tachikawa BT-1, giving me 3 memory. I evolved to Blackwargreymon BT-8 for 4, deleting his Mimi and giving him 1 and so on. Until the point I’m at 0 memory, then I delay My memory boost to give me 2 memory, then I play again another memory boost to give him 1 memory*DJ Khaleed “Another One”*, while checking and trashing his security. After I trashed his last security I realized he maybe didn’t have any Grandis in his hand, in his last turn he evolved to Grankuwagamon but still in the raising area for passing the turn. So in my next turn, I swing for the game.

Semi Final – XH with X3,X4,X5 Variant

My 3rd Opponent was Han Yong from Singapore. When he flipped the digitama I saw Pickmons, although I have the Natural Ability to resist Xross Heart such as redirect and deleting tamers, I still need to be careful and not to greedy. In the early game I didn’t have any Lv 4s even after I used Red Memory Boost in the previous turn, so I delayed my memory boost for 2 so I at 5 memory and hard played Metal Greymon X BT-11 for 8 giving him at 3. He played a lot of tamers for preparations, fortunately gave enough time to evolved my hard played Metal Greymon x to BWGX with X antibody’s effect while attacking. Thank God I had BWGX this early so I could defend myself from X4 repetitive attack, well at least I could redirect 1 of X4 attacks per turn. I tried to choke memory him like I I did on the previous game but the new white tamer Taiki & Kiriha & Nene (TKN General) always gave him additional memory, and with only 1 memory XH can easily play X4 or even X5. In his last turn, my field had BWGX and Agumon, and 1 Agumon in the Raising area with total of 3 digimons. He played 2 X5 with blocker, but the 2nd X5 didn’t have complete material giving me 3 memory. I swing with my agumon from the raising area first, suspend 1 of his X5, and I used Hades Force to delete the unsuspended X5, the swing from the effect of Hades Force ended the game

Final – Jesmon GX

My opponent at Final was Kelvin Klein Lazam from Phillipine. He was using Jesmon. I succeed in handling Mirror Match and Grandis in this tournament, what about Jesmon? Well frankly, I totally forgot about this deck. I didn’t have any strategies or plan whatsoever. I just hope I don’t brick, and you know what? I finally have fixer/setter tamer for the 1st time in this tournament, also the first 5 cards I draw were Agumon, Agumon X, Greymon, Greymon X and Yuuya. What a nice start! Then what? You may guess, I didn’t get any Lvs 5 for 3 turn Straight. I forced to hard played Greymon 2 times, then played Agumon and passed turn for 3 free memory for the opponent. Maybe my opponent thinks “oh what’s his strategy to keeping his greymon X for 3 turn straight in raising area?” Strategy? No, its full brick straight, when I finally had Lv 5, my opponent already had 2 sistermon, 1 Jesmon GX and 1 Jesmon X and I no longer had any Security. I evolved my Greymon x (finally) to Metal Greymon BT-8, devolving his Jesmon GX. Then I played Hades Force, deleting his 2 sistermon with the total playcost of 7, then attacked his security while digivolving to BWGX using X Antibody’s effect. Next turn I deleted one of his Jesmon X, and I gave him 9 memory for using hades and evolve to BWGX in the same turn. He attacked while summoning more sistermon, I had to redirect the attack sacrificing my newborn BWGX. Then he passed turn for playing more sistermon manually. I neither have Digimon on the fileld nor security, I evolve on the raising area, passed turn and he attacked for the game.

Closing Thought

BWGX is all about control, redirecting, deleting while anyone unsuspend, trashing sec and blocking for bonus with the right Ess. If you play fast then you will do all the above faster (minus blocking). I’m not saying my build is the best BWGX build, but it’s a faster one. You can block faster, trash sec faster, redirect faster. And also having a Lv 6 faster than opponent is a bit intimidating for the opponent lol.

I think My MVP for this build is 4 Red Memory Boost followed by Greymon BT-5 in the 2nd place. My memory boost helped me to manipulate and choking opponent’s memory while my Digimon evolve cheaper. Speed up your deck while you slow down the opponent!

