[JP] Salihin: BT13 Blue Flare has perseverance

Invited Author: Salihin Suran

Country: Singapore


Hello everyone! My name is Salihin, you can call me “Sally” or “Sali”. BT6 era was the time when I started playing Digimon TCG. Started off with Blue ST-2 Starter Deck to get used to the gameplay and mechanics. I was just playing with a friend till I decided to try out some tamer battles at the locals. 

Gabu-bond was the meta then. I came weekly to participate and got trashed always 😅😅. Personally, I prefer to play competitively. For a start, I chose to only play blue decks however as time goes by, I’ll try to switch around to understand how other decks work just so I can play with blue confidently.

Blue Flare

BT10 introduction to digixros definitely changes a lot of the meta. As a blue player, Blue Flare is definitely the way to go! Been piloting it ever since and managed to get top 8 in one of the previous Evo Cup that happened last year.  

Blue Flare came short with its power despite its rush and stun ability from MetalGreymon. With only 8K DP it’s always a gamble. And with many otks and counters, it’s quite tough to play it.

EX04 MailBirdramon + Kiriha & Nene is the game changer! When I saw the release of EX04 MailBirdramon, I knew immediately this is the best card for Blue Flare. Rush+Stun+Jamming+2Checks?!?! Top it off by evolving it into DeckerGreymon for armor purge protection. Opponent bounce back your digimon? You have Kiriha & Nene to bring them back from trash! 

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

BT13 Meta

With introduction to Royal Knights & Burst Modes, it doesn’t make the meta any better with the ever raging Wargreymon, Hunters, Bloom/Quartz and many more.

Everything is happening so fast and every turn counts. 

The build you’re seeing now is the best Blue Flare I’ve built to face with all the gangsters in the meta.

I play test it with my good cousin, every night and day. I’m thankful for all the meta decks that he have built. 

This is my answer to other decks that preventing me from digixrossing or gaining memory, evolving into BT11 MetalGreymon + CyberLauncher or playing BT5 Supreme Cannon.

My recent win from Evo Cup match was against WarGreymon, Jesmon & Blue Flare. 


Been playing against this deck back to back that I knew what I needed to do. I would normally go second against WarGreymon. WarGreymon will need some set up, which gives me enough time to get my tamers and rush it down. My first opponent didn’t get his Agumon early, so he hard cast a Greymon. Never leave a lvl 4/5 on field unanswered. I knew immediately I need to stun it next turn. With 5 memory, hatch Wanyamon and evo into Gaossmon, played a blazing memory, summon Kiriha free and get my MetalGreymon & others. Played MetalGreymon for 3 cost to stun his Greymon. This is to slow him down and preventing him from dealing early damage which might be dangerous in subsequent turns.

The strategy to fight against WarGreymon is to never leave your digimon unsuspended if he has one ready on field or in the hatchery. This is to prevent him from raiding and lethal. You can set up your lvl 3 to get that extra draw and play Greymon to search for your missing pieces in the first turn. By 2nd turn, you should start hitting his security. Push out the lvl 3, summon MetalGreymon with jamming Mailbirdramon. If there’s nothing on field I would slot in EX04 Greymon to get that extra draw. I will end my turn with evolving into Deckergreymon for armor protection. This will prevent Wargreymon from raiding or piercing. 

Sadly, my opponent was bricking. That’s when I start to play Kuzuhamon and go wide. He couldn’t answer my board that turn which gave me the victory.


The strategy to beat this monster was to wait till he summon his sisters for me to do multiple hits.

This match was fairly easy for me. My opponent chose to go first. I knew he was missing his pieces as his first move was summoning a Sistermon. Similar to how I played against Wargreymon, did the same thing and the rest is history. All I have to do is wait for him to push out or play his searchers again. It’s was a fairly quick round. You know the drill. Stun, swing, jamming, restand, repeat. For the first round, he didn’t had the chance to push out into Jesmon.

Second round was slightly different. I couldn’t get my hands on any MetalGreymon. I knew I had to poke a few as quickly as possible. He was at 2 life and managed to go into Jesmon GX and clear all my life. With all the Sistermons as blockers including his GX, he was fairly confident. His mistake was passing me to 7 memory. With 2 memory boost still on board, I pushed out my rookie, hard cast MailBirdramon to bring back MetalGreymon to my hand. Stunned all his Sisters, evo into DeckerGreymon, slot another Deckerdramon, stun his GX. Game over.

Blue Flare

The final match was a mirror. Wasn’t as easy as it looked. He got a different build. I played the usual but I don’t waste any time waiting for him to have more than 1. When I have my pieces, I straight went into MetalGreymon stun and swing. Same strategy but making sure I evo into DeckerGrey/CyberLauncher so he won’t be able to stun me if he were to play MetalGrey due to the insufficient ess. 

The game changer was after stunning and swinging, I evo into Kuzuhamon to spread my board, playing a Greymon and Kaizer Nail to pull out another MetalGreymon. Bringing home the Omnimon!


Bloom Hydra/ Rosemon BM

I don’t really have a problem facing them due to their mechanics relying on having multiple bodies. So it’s quite a comfortable game. The only issue when Terriermon is out or they managed to go Quartzmon early. That’s where I’ll play Supreme Cannon to remove Terriermon or summon Dexmon to remove their Quartz.

Mirage BM

Mirage is a fun deck, but I feel it need to meet certain requirements to make it great. It bounces off your lvl3/4 or even lvl 5 if it goes into Mirage, but it won’t do much as it’s not that fast. You can go lethal and have your board set up quick while he still searching for his line.

Shinegreymon BM

One of the guy that I actually have an issue with. The ability to push out and swing with their tamers and go lethal or even with ruin mode is quite an issue. I would recommend to set up your tamers and blazing memory early. Try to choke them out, probably avoid hitting the security early to prevent them having their tamers from it.

Royal Knights 

Haven’t faced any Royal Knights yet, however I feel you’ll have enough time to win by spreading your board with Kuzuhamon quickly. Mailbirdramon definitely a must in your MetalGreymon to prevent from dying from the big boys in the security. You might want to add in Sourai if you’re not confident. This can come in clutch preventing them to come out and lethal from Omnimon.


I feel playing against Examon shouldn’t be much of a problem since you don’t usually push out your digimon from hatchery. And the moment when you push out, you probably want your Gaossmon to be dead anyways to summon your free searchers and MetalGreymon will be able to stun them both if you’re playing the right MailBirdramon. 


The next problem I feel Blue Flare having issue is against Hunter decks. Their ability to slot a digimon to the bottom of another or tamer is an issue. I can’t think of a sure win way to go against them. Their draw power is just insane and fast.


I feel Blue Flare isn’t a deck that you want to take lightly on. With many different options and ways to break your opponent momentum, it’s definitely a deck you might want to consider playing and not to go against. It’s definitely not an easy deck to use as well. Give it a try with various build to match your preference. 

Good luck!!!


[EN] Andres: North America 1st Place 2022 Championship final with Gaio-BWGx

Invited Author: Andres Perdomo

Country: USA.


Hi everyone! I’m Andres Perdomo from Florida. I was the champion of the 2022 championship finals for North America. I am happy to represent NA in the upcoming world championship. I have always been a fan of the franchise since I was a child. I have played most of the videogames and I like all of them. I started playing the Digimon TCG when it first came out. I can say I usually like midrange decks that can be both offensive and defensive when needed, once BWG X came up I thought it would fit my playstyle a lot, that’s the deck I decided to take nats and I am very happy with how it performed.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

Deck Introduction

I think it was clear that BWG X would be very impactful to the meta once BT11 arrived, but there was a big uncertainty on how all the new decks would perform since nationals was the first big event we had in the BT11 format, from the Japanese results we already knew BWG X would be one of the decks to beat, after testing decks for so long in preparation for nationals it was clear to me that BWG X has great cards to deal with almost any matchup, with the biggest problem for the deck being Grandis, with this in mind I expected a lot of people to play Grandis to counter BWG X and also expected a lot of mirror matches since BWG X has been anticipated to do well for so long, and I believe this two things were what influenced my decklist choices the most, my goal was to increase my odds in both the mirror match and the Grandis matchup. 

I will try my best to explain each of the card decisions in my list. 

First the lvl 3 and lvl 4 line up I think is very standard, the Agumon promo is great for DP increases and it is usually what you want to evolve into in the raising, while the other Agumons are there to search for your other pieces. Playing the BT5 search Agumon and evolving it into Agumon X is a super strong way to cycle your deck and get all the pieces you need quickly, having cool boys out just make this play even stronger. For the lvl 4, I really like to have the black greymon for the blocker inheritable against matches that want to rush security like Xros Heart, and the BT5 Greymon is great because of the memory gain, a 1 cost evolution is huge, lastly Greymon X is probably the best card in the deck, evolving into a greymon for 0, making all your lvl 5 evos cost 2 is huge, while also providing protection and trigger cool boy’s effects. 

For the lvl 5s we just play 4 BT8 Metalgreymon and 4 of the new BT11 Metalgreymon X, both help to clear the board of small bodies and their inheritables are big factors that make the lvl6 super strong. I like Metalgreymon X effects to safely trash security while BT8 Metalgreymon allows it to deal with big stacks on the opponent side. 

