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Q: What does <Digi-Burst> do?

A: It allows you to activate a powerful effect by trashing a specified number of digivolution cards beneath the Digimon with <Digi-Burst> . Effects vary from card to card.


Q: Does trashing digivolution cards to activate <Digi-Burst> occur before or after <Digi-Burst>'s effect activates?

A: Trash the specified number of digivolution cards, then activate the effect.


Q: If I have a Digimon with <Digi-Burst> that only has 1 digivolution card under it, can I activate <Digi-Burst> by trashing all of its digivolution cards?

A: No, you can't use <Digi-Burst> unless you trash the specified number of cards.


Q: Can I trash the digivolution cards under other Digimon to activate <Digi-Burst> ?

A: No, you can't.


Q: When trashing digivolution cards to use <Digi-Burst>, can I trash them in any order I like, or do I have to trash them in a specific order?

A: You can trash digivolution cards in any order you like.


Q: If a Digimon's digivolution cards includes a card that isn't a Digimon, can I trash it to use <Digi-Burst>?

A: Yes. As long as it's a digivolution card, you can trash it to activate <Digi-Burst>.


Q: If a <Digi-Burst> effect has [Main] attached to it, can I use it during my main phase?

A: Yes.


Q: Do I have to suspend a Digimon after it uses <Digi-Burst>?

A: No. Unless otherwise specified, Digimon remain unsuspended after using <Digi-Burst>.


Q: Can suspended Digimon use <Digi-Burst>?

A: Yes, they can.


Q: If a <Digi-Burst> effect doesn't have [Once Per Turn], can I use it two or more times per turn?

A: Yes. You can activate <Digi-Burst> as many times as you want — you just have to trash the specified number of digivolution cards each time.


Q: I digivolve a Digimon that has the effect "[When Digivolving] <Digi-Burst>" — Can I activate this effect multiple times if I have enough digivolution cards?

A: No, you can't. [When Digivolving] <Digi-Burst> effects can only be activated once per digivolution.


Q: If an effect specifies a "Digimon with <Digi-Burst>" or a "Digimon card with <Digi-Burst>," does it apply to Digimon whose <Digi-Burst> effects have [On Play] or [When Digivolving] attached?

A: No, Digimon whose <Digi-Burst> effects have [On Play]/[When Digivolving]/etc. are also considered to have <Digi-Burst> and are affected by any effect that specifies a "Digimon with <Digi-Burst>."

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