Tournament Info

The SEA Super Tamer Battle ( SEA STB) consist 10 champions from 5 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines) 
Each of the champions is the winner from STB Qualifier Regional that held twice per country. Each tournament consist 20-32 participants. 
The SEA STB held by Maxsoft one of Official Bandai Distributor in Singapore on 5th November 2022, online on Digimon Card Game Asia Discord (
The champion and the runner up of this tournament will join other 22 participants in South East Asia Finals (Not yet elected) to become The South East Asia Representative in Digimon TCG World Championship (only 1 from 24 participants)

[EN] Extrasalt: V for Victory! BT-10 Xros Heart report

Invited Author: Extrasalt

Country: USA


Thanks for having me! I go by Extrasalt and I was invited to write about my winnings at my local tournaments with Xros Heart. 

Since the release of Xros Encounter, I’ve had the opportunity to play the many decks this set has to offer, and with that, I’ve found there wasn’t a deck in this format that came close to being as fun as the Xros Heart deck. 

Xros Heart is definitely one of the strongest decks in the format, if not the best deck of the whole format. The ability to rush down the opponent’s security for a low cost can be extremely powerful.  

With Xros Heart only being released 1 week ago, I have already had a lot of success with it at my local tournaments. I recently went undefeated at three of the shops in my area, including one Store Championship this past weekend. 

Click into image for link to decklist.


The deck list for Xros Heart is for the most part similar when it comes to the core of the deck. But what makes mine different from all the rest, is the small amount that I would consider the reasons for my success. Though I chose 4x everything, the cards I decided to have as 1 of’s were DeathXmon and Crimson Blaze. The split was made because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to play 2 Deathxmon or 2 Crimson Blaze – so I went with one of each. And that worked well for me!

Why 4x BT1 Tai Kamiya over Tai and Kari?

I’ve actually been asked multiple times why I’m playing 4x BT1 Tai Kamiya over Tai and Kari. I want to give credit for the inspiration to a player who goes by “En” for the 4x BT1 Tai idea. I saw their decklist here on Digimonmeta after winning a Bandai event. After testing, I’ve found that having 3 memory to start allows me to set up really quickly for this deck. If it comes out from security, I am guaranteed to start with 3 memory in the upcoming turn. I believe having 3 memory is a lot for Xros Heart to have, plus the Security +1 is extremely useful.

My most common play would be: bringing up a rookie from the raising area, digixros for Shoutmon X4 for 1 memory (assuming you have all the pieces), then checking for 2 more security. If it lives, you can use the effect of X4 to unsuspend Taiki and Digixros for Shoutmon X5. Here, X5 will be able to check the last 3 security which allows your rookie to swing for game. There were many games where Shoutmon X4 lost while checking security, and it made me wish I had the Tai & Kari tamer. But for now, BT1 Tai is putting in a lot of work for me and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon. 


While participating in these recent tournaments, I found that the hardest matchups for Xros Heart were Magnamon X and BlackWargreymon. With Magnamon X having the ability to stop all your rush attacks and BlackWargreymon deleting your tamers, they present the most challenges for the Xros Heart deck to overcome. Especially with not having enough tamers to utilize Sunrise Buster in the early games. 

The hardest hurdle for me when playing against Magnamon X, is that it can come out as early as turn 2 and stop all my attacks. In order to overcome this, I realized that the moment I remove Magnamon X from the field, I need to push for game. Otherwise, they would be able to put out another Magnamon X and I would have another hurdle that I need to get over. Late game makes it easier to remove Magnamon X just because I typically would have plenty of Red/Yellow tamers to utilize Sunrise Buster. 

With most of the tamers you play being 3 costs, BlackWarGreymon can usually remove two of your tamers at a time. Most of those targets will almost always be Taiki, your most important tamer. However, this also disrupts the process of using Sunrise Buster because not having enough Red/Yellow tamers to remove the boss monster. To overcome this, I found opportunities to use X5 and Dorulumon together to lower the DP of BlackWargreymon, or even Magnamon X, so that I can attack over them. 