Finally in the lvl 6 line up, we play 2 BWG X since he is just a big wall that is hard for some decks to deal with. Gaiomon allows to quickly clear security while he is probably the best card to see in the mirror match, that is why I decided to play 3 to make sure I always see it, and one of my tech choices was certainly the promo Blackwargreymon, I must said this card did win my some of my games but I would not say it was better that the other lvl 6s in the deck, I considered it just a nice option to close out games because of his unsuspend effect, and the cheap evo cost can be very useful. 

Then we have Omnimon X from BT5, which I think is one the key pieces of my deck since it can win the Grandis matchup by itself, I played 2 to make sure I always see him, the only way Grandis can deal with this card is by having two different stacks that can go into grandis during the same turn which is very hard to accomplish since we can keep the board clear with the Metalgreymons. I usually have to go into a Gaiomon, using blitz to swing with X-antibody option inheritable to go straight into omnimon X, this play along costs 11 memory but it’s worth it in the Grandis matchup, for other matchups I think omnimon X while not necessary can still be a defensive option that can make a huge difference. 

For the option cards and tamers choices I think the only one that might need explanation is the 1 hades force, I particularly think that while hades force is super strong, I don’t see myself playing it more than once per game and I don’t like to gamble for it to be in security, since it is an option that requires both players to have a board established to be good, I think it makes sense for it to be a one of, the only time I think it would be worth to play more than one is probably in the Xros Heart matchup.


My matchups for each round day 1 was as follows, I will try my best to give a general description of the matchup against each archetype. 

1 – Grandis
2 – BWG X
3 – Metalgaruru X
4 – Grandis
5 – Sec Con
6 – Xross Heart
7 – Jesmon
8 – BWG X
9 – Xross Heart

First as I mentioned previously the Grandis matchup is a matter of having omnimon X in play before Grandis comes out, Gaiomon and X-antibody can allow to make this play very quickly since Greymon X can allow to go into from a lvl 3 to a lvl 5 for potentially just 3 memory..

The mirror match can be hard, but I think the main plan is to have two different stacks and hope to see Gaiomon to clear the opponent’s stack.

Metalgaruru X can still be very scary, you need to see BWG X early to make sure they cannot start attacking early with their Weregarurumons. 

My game against Jesmon was very interesting, I think it can be super hard for BWG X if Jesmon sees all their cards, if they can make all their sistermon by 7K+ DP, it makes them super hard to remove. I was lucky that my opponent was only able to boost their sistermon blancs to 5K so I could remove them with metalgreymons and then clear the rest of the board in the both games I won. 

The one sec control matchup was scary mainly due to going to time during the second game, Yuuya is definitely the best card for this matchup along with BT11 Metalgreymon, these two cards just allow you to make early attacks without much risk. 

Lastly Xross Heart, I think after the event it became clear to me that Xross Heart is a super strong deck, both Mervamon and Shoutmon X7 variations are very strong, to win this matchup it is important to have a blocker early so they cannot just rush security, seeing Hades force at some point during mid game is also huge to try stop then for making huge plays for cheap.

For day 2 and Top 32 matches I will explain each game more in detail. 

Top 32 match vs Wargrey X

In this match if I remember correctly I won the first two games but they were both very close. I feel my opponent got a bit unlucky with their starting hands but was able to clear my security very quickly anyway, since BWG X is not a particularly fast deck in winning the match, he was able to find his pieces eventually to try to win in a single turn, at the end I was able to clear his stacks and make my way to the win. 

Top 16 match vs Grandis

This was one of the most intense matches I had, in general omnimon X was able to stop the OTK all 3 games but all games were very close, during the 2nd game I unfortunately checked a Snimon while going into Omnimon X, this left my opponent with two digimons in play, 10 memory and had two green memory boost ready for the delay effect to gain memory, essentially having 14 memory ready, this allowed them to make two grandis stacks to remove my omnimon X, I was later able to clear those two stacks but unfortunately my second Omnimon X was my last security check so my opponent was able to go into a third grandis to win the game. 

Top 8 match vs Grandis

For this match my opponent was able to see grandis very quickly most of the time, one of the games I was just not able to see my pieces soon enough so they were able to OTK. In the other two omnimon X was the MVP in the matchup as usual. 

Top 4 match vs BWG X

For our first game I think there was a lot of back and forth, drawing into Gaiomon was very important to clear the opponent's board, at the end I was able to see get two big stacks so I got the overall advantage, during the second game I feel my opponent just bricked very hard and I was able to capitalize on it. 

Top 2 Match vs Xross Heart

I was already scared of Xross Heart from day 1, and I knew my list was not optimal for facing Xross Heart. My best bet was to get blockers early and try to put pressure on my opponent with Gaiomon. I was very lucky to see my one Hades Force both games when I needed to leave my opponent with little options. During the first game I tried to play it extra safely and I think it was a mistake, while I was able to clear all the board including tamers, my opponent still had enough resources to go into an X7 with 15k DP that made it more difficult for me to try and finish the game, I realized my opponent already had all 4 shoutmons in play or trash so they could not do a digi xross with rush, this allowed me to win the first game at the end but I could have taken the risk earlier and swing at their security to win, extending the game was actually dangerous for me here. During the second game I unfortunately did not see a lvl 3 at the start but I did have everything else I needed, I hard played a greymon during the first turn knowing it would be hard for them to answer right away, this allowed me to get a Gaiomon pretty quickly to rush security and was also able to see Hades Force again to secure the win.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank all my friends that supported me during the event, all the support messages I got meant a lot to me and I am very happy I was able to win the event after all. A special thanks to Jacob Puusalu for helping me test with proxies the BT11 format before it came out in English, I think all the testing we did was a key part of being able to win the event. To Julio Montalvo for helping me test a lot for the BWG X mirror match. Also to my cousin Luis Perdomo because he always helps me think about strategies, tech cards and combos, we just love to talk about the game a lot.

I will try my best to do well in the upcoming Worlds championship and wish the best luck to all the qualifiers. 

[JP] Alvin Tan: 1st Attempt on BT13 RoyalKnights

Invited Author: Alvin Tan

Country: Brunei


Good Days Digi Tamers!
First of all, I would like to thanks “Digimon Meta” for giving me opportunities to write this article.

I am Alvin Tan coming from a small country located in South East Asia name Brunei Darussalam. Recently joined Digimon Tourney at local store in my country named Gamer’s Tavern with a total of 24 players participating and won the tournament using Royal Knight deck.

I made this deck days ago and thinking of piloting in at the first event after BT13 release.

I personally like multiple color decks. I start Digimon since BT01 as an “aggro player” and slowly turn out to play midrange & control through the journey.

I personally used to brick a lot since the journey begin which I belief most of us as well. I am not a lucky guy as no mulligan rules in Japan format which makes me no choices and starting BT03 release until today make me go into the path of playing toolbox and zoo kind of deck.

Let’s start talking about the deck.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

The deck I used during the event is the Royal Knight Deck which mostly focus on Royal Knights Digimon card. I plan to build this deck when my friends tell me about the card Yggdrasil.
In here I will talk some advantages, disadvantages and how the deck works.

Let’s talk about the build
In the build personally I didn’t include in any Tamers as BlackWarGreymon and some Tamer destruction card still exist in my country environment. By doing this I reduce the chances of card get destroy by my opponent and giving more slots to play Digimon as well less target for opponent to hard cast Dexmon and less value for Quartzmon.
I add in a lot of random pieces of Royal Knight Digimon as for me I belief more option = Options.
For playing this version of deck main focus is to put as much card under King Drasil as possible reduce hand size and disturb opponent board state.

There are also many disadvantages. If opponent plays a Digimon with effect cannot reduce play cost it may shutdown the deck but what is the odds.
Probability the chances is about 4/50 if opponent play 4 pcs. And if they play this will need to sacrifice slots for it.

Most people might think this kind of deck will gives a lot of memory to opponent perhaps it’s not. Digimon is a fair game all player has 10 memories for use and the more you use you will give more to your opponent. This deck play style is one for one. Once you can one for two or more its time you win the game.

Over all this deck major focus is on reduces play cost and call big Digimon with on play effects out to settle with opponent board state build up Digitama source and final call BT13-112 SEC Omegamon retrieve all Royal Knight out from Digitama and swing for the win. There is as well other winning method. As I say this is a toolbox kind of deck. There is randomness and solutions.

Below will talk about some of the Royal Knights cards and why I choose to use them.

Yggdrasil, It a good Digitama as 1st turn it reduces 4 play cost to play Royal Knights and every subsequent turn after for every source reduce play cost by 1. I think of playing a Mother digitama in it but thinking about consistency it may slow me down for 1 turn which by not using it.

It comes with ESS which play options with RK traits reduce play cost by 1. At the start of next turn as well can flip card on Digitama and place card to the bottom of the Digitama.
On 1st turn allows you to play 14 cost Digimon card. It gives extra 4 more memory. Which allows to play mostly all card in the deck except the EX3-074 SEC Examon which is 15 costs which I choose to play only 1 copy in this deck. Your Digimon can as well been safe for future use as for current there is no card to destroy Digi egg.

Option Purge of the Royal Knights: For me this is also a 4 off in the deck as I no play other Royal Knight option from ST Jesmon.
In this version I play only 4 option cards as need to save more slots to play Royal knights.

