ShineGreymon Control

Updated: 26 September, 2020


Yellow tamer cards are the key to winning with this control deck, using the [BT2-041] ShineGreymon digivolution line as core cards to setup the field. 

Due to the time needed to setup the field, this deck often play cards with the <Recovery+X> effect in order to stall the game. 


ShineGreymon Mechanism
The core mechanism of this deck leverages the synergy between the ShineGreymon line and your yellow tamers: using your early/mid game and RizeGreymon to play as many tamers as possible, and then finally launch your ace digimon ShineGreymon to take over the game. Every other card in this deck is played in order to stall the game in order to make this happen.
During early game, prioritize on digivolving and playing the tamer [ST3-12] T.K.. You should try to leave your opponent with as little memory as possible. Do not be afraid to lose securities, and do not attack your opponent. You can also play [BT1-087] T.K. if there are no better cards to play. Although expensive at 4 cost, it allows you to look at your security pile and review your strategy, add an essential from it to your hand, and ensures that you start with at least 3 memory every turn.

Continue to digivolve along your ShineGreymon line using [BT2-035] GeoGreymon and [BT2-038] Rizegreymon, and using its digivolution effect play [BT2-087] Kari Kamiya (or T.K. if you do not have Kari) from your hand at no cost.

In addition, digivolve into [BT2-034] Salamon (and attack) or [ST3-09] Angewomon to trigger <Recovery+1> if you have 3 or less security cards left.

In mid/late game, digivolve [BT2-041] ShineGreymon once you have enough tamers on the field. Typically you would want to use ShineGreymon’s effect to remove your opponent’s strongest digimon: assuming at 12000 DP would require at least 3 tamers on your field. In addition, you should also have <SecurityAttack+1> if you have inherited from RizeGreymon, and with +1000 DP for each tamer you have, allowing you to very effectively attack your opponent’s security pile. 

In your subsequent turns, the game will very quickly shape to your favour as you continue to build your tamer pool and play a second ShineGreymon. 


  • Blocker digimon [ST3-07] Unimon.
  • [ST3-04] Patamon for the much-needed memory control during early game.
  • [BT2-099] Glorious Burst for the only nuke option card in yellow.
  • [BT1-049] Labramon for the especially important <Draw+1> since this deck plays many options/tamers hence digivolution cards can be scarce.
  • [BT1-051] Reppamon for cheapest hard-play LV4.
  • [BT1-057] Sirenmon for cheapest hard-play LV5.

Hybrid Tech Cards

Some ShineGreymon decks play [BT2-071] Wizardmon for his synergy with other yellow digimons. <Vengence> is a great effect, especially against powerhouse digimons such as Omegamon (as yellow lacks ability to deal with them early/mid game). 

In some decks, [BT2-072] Kimeramon is also played for the additional early/mid game control. At 7 cost it is not cheap (especially when you are running efficient memory consumptions each turn) but considering that it has effects similar to [ST1-16] Terra Force (limited only up to LV5 digimons though) it can be very effective for stopping your opponent from digivolving into a powerhouse digimon. Subsequently, digivolve Kimeramon into [BT2-079] VenomMyotismon for its tremendously useful effects.


2020-09-19Japanラピード1st PlaceTamer BattleShigaru Nagamachi
2020-09-13Japanなごし1st PlaceTamer BattleDragoon, Hakata
2020-09-12Japanシノン1st PlaceTamer BattleTsutaya, Sukagawa
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