Xros Heart is definitely strong but it’s not unstoppable. It’s unfortunate that Shoutmon X4 was added to the limit to 1 list. I’m excited to see how our meta will be in the coming weeks, especially with EX-03 around the corner. Thanks for reading my first article ever! I hope that you were able to find some insightful knowledge from my experience that will help you in your future games. I look forward to seeing all the other top competitors’ amazing decks! Have a great one! 🙂

[EN] Qiqi: Won 1st Place in CartaMagica with Armor Rush Magnamon X

Invited Author: Qiqi (Martin)

Country: North America


Thanks for the opportunity from digimonmeta to write this. This was a 5 round tcg+ test event on day 1 of the BT10 meta. Anything mentioned here is just my current opinion on the format.

Leading up to the event I was already going to play armor since I'm a fan of the flexible playstyle and have been playing it since armor digimon were released. (Also shinegreymon, my other favorite deck, is in a pretty rough spot at the moment). Most people associate armor to a rush deck, but the biggest strength of armor in my opinion is the ability to play flexibly for either boardstate, stall, otk, or chip. For this reason I tend to avoid fire rocket. (Will probably change my mind if fire rocket gets an alternate art though.)

Notable mentions for deckbuilding choice: Paildramon is still broken and will win you games you shouldn't win. Just pretend it has jamming when you play it and hope for the best. MagnaX as a 4 of is your road to victory against much of the format. Jesmon GX allows you to pressure in ways the deck couldn't before and DeathX is the best card in the format and a must play nowadays.

TL DR: Your gameplan is to stall with the deck until you find the best card in your deck. Deathx

Click into image for link to decklist.


R1 W 2-0 Jesmon, both games my opponent had an unlucky slow start or a bricked hand. Was able to just chip at security until they lost.

R2 W 2-1 Xros heart, this matchup is just very dependent on seeing magnax since they are forced to remove it. Noteworthy that I was able to win g3 without ever seeing a rookie by slowly evoing over hard played lv4 armors and winning off the back of a magnax. Deathx for 0 is also pretty good.

R3 W 2-0 Jesmon, Similar to R1 my opponent had slow starts. When they were finally able to assemble their sistermon army, deathx was dropped for close to 0 and the game ended there.

R4 W 2-0 Grandis:  this was the guy who won a recent regionals with grandis so I was sweating quite a bit. What saved me was having my magna X being 19k to his 18k on his turn so he wasn't able to kill me. There were also key turns where Death X is able to reset the boardstate.

R5 D 1-1 Grandis: G1 was extremely grindy and took close to 40 minutes. I believe I had gone through every magna X, and magna at that point. What won me the game was playing Deathx when they ran out of eggs and they were forced to hard play rookies and champions. Game 2 I wasn't able to survive an early grandis and got board controlled out of the game. I was killed in time so we didn't have a game 3.

At the end of the day I honestly felt I just had good matchups, facing only Jes/Xrosheart/Grandis. I feel that armor is not unfavorable into any of these 3 decks. Armor does have some pretty terrible matchups so as my playgroup always says "Better lucky than good".

Also shoutout to gameshack locals in Canada which is a great place to play throughout the week. I can't seem to win at all against that group of players but that makes it a great place to improve.

Damian: EX3 Hina Links Dragon Deck


Country: Indonesia


At first I was just wondering how Hina Linkz deck is going to do in this new meta, where Xross Heart is getting stronger, Black Wargreymon X is a dominant force, and a tamer destroyer. And since I saw almost no one uses the Hina Linkz Deck, so I decided to try and run this deck, in the meta of Xross Heart and Black Wargreymon X

Originally I was in doubt whether I should just play “Marsmon & Phoenixmon”, rather than Hina Links because I saw 2 “Black Wargreymon X” players. Cause paper-wise, my Hina won’t survive, it’ll get blown up by “Black Wargreymon” or “Hades Force”. But I just trust my gut and jump in with the “Hina Linkz”.

To my surprise, I did really well in this tournament. I managed to get a clean swipe! I was so happy since it was my first time running this deck. I guess the time I spent watching 10-15 videos of people playing “Hina Links”, really helped me in my decision making. Huge shout out to “ファイル島の民”, since they always do a what if scenario at the end of their match.

Click into image for link to decklist.

Deck Profile

To players who play or know the deck, there’s nothing new in my build ever since the deck was released in EX3. Where Examon and Purple Imperial is a big trend XD. So this is just some cards that I want to high lights.