This card allows to draw one and place a Royal Knight card under the Digitama as source.
As well for the delay effect it allows to play a royal knight in breeding area & give rush but there is drawback as on play effect won’t trigger which make me think of adding in Digimon with static effect or on attacking effect.

SEC Omnimon: This is another a must 4 card pieces in the deck as this is one of the key cards of the deck. By playing a playset increase the chances to draw into it.

It’s a good end game card as its 2nd on play ability allow you to call all different name Royal Knights out and give them Rush as well all of their on play abilities will trigger.

If too much in hand at early game can be uses as a source of discard. It can be retrive back to hand by other Royal Knight unit from trash such as LordKnightmon if cannot find in later draw.
Normally when this card is out its game deciding already.

BT13 Jesmon: This card "on play" ability helps in clearing some/all opponent's on field Digimon.

It can destroy any amount of creature up to 6K DP and additional of 2K for each other of your Digimon and it 2nd ability pumps up your Digimon DP for each Sistermon & Royal Knight on field. It’s gives good power boost in offensive and defensive purpose.

BT13 Leopard: I play 3 copies of this card in the deck, another card which can safe you at bad situation.

Although this card has no "on play" ability nor on attacking ability but have static effect when you play another Digimon all royal knight and green Digimon gain blocker until end of opponent turn which create a wall of defense.

If with Sistermon Ciel in play after attack all Royal knight on field as well gain reboot which gives you enough blocker if cannot finish opponent in this turn

BT13 Dynasmon: This is another playset of card in the deck. One of the key cards of the deck which allow you to take up to 2 Royal Knight from the top 4 card of the deck.

Its 2nd ability as well helps a lot in the deck by play another Royal Knight down it destroys all opponent level 4 or lower Digimon.

ST12 Sistermon Blanc: For this card I only play 3 copies in the deck as not enough slots and it can be retrieve back from trash by other Royal Knight such as Gankoomon. I sacrifices 1 slot for another Royal Knights.

This card is good to have in opening hand as by discard one card it allows to draw 2. It also a decoy card to red/black Digimon.

BT13 Omekamon: This is another playset card use in the deck as its one of the of the engines which on play allow you to draw 1 card and when on deletion allow you to put 1 Royal Knight traits Digimon to the bottom source of King Drasil which allow 1 more cost reduction.

A good card for opening hand as well in trash it can act as a source for your BT13 Alphamon and can be return to deck again ltr for deck out prevention.

This deck uses many different Royal Knights and each has its own role for defence or offence purposes. It does not feel bored as a deck like Mother Reaper since there are different effects for you to choose once the game comes to difficult phase. There are some old cards like BT6 Alphamon or BT3 Craniamon would give the opponent some surprises as they are all good to protect the board.


After small introduction about the cards and why I choose to use them. Below allows me to talk how this Royal Knight deck perform during the tournament

The tourney that I joined recently at Gamers Tavern Brunei Darussalam, It’s based on Swiss 5 matches (30 min/game).

During this tourney I'm not sure if I have been unlucky when I got paired up 3 match-up against ShineGreymon.

Decks Distribution during the event: (24 players)

2 R.K Yggdrasil 1 Dorbrick
1 Red Hybrid
1 R/B WargeyX 1 R/B Gaio

6 R/Y Shinegrey
2 Blue Miragegaoga
1 Y/P SecCon
1 G/B Examon
1 Green Bloom/Hydra 1 Green Diarbbitmon 1 Green Rosemon
1 Purple Ravemon
1 Purple BeelzeX
1 Black Galactic
1 Black Alphamon
1 B/Y Monkey King!!

My game result on first attempt using this new Royal Knight deck. ( 5 – 0 )

Against BoomLordmon and ShineGreymon deck is a tough match as they can swing and finish the game fast before I can stabilize.
I played against ShineGreymon deck before BT13 and knows how the deck works. This BT13 set make it more aggressive than before.

For my 1st game against ShineGreymon
I try to maintain board state using Jesmon and Gallantmon destroying and kill all in play Digimon and use Gankoomon and Craniamon on field to maintain the tempo later on slowly build up the King Drasil and prop Omegamon call out Royal Knights and swing for the win.

For my 2nd game against ShineGreymon
I play like 1st game but this turn during first few turn I unable to find Omegamon for first 10 turn. In between the turn I call out Dynasmon to draw and use Gankoomon to calling Sistermon from trash to draw as well use Lordknightmon to recycle option from my trash to reuse. Finally take down the game in 29 min swing with 7 Royal Knights for the win.

For the 3rd game against Galacticmon
I play slowly set up King Drasil. For the turn call out Jesmon and kill Vemmon maintain opponent board state slowly and luring my opponent slowly to play Galacticmon After that kill the Galacticmon by calling out BT13 Gallantmon on play and when attack destroy 2 times to maintain board state. Later on, Omegamon for the win calling out Royal knight to swing with Jesmon in play.

For the 4th match against ShineGreymon
I used the same tactic build up King Drasil, destroying opponent field and slowly poke opponent security. Opponent called out Ruin mode to buy turns which it’s a good target I call out new BT13 Gallantmon destroy it. I prolong the games until I have enough Royal Knights in King Drasil. Play Omegamon and opponent scope while having full board of Royal Knights with rush on my field.

For the 5th match against BoomLordmon
I have old Examon on my opening hand. On first turn I early game setup old Examon into King Drasil and called out Alphamon on field. Opponent have Hydramon in play but manage to keep Alphamon and place it on digi source in King Drasil.
I call out old Examon slowly destroy and disturb the field. Opponent is very aggressive which manage to reduce my security to 0 make me no choice but to prop King Drasil early calling Omegamon with 5 Royal Knights with blocker and high power on field. Opponent scop for the game.

If using this to playing against other deck such as
MirageGaogamon, my tactic is to play slow and try to reduce hand size either by aggressively placing resource under Digitama and destroy its board state waiting enough Royal Knights in King Drasil prop Omegamon and swing for the win.

BlackWargreymon / Gaiomon
Got cards like Alphamon and Craniamon helps to slow down their tempo.

Against other high power OTK deck can call out card like BT13 Gallantmon to destroy them.

Major ways of using this deck is to maintain the tempo, control the board state and swing with swarm of Royal Knights.

For me the method to pilot this deck is by maintain board state and swing with multiple big Digimon for the win or slowly poke opponent with big Digimon. For me the key of this deck is all the Royal Knight cards. They synergize well together.

1 Royal Knight power is limited but if they team together miracle will happens. There are also weaknesses.

The major weakness of this deck is that it may die off or get shut down to some card that prevent play cost reduction or prevent play Digimon by effect cards.

I belief some other player will play card to destroy those but in here I am not playing. I rather stick to big creatures and improve the deck synergies.
What are the odds that meet up with those deck playing those cards.


Zoo is a toolbox kind of deck which allow player to have a wide variety of choices of cards. It’s consider as a midrange or control type of deck which counters 1 for 1 what your opponent play which by when the time reach when you can 1 for 2 or more its time you win the game. Thus, it sets itself apart from other aggressive decks. Zoo decks general aim is to flood the board with big creatures, overwhelming the opponent and achieving victory through board control.

Hope you all enjoy the game.

Digital Gate Open.

[JP] DDDTCG – Being the Alpha

Invited Author: DDDTcg

Country: Singapore


Hello DigiDestined! This is Robin from DigiDestined Doods (@DDDTcg). I have been playing digimon trading card game since the BT1 era and is very much a Black user during its BT2 release. Since BT9, I have been playing competitively and Alphamon has been an integral part of my competitive journey. It has net me multiple wins in tournaments and is considered a force to be reckoned with during its BT9 dominance. If not for the nerf hammer on dorugrey, I believe it would have been a tough contender.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

Alphamon Deck Ratio

For players looking to deck-build Alphamon, here is my take on the deck ratio that would serve as a reference for an OTK setup. There are 7 flexible slots that you can tech for either consistency, defensive or offensive playstyles. I recommend having 12 rookies, as Alphamon needs a strong start to put pressure on your opponent.

Alphamon in BT13 Environment

The definition of “the strongest” in BT13 is all about speed, power, and value. Low-cost evolution, playing tamer by digivolving, multiple security check, restand capability, all of these can now be incorporated in a single deck, Burst Modes. MiragaGaogamon:BM is probably the most difficult to deal with since they can bounce your digimon easily.

Yggdrasil Royal Knight brings back the horrors of Mother D Reaper. Putting your opponent on the clock with the impending doom of getting OTK. It can search for your pieces, has strong board control, and can continuously defend against the onslaught of attacks until Omegamon hits the board. 

But thankfully, BT13 Alphamon is the answer to all of your tough matchups, preventing all attacks to player from 10 cost and above. You can even hard cast in an attempt to floodgate your opponent (I manage to comeback from such plays), it also has a one time protection and combines this with BT9 Dorugreymon, it is truly unkillable!

**Take note that BT13 Dorugreymon inheritable effects can proc first after you digivolve to Alphamon:Ouryuken during your end turn to allow you to gain 1 additional memory. 

Optimal OTK Setup (Tamer-less)

This is an OTK setup that does not require any tamer, here are the following steps to achieving that (assuming you have sunarizmon and at least 7 memory) You can also use this setup if you have sufficient memory, tamers and cards

Step 1: Digivolve to Dex-Dorugamon and trash either Ouryumon or BT13 Dorugreymon (make sure you have 1 additional Ouryumon in hand).

