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Q: Can I include 4 copies each of [ST1-03 Agumon] and [BT1-010 Agumon] in my deck?
A: Yes. Cards are identified by their card number. As long as their card numbers are different, you can include 4 copies of two cards with the same name in your deck.
Q: Can I include Digi-Egg cards in my deck?
A: No, you can't.
Q: Can I include cards other than Digi-Egg cards in my Digi-Egg deck?
A: No, you can't.
Q: Can I play without a Digi-Egg deck?
A: Yes. Digi-Egg decks can include between 0-5 cards, and players are free to not use a Digi-Egg deck at all.
Q: Can I include five copies of the same card in my Digi-Egg deck?
A: No. Like your regular deck, you can only include up to 4 copies of a card with the same card number in your Digi-Egg deck.
Q: My deck has 45 cards, and my Digi-Egg deck has 5, adding up to a total of 50. Is my deck legal?
A: No. Your deck must contain 50 cards on its own, with or without cards from your Digi-Egg deck.

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