Blocker and Reboot, his on-play effects to "De-Digivolved 1" and destroy 1 opponent's Digimon with 5 cost or lower, and if you didn’t destroy any Digimon with this effect your opponent can’t evolve their “unsuspended” Digimon till their turn ends.

Considering you can activate this guy on play effects with suspending one of your Hina, including 4 of these cards is a MUST in my opinion since it’ll hinder the growth of powerful decks, that need their evolution to actually start the engine of their decks, such as Jesmon, Grandis, even Black Wargreymon X.

This card is also good to hinder your opponent's field growth since the on play effects are delete all of your opponent's lowest DP Digimons, and if the effect did not delete any Digimon, your opponent can’t play digimon with 5000 Dp or less. It’ll cause trouble for the opponent from playing searchers, blockers, and things like Dorulumon to shoot at your  Solarmon, if you have a Solarmon besides your Volcanicdramon. And of course, it’ll hinder decks like D-brigade and BloomHydra.

I did consider running only 2 dobrickmons, but after running some games, it didn’t show up when I need him to finish the game or get the field back to my favour, that is why I decided to run 3 of these guys.

The idea of this guys is, to waste BWGX's negate effects. So you can destroy them with another Dobrick if you have one or other effects such as the Volcanicdramon effect, or any other removal options, then you can freely swing next turn.”

Then for the level 5’s I run 4 of Jazarichmon and Lavogaritamon. Besides the obvious reason why to run these 2, the other reason i run these 2 are to get more board control and to activate the Volcanicdramon and Metalicdramon effects. Since the Jazarichmon effect is De-Digivolve 1 then play a Hina. This effect is good enough cause it’ll make your opponent take a step back from their game play, and the inheritable is also worth mentioning ,“ +1security” , so you can swing with your level 6th as a double breaker, hoping you didn’t crashed into option. 

Then for Lavogaritamon, this guy effect is to destroy Dp 5000 or lower then play a Hina. This guy really helps you to activate Metalicdramon and Volcanicdramon's 2nd effect so that your opponent either can’t play a searcher or any blockers with 5000 Dp, or evolve their unsuspended Digimon. This card really helps you gain more control over you opponent field.

And lastly the rookies. I tried running 4 vorvomon,4 Jazamon, and 4 Agumons from the ST-07. But then when I try that build, i’m quite dead with digicross deck since they have X7 where they could pop my volcanicdramon or metalicdramon, with 3-4 cost. Hence Solarmon has came to solve the problem, I can make them at least waste 2-4 memory to get rid of my Solarmon.


Round 01, Mervamon Loop (W)

With the new support for Minervamon loop deck, this deck can get scary at times. The Mervamon and the soulmons are a very great addition to this deck.

My opponent almost had an early lead since I’ve only got 3 Hina’s, 1 Vorvomon and 1 Lavorvomon. But thankfully I go second, hoping my draw brings me a level 5, which it did. But at the first turn, my opponent is ready to do their loop since he already got into his eyesmon. At first i only evolved my kapurimon into Vorvomon not evolving him into Lavorvomon planing to search for the lv6 next turn, then dropping the Hina giving my opponent 1 memory. When he swing with his eyesmon, it crashed into a Hina, so I was lucky this round. Then instead playing death claw he evolves his Eyesmon into a Cerberusmon , giving me 1 memory but since i have 2 hina’s so i have 3 memory to do my magic:

“ I promoted my Vorvomon into a Lavorvomon, at there i was in deep thinking whether should i tap my hina or not. Then I decides to gamble this time, I evolve my Lavorvomon into a Jazarichmon, tapping 2 Hina’s De-Digivolve his cerberusmon, into an Eyesmon then into a Ignitemon, then I dropped 1 Hina and giving my opponent 2 memory, so  he can’t get into a Cerberusmon on his turn. I was expecting another eyesmon, but he kill of his Ignitemon using “Calling from darkness’ then grabbed the Eyesmon and the Cerberusmon from the grave. Then he played Analog Boy grabbing Minervamon. From here on I already have control on his field, since My draw is a MetalicDramon. After I hatched my Digitama and evolve it into vorvomon, then I evolve my Jazarich into a Metalicdramon, throwing off my opponent's gameplay since he can’t evolve his unsuspend Digimon for the next turn. He promoted his Gazimon just to get the Draw from Petimeramon since I’m gonna block can’t lose security in case he gets his Mervamon and Cerberusmon loop on the next turn. So he passed the turn by playing another analog boy not getting any hits, and he decides to just past the turn, letting me have 3 memories.