Step 2: Digivolve to BT9 Dorugreymon to slot either Ouryumon or BT13 Dorugreymon

Step 3: Digivolve to BT13 Alphamon to add your trashed Ouryumon or BT13 Dorugreymon. You should have line looking like this

Step 4: Attack with Alphamon for 3 security checks, you can remove an x-antibody source to prevent it from leaving play. Restand with Ouryumon inherit effects.

Step 5: Digivolve to Alphamon:Ouryuken. First, activate BT13 Dorugreymon inherit effects to slot an Ouryumon from hand. Activate Alphamon: Ouryuken effect to return up to 7 X-Antibody Digimon to continue your turn. (You can return the "old" Ouryumon)

Step 6: Attack with Alphamon: Ouryuken for 3 security check, restand with Ouryumon inherit effects and end the game with final attack!

**You can also do this with BT13 Dorugrey in breeding, BT9 Dorugrey in Hand/Trash, and 4 memories.

Option Tech Choices

Kongou is the best answer against one of the top decks in the current meta, ShinegreymonBM. It stops Marcus from giving so much value and buys you that extra turn to set up your OTK. Alpha-line is also immune to DP reduction too! It is also good against Red Hybrids.

Breath of the Gods was played extensively in previous Alphamon builds as it helps with prevention from bounce and allows you to attack as it gets reboot to block attacks (assuming you have retaliation/blocker). The security trigger

Final Zubagon Punch serves as an option that covers the dorugrey nerf (security +1) and can give you the extra check to end the game. Additionally, it also helps boost Alphamon defense with +3k DP and reboot.

60% winrate synergizes well with BT13 Alphamon and can help to discard your pieces for 2 digivolution cost. This helps in situations where your opponent tries to memory choke you.

Level 3 Flex Slots:

The inclusion of Sunarizamon has become a key to the OTK setup but I would not recommend playing 4 pieces, as it can be awkward at times when you would need to slot [x-antibody].

Chikuri helps with slowing down Yggdrasil RK and Blue Flare. 

BT9 Dorumon discard and drawing power can help provide consistency.

Promo Dorumon can help with unbricking your hand and sometimes play a 4 cost digimon, and by the way, BT13 Dorugamon is a 4 cost digimon!

Level 4 Considerations

There are only 2 other x-antibody choices for your Level 4 slots, and both are leaned toward a defensive board control stance, BT8 Ginryumon and BT9 Raptordramon. The upside is that you would not need to rely on Dex-doruga line and can push out from breeding to digivolve.

Black hybrids can also be considered as your final attackers. Mercuremon gives one of your digimon [Blocker] and act as a chump blocker.

Level 5 Considerations

You would probably want to run all the Dorugreys for 2 things, protection and memory gain from slotting. Grademon is great to cycle through the deck for your Alphamon and an additional inherit source but with Alphamon being played at 4-5 pieces, it is still generally quite hard to dig.

Hisyaryumon was added to replace the Dorugreymon solely because there was no other suitable level 5. There are 2 ways to trigger its effect, either by slotting an [X-Antibody] option or resting [Yuji] tamer to proc and digivolve to Alphamon with -1. Unfortunately, these 2 factors are sometimes hard to realise, with little deck space for [X-antibody], and ending on an Alphamon with 12-14k DP is not the ideal finish. 


MirageGaogamon: Burst Mode

This high-burst OTK deck can easily wipe out your security with 1 tamer and 1 Gaoga line. It’s just insane what this deck can pull out even when you are ahead in board and security. It is hard to play around bounce effects, but take note that they can only bounce Level 5s and lower, and Tamers before it goes into Burst Mode, which means if you end on Alphamon, you can expect it to stay on the field. Passing 10 memory with BT13 Alphamon is also a play that you can consider, and if you can chain another BT13 Alphamon, the game is most likely in your favor. Remember, your opponent can play around by spamming rookies so make sure to up blockers for the lower-level digimons. 


Shinegreymon: Burst Mode

Shinegrey received a tremendous boost in BT13 with Shinegreymon:Burst Mode, it is now able to dish out 3 – 4 checks in a single turn. The deck can search for tamers, play tamers for free (from both hand and security), and has 0 cost evolution! The setup time is much faster compared to Alphamon, and before you knew it, you are within OTK range. Kongou is probably your best option as it prevents Marcus from attacking (hence preventing 0 cost evolution) and security recovery. Shinegrey players could tech in Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode and that could really mess up your OTK potential. The key to winning would be to stay patient, you can stall the game with BT13 Alphamon and Kongou, and as long as you can ensure that they do not have a digimon on the board, Marcus would be invalid. A possible idea I had was to use Quartzmon instead of Alphamon: Ouryuken for board control, similar to how it is played in Grandis deck. 

Rosemon: Burst Mode

Resting is one mechanic that Alphamon struggles to deal with and Rosemon:Burst Mode even prevents you from unsuspending. You would also need to be mindful of BT13 Rosemon [All Turns] effect, if you rest your tamer; especially for cool boy effects, they can rest a digimon and you would not be able to execute your OTK strategy. The strategy is to play the breeding game, if you have no digimon on board, they cannot rest and they will not be able to pull off multiple checks. Play tamers and memory boost until you have the perfect line . 

Yggdrasil Royal Knights

The hot favorite coming out from BT13 with the strategy of putting 5 Royal Knights under Yggdrasil_7D6 and playing Omnimon to summon all your Royal Knights with Rush and ending the game in true fashion. 

But fear not! Alphamon does have some sweet counters with the likes of BT6 Alphamon security effect, stopping 12 digimon from attacking player; BT13 Alphamon flood gate to prevent 10 cost and above from attacking; Breath of God security effect to stop attacks and the cute yet deadly [Chikurimon] which is the main threat aginst the deck as it cannot play Royal Knights for reduced play cost. You should also aim to pass the turn with as little memory as possible so that they will not be able to play 2 Royal Knights during the early-mid game.

Sistermons have been considered in the deck to provide draw power, reboot support to all royal knights, it can also come in handy if you combo Omnimon and Leopardmon to give all Royal Knights blocker (they can get reboot from sistermon after attacking) in a situation where players cannot end you on the turn. This also poses a problem to Alphamon as they cannot deal with a wide board, in addition all the Royal Knight has different play cost, which makes Alphamon:Ouryuken targets limited to 1 or 2.


Just pray that your opponent brick. There is very little you can play around Examon since it will force your digimon to attack and your Alphamon line can be easily extinguished. Quartzmon might be a surprise card to consider, but it is not searchable by any means.

Wargrey/Black Wargrey

The most annoying part to deal with would be [Greymon X-Antibody]’s reduced digivolution cost and protection, as Alphamon only has a 1-time deletion effect it can be difficult to come back, especially when you would also need to deal with a wall of 18-20K DP Blocker. Although it is susceptive to De-digivolve, with no means of attacking an active digimon, Alphamon would need to switch to a TTK (two turn kill strategy) forcing the Wargrey to block your attacks. Digivolving to Ouryumon might be relevant at times to get additional DP and protection, it can also delete a 7 cost to stabilise the board. 

Xros Hunter

BT13 Alphamon is immune to Arresterdramon:SM! But on the flip side, it gets stoned by Quartzmon. In general, Alphamon has a tough time dealing with Digixros decks, tech-ing in [Chikuri] as a counter means does not exactly net you a huge advantage as it does not move your game plan in collecting the key pieces. As Xros Hunter is an aggro deck, they could potentially hit your tamers or memory boost in the early game, to give you that edge to tilt the game to your favor. 

Blue Flare

Always aim to maintain a single digimon on the board until you are ready to push your breeding for the win. After you have played your level 3 searchers, it is better to use them to poke the security in hopes of getting it deleted so that you can play another digimon to apply pressure. If you get frozen by Metalgreymon, try to digivolve to Dex-Doruga to give retaliation/blocker to buy you that extra turns. You also do not need to digivolve to Ouryuken since Alphamon’s DP is sufficient to bash through their security.

Bloom Hydra

When dealing with a wide board, the key would be to find ways to efficiently delete digimons with BT9 Alphamon’s de-digivolve and Ouryuken highest-cost deletion effect. Dex-Dorugrey is also important to take our Terriermon to enable your combo. Dexmon can easily gain back the board control you needed but it is definitely difficult to squeeze in a spot for him.

BT13 also introduces Lalamon, a level 3 searcher that has an inherit effect that reduces digivolution cost when there is a green tamer, and coupled with Yoshino, this deck can go from level 3 to level 6 with just 3 memory or less!

Final Thoughts

It has been a long time coming that Alphamon can be played competitively and I am really excited on taking it to the top. Although it is not as straightforward as it used to be, BT13 Alphamon can now effectively maneuver against tough match up. Last but not least, #LetsmakeAlphaGreatAgain

[JP] Benjamin: 1st Place Digimon Championship SEA Area Final with BWG

Invited Author:Benjamin Russel Thaver

Country: Malaysia


Good day everyone, my name is Benjamin Russel Thaver from Malaysia and I’ve recently placed First in both the Digimon Card Game Championship 2022 Area Finals SEA as well as the 2nd Preliminary SEA and will be representing SEA in the World Championship Finals. I first started playing Digimon TCG during the first released of BT2 when the new color Black was introduced. I took immediate interest in the color as I liked the color’s theme of being a more defensive/control and since then have been using any deck that has integrated the color in it such as BlackWargreymon which is a Red/Black deck and the deck I used to win both tourneys. 

