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[P-026] BlackWarGreymon is a very valuable promo card, not only its main effect but also its price, haha. Its main effect is: You can digi-burst 2, this digimon becomes active again. So normally we will build the digivolution base in the raising areas up-to LV5, then if you have a tamer to secure 3 reset memory when starting of your turn, you can move digimon from raising area to battle, digivolve to LV6 BlackWargreymon and proceed "Security attack". This is better than any LV6 digimon that have <Security Attack+2>, because if opponent use blocker to block, the <Security Attack+x> cannot move on, but BlackWarGreymon can just simply do digi-burst 2 to do another attack. 


Combo twith Black WarGreymon

In one of our site deck review here, we shown the combo that help BlackWargreymon to check up-to 5 securities using the [BT2-055] Toyagumon and [BT2-063] Metalgreymon in its digivolution source. This combo is currently popular in BlackWarGreymon deck. From this LV6, you can either digivolve to LV7 Ragnaloard for free by using one LV6 Legend-arm in digivolution base or digivolve to Omnimon-AlterS (6costs) to wipe out the opponent's board.

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1nBT2-006a4nBT4-005a4nBT2-052a4nBT3-059a4nBT4-063a4nST5-05a4nBT4-067a4nBT4-068a4nST5-08a4nBT4-071a4nBT4-072a4nBT4-074a2nP-026a1nBT2-083a1nBT3-112a4nBT4-096a2nBT2-105 BlackBLK_OMGS_DARK_BT04D-brigade deckDec 25, 2020JapanNokku1st PlaceTamer BattleMastersSquare
3nBT2-005a2nBT3-005a2nBT2-052a4nBT2-055a2nBT3-059a4nBT4-064a4nBT2-056a2nBT2-057a2nBT4-066a4nST5-08a4nBT2-063a2nBT3-018a4nBT3-072a4nBT4-074a3nP-026a3nBT3-019 BlackBT04_BLACK_RAGNABlack_RagnaDec 18, 2020JapanLotus1st PlaceTamer BattleDragoonHakata

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