After attacking with Metalicdramon,i play the Jazardmon to search for a Volcanicdramon,passing the turn with 1 memory. He ends up taking the bait, he played 3 Jacth Raid giving him 3 memories the digicrossed into a mervamon giving me 4 memories and with 4 Hina’s I got to 7 memories. And I end the game evolving my Jazardmon into Jazarich to Devolve the Mervamon so he don’t have anymore blockers, then Metalic checks for 2 then Dobrickg gets 2 check and finished the game with Jazamon which I promoted on the turn.

Xross Heart X7 (W)

This was the match that got me thinking hard, and the best in my opinion.

The game was back and forth, because it seems both of us bricked. My Opening hand are 2 Hina 1 Vorvo, 2 Lavogaritamon

But thankfully again I got 2nd turn. My opponent didn’t evo his Pickmon, dropping a Taiki which reveals 1 Dexmon,Taichi, God breath, and Sparrowmon. Honestly I think the reason I won against XH this time cause he bricked way harder than I am. My draw are quite good, but I want to test my theory of volcanic and solarmon. So with 3 memories after I evolved my Kapuri into a vorvomon, I drop 2 Hina’s. Honestly the first few turn wasn’t that big of a pressure since we both just dropping tamers.

I forgot what turn it is, but he finally promoted his sparrowmon swing into a Hiro, I was thankful for that swing since, last game my Hiro didn’t show up at all. then he drop a Shoutmon grabbing ballistamon, no tamers. I got to 5 memory.

Before evolving my Lavogarita that I promoted I drop a solarmon locking his Digicross, then evolves my Lavogarita into a Volcanicdramon, tapping 3 hina’s destroyin both his digimon and making him can’t play a 5000 Dp or lower digimon. Forcing him to use Fireball or Koen to destroy my Solarmon. He did play a crimson blaze for 4 cost, but what caught me by surprised is he have his X5 in his hand and digicrossed for 0 cost having rush swinging for 2 checks. But Luck was on my side, he ends up crushing into a Laser Cannon stopping the attack.

I was kinda afraid that he has the X4 on his hand, but turned out he don’t. So he passed the turn by playing taiki not hitting any card he’s looking for, after that I just finished the game with dobrickmons.

Round 3 Hina Linkz (W)

Well the top table is a Linkz Mirror~, He won against Mervamon and othe decks.

Proving although no one barely uses this deck anymore, it still can hold fighting against Bt-11 Meta.

This round was not as intense as the previous match, because unfortunately my opponent lost his Hina and bricked. I had a very huge lead from the start. And I was able to stop him from evolving and swing with the Metalic for 2 checks, then digicrossed into a dobrickmon. My opponent conceded because he had no answer to it.

Round 4 Mugendramon (W)

This round was so intense as well, till I can’t even remember the exact detail what happened in the match. To make it worse my Opponent has mastered his Machindramon/Mugen deck very well, since i think he played the mugen deck since ex 01.

I have no Hina in my opening hand, so I just evo in the breeding area, thankfully my opponent has no rookies in his hand and ending the turn by dropping an analog man. My draw at the start of the turn turns out to be a Hina, after 2 turn not promoting my Jazardmon. I promoted him and drop the first Hina then evolved into a Jazarichmon, then the evo bonus draw was another Hina so tapped the Hina to play the on play effects of the Jazarichmon to play another Hina from my hand, giving him a 3 memories.

Then at thee start of his turn, he played the option “Attack of the heavy mobile digimon”, hardcasting his mugendramon and giving it rush and blitz, checking 1 security and it was “Dark Gaia Force’ honestly it was helpful. In the next turn I go into a metallic dramon stopping him from evolving into a mugendramon bt-11 and i can’t quite remember what happened next.