The deck I will feature is BlackWargreymon BT12.

What made my BlackWargeymon Anti the Anti Meta?

BlackWargreymon to me has been the number 1 deck to beat since BT11 and it got even more support when BT12 drop with the new Greymon line and the new 3 cost Taichi Yagami which gives the deck more defensive power. Since then, many decks such as Grandis and Raid Wargreymon were heavily used has a counter to BlackWargreymon as both decks have high OTK potential and can easily hit over BlackWargreymon DP and removing them by attacking in to them with Wargreymon’s Raid and Grandis ability to rest and switch attack targets making them the perfect counter to deny their ability to remain on board. 

With this in mind, I thought of building my deck in a way that I makes my Digimon DP be as high as possible during my opponents turn with cards such as BT9 MetalGreymon X, Yuuya Kuga and etc. in order to delay my opponents from moving their Digimon out of the raising area for a turn to build another Blackwargreymon X in the front, if possible, to have double delete when my opponent unsuspend via effects to bypass the protection of Greymon X and Grandis big power restand.

Also respecting Blue Flare and Beelzemon as decks in the Meta, I played high counts of BlackWargreymon X and Yuuya Kuga as Blue Flare has the ability to stun the opponents Digimon from attacking/blocking which makes it hard to defend against their attacks especially when I have 2 Digimons on board. With that BlackWargreymon X is very important as it allows me to redirect the highest DP attack to it and also deletes an opponent’s lowest play cost Digimon when anything unsuspends during their turn which makes it the perfect counter when 2 of them are on board which provides the perfect defense/control against an aggressive control deck like Blue Flare.

Against Beelzemon, I believed that by having at least 1 Yuuya on board will have a very high advantage against them as the deck high use of option of delete Digimon multiple time in a single turn and by giving my Digimon immunity for the turn prevents them from having much ways of removing my board while giving me time to build the second line. 

Last but not least, I did feel Hunter as a deck was very strong in the Meta as played by two of my friends here in Malaysia Koay Chun Yong and KCH ChinHow with both of them making it to the Area Finals as well as coming in Top 16 and 2nd place respectively. 

The deck is very high tempo technical with many ways to bring out tamers for free to have their best removal Arrestordramon Superior Mode to punish players for having 2 Digimon/Tamers on board by putting them into the other while pushing for damage early. For this matchup, I believe the only way for a BlackWargreymon player to say it is a one-sided matchup is if they are able to play BT8 Blackwargreymon followed by Hades Force in the following turn as that will effectively delete a total of 19 play cost Tamers (6 tamers = best scenario). Aside from that, playing against the deck can be challenging as it makes you be more cautious of playing Tamer/Digimon as your Digimon might be easily removed. 


Digimon World Championship Area Finals SEA (South East Asia)

Round 1 vs WarGreymon (Eka (Indonesia))

The game went pretty one sided as he managed to get a perfect line at the back with a memory boost in play and a Digimon in the front while I was missing my BT12 MetalGreymon and was still trying to set up my board with a Digimon in the front and in the raising area. Looking at my options, I decided to get rid of the Digimon on board by pushing for damage and going into BlackWargreymon X to delete the Digimon during his coming turn hoping that he doesn’t have BT5 Blitz Omegamon in his hand while he Raided my Digimon and security with BT12 Wargreymon and Wargreymon X and luckily he doesn’t have Blitz Omegamon to end the game so he set a BT12 Taichi down to give blocker to his Digimon and pass the turn with his Wargreymon X standing due to the skill given by the BT12 Wargreymon. At my following turn I managed to get my BT12 MetalGreymon and with it as well as all of my tamers in play to end my turn with a BlackWargreymon X with 22K DP during my opponents turn stopping any attacks from the Wargreymon X while having a Greymon X on board as well. His following turn he played a level 3 and Hades Forced to delete my Greymon X and passed the turn as he forgot that he could burn my Tamers as well so a misplay from his part. When it came to my turn again, I evolved my Digi-Tama to a level 3 and pass the turn with Hades Forces deleting his level 3 and tamers leaving him with 2 memory and returning the X Antibody on the Wargreymon X to the deck. He played another X Antibody and evolved into Omegamon X to return my BlackWargreymon X but with Greymon X I returned X Antibody to have it remain in play and with my DP being 17K his Omegamon X could not delete it in battle thus winning the game the following turn.

Round 2 vs Bloomlord (Divinigracia Nikko (Philippines))

My opponent bricked as he did not manage to get a level 3 the whole game and whatever Digimon he had played was delete with BT12 Metalgreymon and BlackWargreymon X making the game very one-sided thus securing my second win.

Round 3 vs BlackWargreymon (William Teh (Malaysia))

Started round 3 against my friend William piloting a BlackWargreymon deck that was built with many different cards to help him in any situation. We started the game with a decent hand while his was slightly better as he was able to get a Greymon X while I was still building my line. After a few turns the game stated was in his favor as he managed to get a level 3 on the board and a Greymon X in the back while I was still digging for mine. With that, I played a level 3 searcher to further dig for my pieces and during his turn he pushed up his Greymon X and evolved all the way to Metalgreymon X and attacks my Digimon with 13K DP piercing and 2 checks but luckily for me the second check was a BlackWargreymon X so his Digimon was deleted giving me back the tempo to control the game state by going to BlackWargreymon X and building another line at the back while controlling the number of memory I gave him to further limit his play thus securing my 3rd win. If he were to not attack into my security and hit into the BlackWargreymon X the game could have gone either way but overall, a great game.

Round 4 vs Hunter (See Andre Ryan (Philippines))

Started with a very bad hand (2 Hades Force, BT5 Greymon, BT12 Greymon, BT12 MetalGreymon). With my opponent going first and setting up his Tamer all I could do was to play a Greymon down and pass the turn and he responded with a OmegaShoutmon to delete it. The game felt one-sided but I managed to draw a level 3 at my following turn and evolved it all the way to Metalgreymon. He continued to push for damage while I decided to play a Hades Force to burn the tamers but forgot that Im only allowed to attack the player thus opting to not attack and leave my Metalgrey standing. With his OmegaShout still on the board he evolved it into Quartzmon and suspend my entire board leaving me with liitle answers but I happen to have BlacklWargreymon X so I evolved into it and passed the turn deleting his Quartzmon as it unsuspends during his turn. After that, it was just about attacking his security and deleting the remaining tamers with my second Hades Force thus securing game 4.

Round 5 vs Hunter (Koay Chun Yong (Malaysia))

The final round was against Chun Yong who practice with me for this tournament and taught me how scary Hunter as I believe he is one of the best Hunter players I know and knows how to fight the Meta with the deck’s flexibility. The game started with him not having a great hand as he was unable to play down much tamers at the start, I was able to tempo my way against his board which allowed me to secure the win. I know if he was able to have a decent hand or even just a slightly better hand he would have definitely won as I had no BlackWargreymon or Hades Force in my hand and both Hades Force were sent down to the bottom of the deck. Overall, it was great to meet him in the Finals and we had a great time going up against each other and with that I managed to placed First and represent SEA in the World Finals.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Koay Chun Yong for training with me for this very tourney, we both gave it our all and it could have been either one of us at First place but nevertheless it was great to face you in the finals and couldn’t have asked for a better Hunter test partner. I would also like to give a big thanks to Austin Lee who was a participate in the second qualifier but didn’t make it to the area finals but continued to help me practice and for that I really appreciate it and hope we will get to face each other in another tourney as big as this in the future. A big shout out to the Malaysian team that qualify for the area finals for giving it their all and almost all of us placed in the Top 16. It brings me joy to know that all of our hard work and effort was shown in the results.

Finally, I would like to thank my friends and family that supported me in the tournament whether it was helping me practice if they could or provided moral support. I will do my best as SEA representative to bring home the win for Malaysia. 

BT-13 Vs Royal Knights Review

Burst Mode

Bandai has finally introduced the [Burst Mode] Digimons from Digimon Savers, and they have massive potential based on early gameplay trials. 

4 Digimons will get their [Burst Mode] cards in BT-13, and so far it looks like Shinegreymon will be doing very well in the coming meta. The tight synergy between Marcus Daimon and the Shinegreymon lineup makes a very robust and memory-efficient system, cycling between free tamers, free digivolutions, and aggression from Daimon checks. 

Meanwhile, MirageGaogamon and his Burst Mode should play pretty much like AncientGarurumon or Gabumon BoF (with multi-attacks and return to hand), Yoshino’s Rosemon has one of the cheapest digivolution line, and Ikuto’s Ravemon plays a ninja’s disappearance act but his Burst Mode has a rather conditional effect. 

Yggdrasil and the Royal Knights

As its name suggests, this set has a heavy emphasis on Royal Knights, and a new mechanic coming from the god of digital world Yggdrasil.

A Yggdrasil deck will usually include (almost) all members of the Royal Knights, and plays rather similar to a timer deck (much like D-Reaper). Simply put, this deck will stall for about 5 turns, using the [On Play] effects of different Royal Knights, while accumulating them under the digivolution cards of Yggdrasil. When there are sufficient copies of unique Royal Knights under Yggdrasil, Omegamon will be played for end game. 

