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Q: A level 4 Digimon that digivolved from a level 2 Digi-Egg loses its level 3 digivolution card due to an effect, resulting in a level 4 Digimon card on top of a level 2 Digi-Egg card. If you use <De-Digivolve> on it, does the level 2 card remain in the Battle Area? What happens to the Digimon?
A: Level 2 Digimon can't remain in battle areas, so it's immediately sent to the trash. (The Digimon is not considered to have been deleted.)


Q: I have a Digimon with an active effect. If <De-Digivolve> causes the Digimon to lose the card with the effect, what happens? Does the effect end?
A: If the effect lasts for a specified period of time ("this turn," etc.), the effect will persist until the end of the time specified, even if the card with the effect is trashed. Effects that are always active, like [Opponent's Turn] and [All Turns] effects, end immediately once their card is trashed.


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