But that what’s fun about DCG, no matter how much you anticipate your opponent’s movement, it’ll always going to have a Plot Twist in every game.


Hina Linkz is still a fun and enjoyable deck, it’s still can go toe to toe with the new Bt-11 Meta decks such as BWGX, X7, Grandis, Mervamon,etc. And I’m proud that it can still compete with Xross and BWGX, especially when barely no one uses this deck anymore, after BWGX showed up.

Same with every deck out there, the key is to be patient which I’m still struggling to be. And have the courage to decide what you want to do on your turn, and if your digimon dies then just build back again and preparing for the upcoming turn. Don’t worry about the meta, or what deck you’ll encounter. Just focus on understanding your deck inside out, learn from your mistakes, and have FUN cause we’ll improve along the way.

Shout out to Buitenzorg as the host of the tournament, and to the Indonesia Digimon Community, you guys are the best community I’ve ever in, and a great friends.

Good luck! Have fun!

Ami: BT11 Xros Heart with ShoutmonX7

Invited Author: Ami
Country: Brunei


Hello everyone!! Ami here and this is my article regarding new Shoutmon x7 from the BT11 set.

Im a big fan of Digimon Xros War ever since I was a kid here I am on 2022 able to the play deck. I have been using Xros Heart deck since BT10 came out, its actually a fun and straight forward deck. At first it was a struggle to play since its a new mechanic. I actually did a lot of misplays back then but after alot of trials & errors, I manage to improve my playstyle slowly after participating in our weekly shop tournaments.

19.10.2022 – I participated in Brunei's Gamer's Tavern Digimon Tamer Battle Tournament and decided to play new Xros Shoutmon x7 deck from new set/support BT11. Before the tourney started, I saw some players were also using new decks from BT11 which were BWG-X, Galactic & Ulforce. It was a bad match for Xros but I just trusted the process and focus on the games(Gonna explain the reason why later after decklist review & match up,so stay tune!!).

Click into image for link to decklist.

Deck Profile

Core cards
The standard cards that nearly all Xros Heart decks will include are the DigiXros materials [BT10-008] Shoutmon, [BT10-049] Ballistamon, [BT10-029] Starmons, [BT10-034] Dorulumon, and [BT10-060] Sparrowmon; the DigiXros digimon [BT10-009] Shoutmon X4; the Xros Heart tamers [BT10-087] Mikey Kudo, [BT10-089] Angie Hinomoto and [BT10-089] Jeremy Tsurgi.These are the most memory efficient Xros Heart cards that allow you to set up your board and wear your opponent’s security down quickly. As for new support from BT11 I include for the DigiXros materials are [BT11-015] Omnishoutmon, [BT11-031] ZeigGreymon; the DigiXros digimons [BT11-009] Shoutmon + Star Sword, [BT11-012] Shoutmon x3 and [BT11-019] Shoutmon x7; the new Trio tamer [BT11-095] Taiki & Kiriha & Nene.

Optimising my Xros Heart Shoutmon x7 deck:
Across on my daily practice and tournaments I participated in, I have made adjustments to my build to deal with tougher match-ups:

•3 [BT11-019] Shoutmon x7 – Playing 3x copies instead of 4x because it felt more balance. Shoutmon x7 is just a replacement for option card honestly but better,it can destroy 1 opponent digimon equal or less to its DP, if you have Omnishoutmon & ZeigGreymon in source it can deal 2 security checks & become a blocker!

•2 [BT11-012] Shoutmon x3 – This card really help on searching Xros materials especially ZeigGreymon and also can be good a finisher since its only need 3x materials to digixros for 1 cost. You also can play 3x or 4x copies,for me I just play 2x because of the 'start of turn effect' and I more focus on shoutmon x4.

2 [BT11-009] Shoutmon + Star Sword – This card is also good because it treated as shoutmon & starmon for digixros. I mostly used this card to digivolve on shoutmon for free cost and get to draw. You can also play 2x Dexmon instead of this card if you want more on field control.

•3 [BT11-095] Taiki & Kiriha & Nene – Decided to put 3x copies in deck instead of 2x then I cut Jeremy and angie down to 3 copies as it are already so memory and draw efficient thanks to new trio tamer. The only disadvantaged of this card is that it only must be placed under this to activate the effect.