When not played in a Yggdrasil deck, each of these Royal Knights should buff their own deck archetypes. This entire system is therefore rather peculiarly designed but elegant in some ways: instead of introducing a bunch of cards that only work for 1 deck archetype, we get cards that work for 13 different decks, and a single Digitama card Yggdrasil defining a whole new deck mechanic on its own!

Sleipmon and Leopardmon finally playable

Fans of Sleipmon and Leopardmon rejoice as these archetypes see proper buffs in BT-13. 

Rentarou’s Sleipmon line has a variety of effects that utilises warp digivolution, security management, and DP-reduction, all which gel together rather efficiently to make this a fun deck to play! 

Leopardmon meanwhile introduces a very surprising [Leopard Mode] and gains strength from a wide board (of possibly rookies). Unfortunately however he is now a green Digimon so there is little to no synergy with the older blue Leopardmon from BT-03. 

Enter Belphemon

Belphemon is the next demon lord to be introduced into card game, and should be pleasantly welcomed in the coming meta. Belphemon comes in 2 modes: [Sleep Mode] is defensive and can even be played from hand, and will almost always become [Rage Mode] in its next turn, which will almost always deal a massive 4 security checks and LV5-or-lower board wipe. 

Akihiro Kurata and some Gizumons give Belphemon a unique mechanic, but Belphemon should be quite a versatile card for many purple deck configurations so we should see some creative deck building in the coming meta.



Miki Kurosaki and Megumi Shirakawa carries their Chessmon line in black and yellow. Almost all Chessmons have [Blocker], and they summon another Chessmon on deletion. QueenChessmon will unsuspend every time your Chessmon is deleted allowing for multi-attacks, but whether or not this line will be meta-potential remains uncertain.

Other archetype buffs

For players patiently waiting for Akiho to be relevant, rejoice as Chika Daimon joins the fray with her line of Garudamon, which should improve robustness of [Avian] type Digimons. 

The Sukamon/Etemon line will also be buffed in this set, with a bunch of new cards including KingEtemon (finally!!) which gels so well with all the recent Sukamons. 

And a small Mamemon archetype buff coming from [PrinceMamemon], which may not be sufficient to buff this archetype at all…


BT-13 does a good job servicing a variety of deck archetypes, and should have cards that appeal to many different players. Moving away from the Xros Wars saga that is BT-11 and BT-12, this set continues to tie up loose ends around its anime franchise by introducing Digimons from season 2 of Digimon Savers.

With BT-13, all Digimons from anime adaptations should be now completely covered (with exception of Appmon), so it is interesting to anticipate what BT-14 will be. Will nicher Digimons from the game series (such as Dawn & Dusk) finally take their turn? What new mechanics will come the set after this? It is very interesting!

Is it Digixros? Is it Jogress? No! It’s Kuzuha Flare

Invited Author: Marcel Justin

Country: Indonesia



Hi, my name is Marcel and I’m from Indonesia. I first playing Digimon when Ex3 Released in Indonesia and I played Darkknightmon X. After I learned how to play from Official Digimon Apps in android, I tried to join in Tournament, and got rekt by Blue Flare.

I feel that Blue Flare have super powerful cards like Blazing memory boost that can take 3 cards (including Kiriha) and got 2 memories from delay effect. I played another TCG before this, and I know that blue flare is super good.

Even though Blue Flare is a good deck, but I don’t like the playstyle, I love aggro deck so much. So, when I watched ファイル島の民 from Youtube, and they play Kuzuha Flare (that’s what I name this deck) I fell in love at first sight. The deck was super cool with Paildramon engine it was super-fast, and somehow you can used mega death from Kuzuhamon for free. 

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

Deck's Strategy

This deck has a strategy that was so easy, that the only think you must have in mind is how to jogress, or digixros and evolve into Kuzuhamon, and play option, then play blue flare from the digivolution sources.

Well, in some scenarios, digixros has more benefits then Jogress, but some scenarios you better jogress. Then just attack attack and attack. Don’t scare about security Digimon, EX4 Mailbirdramon gives jamming, including Paildramon. Evolve to Kuzuhamon and BAM!!! Mega Death for free! (Well watch your color requirement)

The key cards for this deck are:

1. Gaosmon – this is the best rookie in the deck (well the rookie is only this and dracomon, but you know what I mean) because when gaossmon attack, you can draw first if you have kiriha from wanyamon, then its 95% gaossmon will die from Digimon security. Then you can use its effect to cast the blue flares lvl4. And it gives you a blue lvl 4 Digimon. Please remember that.

2. EX4 Mailbirdramon – one of the best targets for Gaossmon. Because it will give paildramon or metalgreymon jamming and as you know, paildramon can attack twice and sometimes metalgreymon can attack twice too. And at the mid game, you can use it as ice wall. And with kuzuha combo you can use it twice.

3. BT10 Mailbirdramon – Maybe not as good as the EX4 Version, but this card is somehow make me won vs Black wargreymon because this guy, can froze your opponent Digimon so you can hit free from blocker. 

4. BT10 Greymon – the second-best targets for gaossmon. Reveal 4 add 2? For free cost? I take it. And the inherit will gave metalgreymon ability to attack twice. Say no more.

5. EX4 Greymon – this is in my mind the not good targets for gaossmon. Why I keep using it is because, he is greymon though (LOL). But no, even though the on play effect only can add Kiriha and metalgreymon, the inherit can make you draw 1. NOT ONCE PER TURN, OR LOCK TO BLUEFLARE. So if you use this card as jougress for Paildramon, you can draw four times. 5 if you include jougress draw. 

6. Stingmon – easy cast with 3 memories only. You have kiriha of course so you will have memory to cast it and give paildramon effect to draw and its not once per turn.

The Ultimate

7. Paildramon – you only need 3 memories to jougress. First gaossmon attack, drop 1 lvl 4 Blue Flares, then you cast stingmon for 3 memories because you have blue Digimon. And then bam, Paildramon attack twice that means, 3 securities in 1 turn. And you still have 0 memory. 

8. EX4 Metalgreymon – same combo as Paildramon but you can use digixros materials from the hand and below kiriha. I prefer ex4 metalgreymon than BT10 because in this greymon meta, I want to trash the Digimon with annoying inherits like BT11 metalgreymon X and BT11 agumon X

9. Kuzuhamon – the main goal for this deck. When the ultimate combo only use 3 memories, and you still have memory left, you evolve to kuzuhamon, then you can cast blazing memory boost to get 3 cards, or play mega death to remove your annoying opposing Digimon. And then, you can use kuzuha effect to play 1 blue Digimon from digivolution source. Yes!! You can play your EX4 mailbirdramon so you can ice wall 1 opposing Digimon, or BT10 Greymon so you can add your old metalgrey, or add 2 cards. Either way, it was a plus card.


This deck is super-fast one, but it has downside. This deck has a hard time against super blocker deck. You can’t hit with everything you have. Sometimes I just jogress, draw 1, and evolve to Kuzuhamon so I can play Blazing memory boost for free.

And this is an aggro deck, so if your opponent somehow succeed in controlling your board, this deck will have a hard time. You really want to go first with this deck, because turn 2 3 damages with Kuzuhamon and blazing memory boost is a cheat.

Round 1 vs Alter S: I played the usual combo and the opponent brick hard when they don’t get the greymon line. In game 2 they don’t get the garurumon line. While they trying to get their combo piece, I already hit them hard with usual combo.

Round 2 vs Alter S: this time, I played second and brick so hard, and the opponent play so fast, that turn 2 alter S. yeah and as you know, even I remove alter-s, they will cast cress and blitz for free and for fun purpose, he reveal another alter S in hand. Yeah, I scoop immidietely. In Game 2,my hand was super good, that I played usual combo with blazing memory boost and they hit mega death with alter S. In Game 3, i don’t see any gaossmon or paildramon so I just hit with stingmon and metalgreymon. And froze their alter S with BT10 mailbirdramon inherit skill.

Round 3 vs BWGX: because the game is at 11PM, I already sleepy and make a mistake I don’t hit their Digimon so they can finish me. At game 2, I play a little bit aggressive because I know that if they get into BWG faster, I will lose. So the only thing I have in mind is how to hit, hit and hit. I play DaiKen and used mega death for 0 memories. And try to hit again. He scooped. For game 3, they pick first and hard cast metalgreymon giving me 7 memories, and I just evolve wanyamon into gaossmon in breeding, digixros into Ex4 metalgreymon and hit, then kuzuhamon, then blazing memory boost for free, play kiriha, and I still have 1 memory left. So, I played Daiken. In their turn, they evolve koromon into agumon x and evolve metal greymon into BWGX. Gave me 2 memories. At my turn, because of kiriha, I have 3 memories, move gaossmon into front. And daiken gave me 1 more memory. So my memory at 4, use blazing delay to get 2 more memories, and cast 5 memories mega death. And he scooped already and reveal they have 3 bwgx and 2 bt12 taichi.


1. At first turn, always and always think how to get kiriha in field. Even you play blazing memory boost at first turn is ok. Because your next turn, you gonna need 3 memories. 

2. Always ask if your opponent have blocker before do something. If your opponent have blocker, always utilize BT10 Mailbirdramon.

