Ancient Greymon


[BT4-113] Ancient Greymon is a new Security killing machine that introduced in Red color in BT04 Great Legend. He is only LV6 digimon and cost 5 memories to digivolve, this is the reason why Digimon player hesitates to use him. Compared to the fast level to check security, he is as same as LV7 Ragnaloardmon, but the fact that Ragnaloard has "Reboot" with Piercing from LV6 inheritable effect, makes Ragnaloard more stable and formidable compared to AncientGreymon. By the way, if we could build a proper digivolution source with support from option card, we can make AncientGreymon as strong as Ragnaloardmon


The digimon in its digivolution source contributes an important role to make him strong. I would suggest below digimon in each level for AncientGreymon.

AncientGreymon has only 13000DP, so adding more DP for it from [P-009]Agumon or [ST1-03]Agumon is the good choice. If we can make AncientGreymon DP more than 15k, it is the safest benchmark. The LV4 [ST1-07] Greymon is the best LV4 digimon for AncientGreymon, it increases 2 more security check if this card is inside the digivolution source. 

For LV5 digimon, it depends on the strategies if you want to have more security-check by adding one more LV5 digimon with "Greymon" in its name or the digimon that needs cheaper cost to digivolve. I would prefer a cheaper cost for Lv5 such as: [Bt1-020] Groundramon or  [BT2-016] Lavogaritamon. 

Combo in decks for AncientGreymon

The problem we normally face unpleasantly when doing securitycheck+x is blocker, it is such a waste if just a blocker can stop the chain of 3 or 4 security attack. Working with VictoryGreymon in the deck is the best combo for AncientGreymon. VictoryGreymon can do digiburst to destroy the normal 6000DP blocker or LV5 black blocker with 7000DP. If there is still blocker in the field, there is a need to use option card Scrap Claw to make AncientGreymon has piercing, so blocker is no more problem, 2 copies of this option card in the deck would be enough.

For Tamer, Marcus Damon is the best choice for the deck contains of VictoryGreymon and AncientGreymon, Marcus can help to reset the memory to 3 in beginning of the turn, and 1 one more memory if digimon with "Greymon" in its name declaring attack. 

AncentGreymon must be building in raising Area from LV2 to LV6, once move out to battle, it can attack immediately. It is unsafe to leave it in the battle and end your turn after digivolving. Red color also support the zero cost option card to borrow 2 memories in the turn, so if there is a LV5 in the battle, it is also doable to digivolve to AncientGreymon in the turn (If you have a 4 cost red tamer in play that give 3 memories in starting of the turn). This deck can combine with hybrid digimon such as Agunimon and Aldamon to make it more flexible and robust.

Speed up Digivolution (update on 30 March 2021)

The AncientGreymon is showing its true value on tournament when the promo card [P-029] Agunimon, a hybrid type digimon, is introduced on Mar 2021 for First Year Anniversary. We can evolve AncientGreymon into this digimon with only 2 cost when this digimon attacking. To serve the purpose, when you evolve this digimon into AncientGreymon, it should be still in your turn to do SecurityAttack+x to your opponent's security, because we must delete this digimon at the end of the turn. The deck for AncientGreymon and [P-029] Agunimon must include the [BT4-009] Flamemon to search for red tamer and [Hybrid] digimon mon in top of the deck to put to hand, the [BT4-011] Agunimon to add more red LV4 Hybrid digimon cards to deck, so that when the AncientGreymon got destroyed we can play a LV4 red hybrid from hand. Besides, the BT4 Agunimon can evolve from a red tamer, so it helps to boost the robust for the deck.

To get more detail of this combo, you can refer to this post "New Promo Agunimon Hyperfast!!"  for a deck strategy. 

Decks BT6-7

Deck CompositionDetailsDeck ColorDeck ProfileDeck NameDateCountryAuthorPlacementTournamentHost
4nBT4-009a2nBT5-007a3nST1-03a4nBT6-010a4nBT4-011a2nBT4-013a4nP-029a3nBT4-016a4nBT4-113a2nBT5-086a2nBT1-085a2nBT4-092a1nST1-12a2nEX1-066a2nBT3-097a4nBT4-098a2nP-035a3nST7-12 RedRED_AGRR_OMG5AncientGreymonAug 16, 2021IndonesiaRaven1st PlaceTamer BattleTCGnoheya
2nBT2-001a3nBT6-001a4nBT4-009a2nBT5-007a3nST1-03a4nBT6-010a4nBT4-011a2nBT4-013a4nP-029a3nBT4-016a4nBT4-113a2nBT5-086a2nBT1-085a2nBT4-092a1nST1-12a2nEX1-066a4nBT4-098a2nP-035a2nST1-16a3nST7-12 RedRED_ACRR_OMG5Red Ancient DeckAug 13, 2021IndonesiaRadian1st PlaceTamer BattleAlex Hobby Shop
1nBT5-001a4nBT6-001a4nBT4-009a4nST7-02a4nBT6-007a4nBT6-010a4nBT4-011a4nP-010a4nP-029a4nBT4-016a3nBT4-113a3nBT6-018a1nBT5-086a2nBT4-092a4nBT6-087a1nBT4-098a2nST1-16a2nST7-12 RedRED_ABOC_ACGRRed BOC AncientJul 21, 2021JapanKyan1st PlaceTamer BattleTsutaya
1nBT5-001a4nBT6-001a2nBT1-011a2nBT3-007a4nBT4-009a4nST1-03a4nST7-02a3nBT4-011a4nP-010a3nP-029a3nBT6-012a3nBT4-113a3nBT6-018a2nBT4-092a4nBT6-087a2nP-035a2nST1-16a2nST7-11a3nST7-12 RedRED_ABOC_ACGRRed Kizuna AncientJul 3, 2021JapanMasamune1st PlaceTamer BattleBatoloco_KH

Decks BT4-5

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