In Matchups

The toughest matchups I faced were against Dukemon X OTK and Blackwargreymon-X.

My 1st first match was against Yellow/Purple SecCon, I always meet/been paired with this guy everytime tourney so I know what his playstyle. I prioritised on playing red and white tamer so I could collect more digixros materials, gain memory and draw. I don't really want to make my field too much digimons and tamers because it give my opponent advantage to play Dexmon, I just rush to check my opponent's security using Shoutmon x4 and rookies. After I managed to reduce my opponent security to 2, I decided to play Shoutmon x7 to destroy 1 of his digimon and swing for 2 checks then end the game with shoutmon x3. His deck usually very annoying due to his continuously "recovery" skill but unfortunately this time he accidentally forgot to put some cards back to his deck after deck testing but still big respect towards him because he is of best SecCon player at our card shop.

My 2nd match is against Red Dukemon X OTK. I also always meet/been paired with him and his OTK is really next level, he can OTK players at his 2nd or 3rd turn! Since I know his playstyle I decide to memory choke him but unfortunately he play back to 3 tamer during his turn. So I change my plan and play yellow to summon dorulumon so I can draw and rush him next turn, I also play white tamer to gain more memory and draw. His next turn is terrifying because he managed to reduce my security from 5 to 0 with his dukemon but luckily for me he doesn't have omni blitz at his hand. My next turn I managed to end the game with 2 shoutmon x4, 1 shoutmon x7 to destroy his dukemon and deal 2 check thanks to omnishoutmon then last swing with sparrowmon.

My 3rd game is against Blackwargreymon-X. I was afraid to against this deck the most since it can destroy tamer with the 7 cost option card Hades force. For this match I decided to save my tamer and just play 1 – 2 tamer first. During my first turn I decide to play green tamer Jeremy to play balllistamon for free and try to memory choke my opponent. My opponent also memory choke me during his next turn then pass the turn with just leaving me 1 memory, Im just start rush my opponent and reduce his security to 3 then play another green tamer to play more balllistamon and leave him with just 1 memory. During his next turn he digivolve his metalgreymon to metalgreymon X-antibody for 1 cost which destroy my balllistamon and left me with no blocker. That moment I panic a bit because if he digivolved into blackwargreymon, my tamers with source under it gonna be bye-bye since blackwargreymon ability can destroy tamer/digimon up to 6 cost. Luckily that time he doesn't have the card in hand and just swing at my security but before he swing he put x antibody option card under metalgreymon souce so he can digivolve into BWG-X. He reduce my security to 4 then thanks to BWG-X ability he can trash 1 more my security which is my white tamer end up being trash. After a few setup on the next turn,I manage to win the game with Shoutmon x7 and rookies during my 4th turn .

My 4th match is against is against Bagra Army's but I was just lucky because my opponent brick that time. Even though he bricked during our match, I respect him because he was the only person who brings Bagra Army's deck on tournament and manage get 3 clean wins on his previous match up.


Even tho Xros is currently a meta deck, It's still fragile against decks that can destroy tamers or against cards that can't reduce play cost such as Solarmon.

From my opinion, I thought Xros Heart won't have anymore chance/hope after the new BT11 BWGX support came out. I did some proxy deck test with my friends and I was heartbroken because unable to do anything once my digimons and tamers been wipe at field. I did give up Xros at first but after more practice and practice with the Xros deck I eventually find a new ways to pilot the deck and managed to get top 3 and clean wins in my recent tournaments that I join!

My only advice if you playing Xros Heart Deck is:
1) Always double check your digixros cards in hand and tamer.
2) Save at least 1 each of the digixros materials at your hand so can just play from hand in case you don't have unsuspend digixros tamers to tap.
3) Play/practice more often with the deck during casual, so you can play the deck more calmly and smoothly during tournament.

Xros Heart is a fun deck to play and give the deck a try as I highly recommend it!

Also don't ever give up. If you feel down or lose against other meta decks. Losing don't mean it overs, instead of feeling down, RISE!! learn from the mistakes and improve from it. There's always another day.

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