3. Always check color requirements if you have mega death in hand. Your only green source is stingmon, Paildramon, and Dai-Ken. And if you evolve into kuzuhamon, your only green source is DaiKen. So, keep that in mind

4. This is an Aggro deck. This is not a usual Blue Flare deck. So, keep thinking as an aggro player. 

Mark: Asia 2nd Round Prelims; Blue Flare in BT12-EX4 meta.

Invited Author: Mark Aurelio Beloy (1oth Place in 2nd Round Prelims SEA – qualified for final)

Country: Philippines


Hi everyone this is me again, Professor B, B for Biktory from the Philippines and I would like to share my tournament report and thoughts about ” The DigiXross Private Schoolbus”. Ok, just kidding. I’ll lessen my jokes for this article since this covers a High level tourney experience. 

I, Mark Beloy was supposed to be a Grandis player for the 2nd round of Asia Qualifiers! 

Putting some thought into it, Bwargreymon is the most popular deck right now because of the abusive combo of Greymon X, and Hades force. To counter it, Grandis is necessary. But what should counter Grandis while also holding it’s own against Blackwargreymon?  

The deck I will feature is the Blue Flare  BT12/EX04. 

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

Why is Blue Flare strong in the current meta

It is already strong using the BT10 parts, but with the addition of EX04 Gaossmon, Kiriha/Nene dual tamer and another set of Greymon, Mailbirdramon and metalgreymon, it ensures you that ever card you draw or reveal using blaze memory boost is usable. 

It is already strong using the BT10 parts, but with the addition of EX04 Gaossmon, Kiriha/Nene dual tamer and another set of Greymon, Mailbirdramon and metalgreymon, it ensures you that ever card you draw or reveal using blaze memory boost is usable. 

Nene and Kiriha lets you gain 1 memory if there is 2 or more Digimon on the field, regardless of ownership. It also lets you be  more aggressive because you can use a Digimon from trash as a Digixross requirement.

EX04 Greymon and Mailbirdramon adds jamming and Draw 1 to the existing arsenal of the inheritable effect. Jamming shoots up the tempo by ensuring that you get at least 2 checks whenever there are 2 digimons on your opponent’s field.

Ex04 Metalgreymon is such a strong card because it lets you choose which 2 sources to remove from a Digimon, imagine removing the lvl 5 and lvl 6 sources then playing dexmon to such a devastating effect. 

With those current lvl3-5 you can already win the game, all that’s left are cards that give you a way out of certain situations. 

Shoutmon X7 Superior mode is your best counter for unmovable beasts like Bwargreymon, Alter-s, Omnimons and other cards that cancels on delete effect. Big problem is the high playcost, which can be tricked by placing it as a source using Metalgreymon Cyber launcher then playing Kaiser Nail.

Kuzuhamon is another great utility since on evo, it lets you play  a 5 cost or lower option card, perfect for kaiser nail and blaze memory boost. Then it plays a lvl4 or lower Digimon from it’s source. Perfect for X7.

Bt11 Zeig Greymon, the Immortal blocker. This card is perfect for Blue flare since it gives blocker, but imagine it being the last source of 3 Metalgreymon Cyber launcher stacked on top of each other. You get a blocker with 3 armor purge and a bonus lvl 6.

Sourai option card is such a strong card right now because there is a lot of red-hybrid and Hunters deck. Sourai stops Arresterdramon superiormode from abusing the end turn attack since the sources will now be insufficient.

Dexmon, yes. The ever reliable dexmon. No further explanation. 


Tournament Report(7 rounds Bo1)

This is a stressful tournament since you need to aim for consistency. B01 games translates to “who bricks first loses”

Round 1 vs Bwargreymon(Muhammad Ardiyanra (ID))

Started my opening hand by digivolving gaosmon in raising area then ended up having to play Blaze memory boost, I was forced to do so because I bricked. Luckily it reveals a tamer which was played, X7 and a greymon launcher.seeing that together with a kaisernail from my hand braced me for the incoming black wargreymon. Which he did. The abusive combo of digivolving from Greymon x to 1 cost metalgreymon, then play hades force deleted my tamers then he checks for security. Luckily, I got a memory boost from security so I was able to pull off my Metalgreymon BT10, digivolve to launcher, insert X7 then kaisernail. The Bwargreymon got bottom decked, and I now have board control. 

Round 2 vs Beelzemon-x(tan jia chuang (MY))

I Bricked Hard!! I have 4 LVL5 in my hand. Luckily it was Metalgreymon cyber launcher, so the fight went on as he digivolved up to baalmon then ended up placing 2 impmons on the battle area. I was able to digixross cyberlauncher for 4 cost by stacking the 3 together. The impmons were bottomdecked. Opponent’s last effort got him to digivolve until Beelzemon-x but trashing security is not enough as I was able to rush his security down. 

Round 3 vs Grandis(Robin Oh Reactor (SG))

He played a green memory boost without digivolving a rookie. So I used that opportunity to spam my board with Gaossmon which gives me a lot of draw power, while keeping the memory to either 1 or 2. To my surprise, he plays coolboy which also puts me at 1 memory, then I had this crazy idea to Digixros 3 Cyberlauncher and place Zeig greymon for a blocker effect. But still, he managed to go grandis combo on me, clearing my 4 security not even hitting sourai once! All security cards are level 4!! I was confident since he did not have a rookie or a hybrid for finisher, and my Digimon has 3 armor purge. but guess what!! He digivolved into a Quartzmon. Board Locked. Lucky for me, I have a metalgreymonEX04 which only left his sources at lvl3, then even with high memory to be given to the opponent, I called dexmon to dedigivolve + destroy that Quartzmon. GG

Round 4 vs Bwargreymon(William Teh (MY))

Stress is getting into every player right now so we get to be more cautious. We had to make sure that the decks are properly shuffled/randomized which led to a judge call. Then the fight continues as usual. Usual flow for the Bwarg to reach greymon-x hades force combo. But This time, I don’t have X7 to answer. Then we had another judgecall because we need to confirm which comes first, deletion effect of hades on my tamer and gaosmon(which will let me call a Digimon) or the additional attack of the hades.  Whatever happens, I ended up playing cards to stun lock his units. The exchange went on for eternity as the Bwarg Player is so good. Our last exchange was a battle between metalgreymon-x vs 2 of my security. I would have lost because of that 2 checks, but hell yea 1st check was 17k shoutmonX7. We eneded up having “double loss” because of times up, time would have also been extended because of our judge calls. 

Round 5 vs Bloomlord(Yandy (ID))

I got an early advantage with so many attackers, he also security checked more of my tamers which turns into a weakness when he digivolved into a quartzmon. I could not do anything whenever he attacks and trashed my security. 

Round 6 vs Bwargreymon(Clive Malvin Bayusuta Clive (ID))

I’m getting fed up of all these Bwargreymon matchups. Luckily I got Syakkomon as my opening hand right off the bat. When syakkomon entered the field, the abusive greymon-x is now forced to digivolve from hatching. 

I used that opportunity to relentlessly attack. With some spicy exchange, Sourai option cards here and there, hades force burning the tamers, etc I was able to win in the end. 

Round 7 Vs Blue flare(Gan Jie Shen (MY))

Both players know how the decks work. So I kept my digimons to a minimum of 1. To my surprise, I think he ended up having a metalgreymonEX04 suspended, then 2 other lvl4 and below Digimon. I was able to use my own metalgreymonBT10 to attack his EX04, then digivolved it to launcher, and placed another launcher underneath to bottom deck his digimons. Then that sealed the deal.  

The overall experience for the Asia prelims round 2 left a strong impression on me. The remote setup was stressful but the level of competition was very high. Out of around 64 participants We managed to bag 5 slots in the top 14, I got Top 10. 

Blue flare is strong!  End of article 😛

Ron (PH): DC-1 and the Greymon Toolbox

Invited Author: Ron Agbayani

Country: Philippines


Hi everyone this is Ron Agbayani again from the Philippines and I would like to share my tournament report and thoughts about” The Greymon Tool Box”. I call it this way since both Wargreymon and Black Wargreymon are included in this tool box and share hand in hand to match against other top decks.

The Wargreymon Tool Box against the current Meta

It has great potential in the upcoming formats due to built-in effects such as protection, search, sec check +1, blitz, tamer deletion, and gain memory. Rookies in this archetype have access to Omnimon that can  potentially close a game.

Technically a tier 1 deck but it still falls short to decks that are fast enough to unsuspend or directly attack your Digimon on play area and these includes Jesmon and Bloom/Hydramon. Also, if your opening hand is brick then you might potentially lose the game but on the hind thought it answers most of the decks currently available.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META


I would like to share some highlights during DC-1 Tournament


DC-1 Tournament Report

1st Tournament of the Year

Deck used: Blackwargreymon/Gaiomon/Wargreymon

Rank: 2nd Place


Swiss 4 Rounds (X-1)

Round 1: BYE

Round 2: Hunters O-O

Had the chance to draw my Hades Force and BWG on time whenever he was setting up the tamers. 

Round 3: Bloom/Hydra/Quartz  X-O-X

Spam and unsuspend my Digimons. I was not able to establish my board.

Round 4: Wargreymon O-O

I gave up my Red Memory Boosts to have extra Agumon hence giving more consistency. I had them in each round so a good start. The highlight for me here is Gaiomon helped me de-digivolve and trample his Digimons. 


