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For many of us, Digimon has been a significant part of our childhood. Around the end of the 90s we have seen the inception and subsequently the prime of many card game franchises, and along with them notable ones that survived the test of time (such as MTG, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh). Digimon however, did not fare well in their original endeavour.

20 years on, this franchise (along with our nostalgia) has been given a second chance. With this new Digimon Card Game format we hope that it can garner a much more sustainable fanbase. We at Digimon Card Meta therefore wish to do our part to support this card game and franchise, much like how other major franchises has always been supported.

We strive to bring you, our fellow readers, consolidated information on all things Digimon Card Game. We will also feature articles and deck guides to help you in the early phases of your adventure! 

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Digimon Card Meta would love to share the new deck recipes with a detail strategy to all our readers. We also hope to receive more feedbacks and comments from all DTCG players to improve our site that can serve you better. If you have any new deck recipe or your tourney-winning deck and want to write a deck-review or a deck-idea for it, do not hesitate to contact us, you can promote your YouTube Channel in your post.

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