Diaboromon - First bad guy in first digimon movie

21 Dec 2020 | Engine | Rina


If you follow the anime, the first movie of digimon, Diaboromon is the first bad guy in dark side and he is very strong. He is finally destroyed by Omegamon (Omnimon). His strength is he can create another copy of himself whenever he attacks, so there is many Diaboromon is created and only Omnimon can destroy them all at once. Come back to the digimon card game, [BT2-082] Diaboromon, his effect is: When attacking: you may play a "Diaboromon" Token (LV6, 14 cost, 3000DP) without playing its cost. So if you let him stay alive in the battle, the longer he is, the more Diaboromon he creates. The disadvantage for Diaboromon deck is: You can not digivolve this LV6 Diaboromon to any LV7 digimon, so it is ending here. Diaboromon is a white digimon, it is not purple or black to digivolve up-to Millenniumon. 

The Diaboromon from promo pack and from BT5 Battle of Omega are more powerful and cheaper to evolve. With the support of LV7 Amargeddmon, Diaboromon deck is likely a meta in BT5.

The best combo for Diaboromon in BT5

These Digimon in BT5 are created particularly for Diaboromon deck. A deck profile for BT5 Diaboromon is created by Digimon Card Meta  that you can refer to. 

The other digimon for Diaboromon Deck

The [BT2-059] Chrysalimon is adding memory if you play another digimon that have same name with this. There is more Diaboromon created during Diaboromon attack, take advantage of this card to get more memory. The [BT2-062] Infermon is to save 1 cost to digivolve from this digimon into Diaboromon and the last one is [P-016] Diaboromon: it has security+1 for each Diaboromon you have. I also recommend you to put option card [BT2-103] Lightning Blade to add 3000DP for Diaboromon whenever it attacks. 

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