Top Cut

Round 1: Red Hybrids O-O

I established Greymons with blocker with +DP that can be only deleted by Kaisergreymon BT12 then I was able to draw Hades Force and BWG hence securing my win.

Round 2: Hunters O-X-O

The goal  against hunters was to keep 1 Digimon on play without tamers but has high value. This was the logic of Gaiomon because it has Security Check +1. 

Finals: Bloom/Hydra/Quartz X-X

Difficult match up. A literal hands up!

The current meta has plenty of decks to offer and these are equally running smoothly and depend on piloting. I chose my Greymon Deck because this is my most used deck ever since so I just had to understand more other top decks and how to react with their strategy.

I will like to list some of my thoughts regarding deck building a Greymon Deck. I made a decision that the deck I will build must have oppression and can end the game at around 4-7 turns.

  1. No more Wargreymon X BT9. It is dubbed as the best card to slide in since at the end of the attack it can delete a Digimon and whenever your opponent’s security is removed, you gain 1 memory. On paper it has good effects but it can be argued that Wargreymon BT12 alone is better – raid and unsuspend whenever an attack is redirected. Against mirror matches it can't kill an unsuspended Wargreymon BT12 that is 20k higher hence I used Gaiomon BT9 and Blackwargreymon BT8 as my main Mega in my deck. 
  2. Metalgreymon X BT9 and Metalgreymon BT12 push the game and have more impact than any other level 5. Raid + Free tamer play and easy Security Check +1 is non-negotiable and a must.
  3. Alterous Mode promo is a good addition since it deletes a Digimon with 5000 DP and it has protection effect. Acts like a Greymon X BT11 + X-Antibody for protection.
  4. Only 2 X-antibody option cards to improve the consistency. I usually needed it for protection purposes only and my deck has Gaiomon BT9 which does not rely on X-antibody option card.
  5. Black Wargreymon BT8 is searchable and can be evolved to Gaiomon BT9. It also deletes both Tamer and Digimon at the right condition.

Even though the deck has too many searches it still bricks hard which is still difficulty to use.

Shared here were my matchups during DC-1 Tournament
https://youtu.be/uf6CXhabgHw – Wargreymon/Black Wargreymon vs Red Hybrids – Top 8

https://youtu.be/uf6CXhabgHw – Wargreymon/Black Wargreymon vs Hunters – Top 4

We don’t have coverage for finals but just imagine I was utterly defeateg that time!
Hope to see more players and improvement within the community and the game itself!

Andy Tan: The new Beelstar Deck (ST14) – BeelShine

Invited Author: Andy Tan (won twice with this Beelstar deck)

Country: Singapore 


Hi Andy here, I first started playing Digimon when BT6 first released and was introduced to Beelstar.

I feel Beelstar has always been a silent powerhouse throughout the different sets with it only slowly falling off as the meta shifted to a more fast paced one.

The problem I feel with Beelstar is that it’s rather slow in building up its trash by relying purely on the draw and discard mechanic of Scattermode and Gabumon. With the introduction of ST-14, we are treated to two new cards that made a milling version of Beelstar more viable – Warring Shots and also the new Beelstarmon.

Deck's Strategy

The strategy for the deck is rather straightforward – as milling is a notch faster than discarding, you mill as much as you can. Each 7 cost option and each card in your trash means a cheaper BT6 or ST14 Beelstarmon. If you accidentally mill any of your key pieces, you can also then recover them with the myriad of trash recovery cards that is in the deck. Once you have reached a reasonably high amount of cards in trash, that’s where the nasty side of the deck kicks in – you get to spam cheap level 6s in the form of beelstars which then goes into Shinegreymon Ruin Mode.
Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

The following are some key cards that really synergises well with each other.

Warring Shots – As a 7 cost purple option, Warring Shots is an auto include in a Beelstar deck. However, it is it’s two Main effect that truly makes it shine. Firstly it destroys one of your opponent’s highest level Digimon if casted from your hand or triggered as a security effect – I see this as somewhat a compliment to Fly Bullet since it can delete a level 7 Digimon. Secondly, when the option is trashed from your deck it gains a delay effect where you can pitch it the next turn to return a purple tamer or Digimon from your trash. While the deck has other trash recovery cards such as calling from darkness or Yamato, warring shots is by far the best as it’s a free card recovery as long as it’s milled from your deck. This card can then be pitched to fetch any Digimon in your deck – be it an impmon if you are bricking, a beelstar to recur it’s effect or to loop a shinegrey Ruin mode to disrupt your opponent’s play next turn. The possibilities are endless.

Shinegreymon Ruin Mode: A good Digimon in shinegrey decks and an even better card in this deck that can spam cheap purple level 6s. Ruin Mode by itself is a tough nut to crack the -5k DP on digivolution/deletion disrupts pretty much all strategies on your opponent’s next turn – this is especially so if you managed to clear their board using your beelstar. Its end of attack effect where it deletes an opponent Digimon along with itself is devastating enough, but it also recovers 1 security for you. In this deck that’s chock full of removal options, a security recovery could mean yet another obstacle for your opponent when they are swinging for your life.

To top it all off, as a purple Digimon, Ruin Mode can also be recovered by most of the trash recovery cards that is in this deck

ST14 Beelstarmon: This card may not seem like much as first but it serves both as discount fodder for your BT6 beelstar, allowing you to run less options that might cause you to brick and to run this instead. As it’s cost reduce by 4 for every 10 cards in your trash, having 20 cards would mean playing this for 5 cost – a relatively cheap price to pay for a level 6. Its two other effects allows you to build your trash and also play an impmon with rush. Playing an impmon in this deck would either mean you mill 3 more cards, or you recover a Beelzemon or Beelstarmon from trash. Both very good effects to be getting for free!

BT2 Beelzemon: I run this as a one off due to the deck being able to recover it from trash rather easily. It’s good in this deck as it allows your impmons a chance to become a huge beat stick and also it’s ability to delete a level 4 on Evo comes in handy when dealing with Psychemon/Solarmon or Chikurimons which would otherwise lock you out of your Beelstars

Darkness Wave: At 1 cost, this card mills 3 cards from your deck, a cheap card to build your trash and potentially pop off a few effects. Also super useful if you are looking to memory choke your opponent

Eyesmon Scattermode: Although the deck centres around milling, this card is still integral as it allows you to cycle options or cards that you don’t necessarily want in your hand for new ones. Evolving this on top of impmon x also means you get 2 mills each swing regardless if it dies or not! (Shoutout to Gum for this suggestion!!)

Happy bullet showering is very handy in removing sticky cards such as the Metalgrey and darkknight that spawns from grey knight or the blitzgrey and cresgaruru from alter s


While this deck is a tad faster in terms of setting up and can compete with most decks, it’s still an unfavourable game against fast and aggressive decks like Greymon (especially if they have immunity with X antibody and greymon x) and the sheer destructive power of Grandis and beelze. Those games are usually decided by the power of your security cards which leave a lot to chance. Dedigivolution strategies like blue flare/twilight can also disrupt your ruin mode plays and also deny your ever important on deletion effects. But for the most part you can cruise through them as your Digimon usually are hard casted and so can’t be dedigivolved.
Round 1 vs Wargrey: My opponent started of strong and had a Blackwargrey x with x antibody immunity on board and left me with two security. However at that point in time I had build my trash to a sufficient enough level to play beelstar for 3 cost. I played two beelstar to clear off his Blackwargrey x, before going into ruin mode the next turn to stall him from pushing out his Digimon for a turn while I swarm the field to end the game.
Round 2 vs Shinegreymon: My opponent was not able to get a rookie so he played a level 4 from hand for the first two turns, each of these level 4s then were killed off with an option in my hand. In the second half of the game I sealed off his ability to build his board by killing off his shinegrey with beelstar and using my ruin mode to ensure that his Digimon stays in the nursery and his masarus remain as tamers. Once this was done, a combination of recycling my ruin modes and beelstars to both swarm the board and to close off his field won me the game.
Round 3 vs Xros Heart :My opponent played a X4 on his first turn, passing me to 3 memory. My had was horrible so I paid 13 memory to play ST-14 Beelstarmon, passing my opponent to 10 memory. While I thought this would be game, as it allowed my opponent to build up his tamers to a staggering 4 tamers on turn two, the effect of beelstar came in clutch when he swung into my security after setting his tamers up, milling a BT2 impmon which allowed me to play it due to beelstarmon’s effect.
On my next turn, I swung with my impmon which then milled 3 and this again recycled an impmon with rush due to my beelstar’s effect. This along with some good mills with darkness wave saw my trash reach a decent amount and allowed me to start playing bt6 beelstarmons to start wiping his board. And as usual once the board is all cleared, beelstar goes into ruin mode to further lock things down.

Tips when playing this deck:

1. When given the choice, always try to go for mills rather than drawing and discarding – most key effects of this deck only triggers when they are milled. Your Eyesmon exists as a backup and as a way to unbrick your hand
2. Don’t be afraid to pitch your warring shots’ delay effect early in the game to retrieve impmons or other cards that help to set up your trash
3. Always try to digivolve up to a ruin mode in the same turn that the first copy is deleted. This sets enormous pressure for the following two turns and will likely win you the game – this may sound hard but it’s easy to pull off in this deck if you use your cards at the right time
4. You can discard your beelstarmons if needed. You can always find a way to fish them back to your hand later
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