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[EN] Russell LaParre: 1st Place Ultimate Cup with Green Hybrid Shivamon deckTourney ReportRussell LaParre9 Jul 2022EN_FORMAT
KC: How did my D-reaper win the “Evo cup” in the BT-10 meta?Deck Review
Tourney Report
KC29 Jun 2022JP_FORMAT
Ying Huang: 1st Place NA Top Cut Regional with Yellow-Purple Maste JogressTourney ReportYing Huang7 Jun 2022EN_FORMAT
Sam Zhou: 1st Place NA Carta Magical 2022 Regional, a Tourney Report.Tourney ReportSam Zhou31 May 2022EN_FORMAT
[En] Zachary: 2nd Place in Oceania Regional with Yellow Hybrid RapidmonTourney ReportZachary23 May 2022
David Lago: Won 2 Ultimate Cup Tournaments with Blue HybridTourney ReportDavid Lago30 Apr 2022EN_FORMAT
Digimon TCG Indonesia – First Ever Community Regional! Event Report and ThoughtsTourney ReportTCGnoHeya18 Apr 2022
DTCG Singapore League 2021, Report and ReflectionTourney ReportMarcus28 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
[En] Daniel (Spoogy): 1st Place at Europe Final Championship 2021 with Gabubond BOFTourney ReportDaniel Opiola6 Feb 2022EN_FORMAT
[En] Daniel: 1st Place at Latam Final Championship 2021 with Lilith LoopTourney ReportDaniel2 Feb 2022EN_FORMAT
[English Version] Everything about 2021 Final ChampionshipsTourney Reportdigimonmeta30 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Alexander: 1st Place at TAK Regional NorthAmerica with 2-Musketeers DeckTourney ReportAlexander23 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
Dan Vang: 1st Place NorthAmerica Regional Tournament with Jesmon Deck.Tourney ReportDan Vang16 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Santiago Matos – 1st Place LATAM Regionals with AgumonBOCTourney ReportSantiago Matos1 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Francis Denton – 3rd Place Europe Evo Cup with Lilith-LoopTourney ReportFrancis Denton1 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Konstantina – 2nd Place at Latin America Grand Prix (BT6)Tourney ReportKonstatina26 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
[En]: Nathan – 1st Place at TAK DC-1 GP Oceania Oct 10 Tourney ReportTourney ReportNathan13 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Aye Chan Moe: 1st Place at Core TCG EVO Cup Sept 26 Tourney ReportTourney ReportAye Chan Moe4 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN] Todd 1st Place Evo Cup Oceania with Shoutmon-DX force (Sept 25)Tourney ReportTodd30 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN] Jam Pingul 1st Place Sec Con Europe Evo Cup (Sept 26)Tourney ReportJam Pingul28 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
[En Format] Valos 1st Place Green OTK at Europe Evo Cup (19 Sept)Tourney ReportValos24 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
[En Format] Lichi 1st Place TAK Online Regional MetalGaruru (28 Aug)Tourney ReportLichi2 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
Week-1 BT7 Meta Tourney ReportTourney ReportRononrun29 Aug 2021
[EN Format] Dan Vang 1st Place Imperial Deck at Regional TournamentTourney ReportDan Vang20 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN Format] 1st Place Shoutmon-DX Tournament ReportTourney ReportKyle Donoghue17 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN Format] A Winning LKM Tournament ReportTourney ReportJam Pingul9 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
North America – The Evo Cup 17 Jul – 3rd Place Tourney ReportTourney ReportSebastian19 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
2nd Place Top Cut Event, The EVO Cup – Tourney Report (North America)Tourney ReportDavid Zhang10 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
1st Place Premier TO Event – Tournament Report (Europe)Tourney ReportSymphonus 1 July 2021EN_FORMAT
TAK 3rd Place Oceania Tournament Report (Australia & NZ)Tourney ReportChris Austen27 Jun 2021EN_FORMAT
BT6 Meta – First weekend Tourney ReportTourney Reportdigimonmeta31 May 2021

Tournament Result

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CountryDateHostNo. of ParticipantsFormat
Digimon TCG Indonesia –Community Regional! Jan & Apr 2022TCGnoHeya70Bo1 & Bo3
Canada DigiFest – 27Mar2227 Mar 2022 (BT7)Carta Magica200Bo3
Digi-fest preparation (decks and sidedecks)8 Mar 2022DigimonmetaNANA
DTCG Singapore League 202126 Feb 2022 (EX2)DTCGReview100Bo3
NorthAmerica FinalChampionship2021 – 5/6Feb20226 Feb 2022 (BT6)TAK and CoreTCG1000+Bo3
Oceania FinalChampionship2021 – 5/6Feb20226 Feb 2022 (BT6)TAK368Bo3
Latam FinalChampionship2021 – 29/30Jan202230 Jan 2022(BT6)Coqui600Bo3
Europe FinalChampionship2021 – 29Jan202229 Jan 2022(BT6)TournamentCenter497Bo3
German League Final 202123 Dec 2021 (BT6)DACH8Bo5
Europe Evo Cup 28 Nov28 Nov 2021 (BT6)TournamentCenter311Bo3
Europe Online Regional 14 Nov14 Nov 2021 (BT6 EN)Tournament Center337Bo3
Europe DC-1 GrandPrix 31 Oct31 Oct 2021 (BT6 EN)Gametrade150Bo3
Latin America DC-1 GrandPrix 23 Oct23 Oct 2021 (BT6 EN)Coqui217Bo3
NA Sept 19 Evo Cup19 Sep 2021 (BT5 EN)Carta Magica Ottawa
Europe Sept 19 Evo Cup19 Sep 2021 (BT5 EN)TournamentCenter436Bo3
NA DC-1 Grandprix (Gen Con)17 Sep 2021 (EN BT5)Gen Con Online438Bo3
Spain Evo Cup 29 Aug 2021 (EN BT5)Mystic Mine Shop173Bo3
North America Regional Tournament21 Aug 2021 (BT5 EN)Carta Magica Ottawa300+Bo3
Europe Regional Tournament21 Aug 2021 (BT5 EN)
Europe18 Aug 2021 (BT5 EN)DACH Discord38Bo3
USA 10 Aug 2021 (BT5)Imperial Gaming and Collectibles 50+Bo3
USA 8 Aug 2021 (BT5)The Quirky Collection26Bo3
Japan DD25 Jul 2021 (BT6)Digica Discord50+Swiss
Japan DC-1 Grand Prix Cup17 Jul 2021Bandai50+Standard
LatinAmerica Evo Cup17 Jul 2021 (BT4 EN)Coqui248Bo3
NorthAmerica-EVO Cup17 Jul 2021 (BT4 EN)TAK, CartaMagica250+Bo3
Europe-EVO Cup17 Jul 2021 (BT4 EN)Tournament Center250+Bo3
Oceania-EVO Cup17 Jul 2021 (BT4 EN)TAK226Bo3
Indonesia 17 Jul 2021 (BT6)Alex Hobby 16Bo3
Brunei14 Jul 2021 (BT6)Gamers Taverns14Swiss
Indonesia 10 Jul 2021 (BT6)
Alex Hobby11Bo3
Japan 10 Jul 2021 (BT6)Evolution Battle34Swiss
Indonesia 9 Jul 2021 (BT6)Ogre Citra10Bo3
Indonesia 6 Jul 2021 (BT6)Ogre Citra22Bo3
Japan 3 Jul 2021 (BT6)Guu DigiCup74Swiss
USA 3 Jul 2021 (BT4 EN)The Digital Colosseum64Bo3
Brunei30 Jun 2021 (BT6)Gamers Taverns12Swiss
USA 27 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Win A Box15Bo3
NewZealand27 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Numemon Gaming33Bo3
Australia 27 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Akikambara12Bo3
USA 26 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Top Cut Event237Bo3
Europe26 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Premier TO Event135Bo3
Oceania26 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Oceania Premier Event100+Bo3
Philippines 26 Jun 2021 (BT6) Arken12Round Robin (3on3)
Indonesia 25 Jun 2021 (BT6)Ogre Citra25Bo3
Brunei23 Jun 2021 (BT6)Gamers Taverns16Swiss
Australia 20 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Akikambara10Bo3
USA 19 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)CoreTCG16Standard
Malaysia 19 Jun 2021 (BT6)Vincent’s Card Colosseum21Swiss
USA 18 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)PPG Pro-Play20++Standard
Malaysia 17 Jun 2021 (BT6)JT Game Store18Standard
Brunei16 Jun 2021 (BT6)Gamers Taverns12 Swiss
Australia 15 Jun 2021 (BT4 EN)Akikambara8Bo3
Japan 13 Jun 2021 (BT6)Digika Discord
Malaysia 13 Jun 2021 (BT6)Apex Bladers24Standard
Japan 13 Jun 2021 (BT6)Digika Gathering CupNAStandard
Indonesia 13 Jun 2021 (BT6)Happy Tamers Battle11Standard
Brunei13 Jun 2021 (BT6)Gamers Taverns18Swiss
Malaysia 13 Jun 2021 (BT6)JT Game Store14Standard
Philippines 12 Jun 2021 (BT6) Arken16Swiss
Indonesia 12 Jun 2021 (BT6)Ogre Citra10Bo3
Malaysia 10 Jun 2021 (BT6)JT Game Store20Standard
Malaysia 6 Jun 2021 (BT6)Apex Bladers16Standard
Indonesia 5 Jun 2021 (BT6)Ogre Citra12Bo3
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