[BT5-032] HexaBlaumon is the first SR that revealed for BT5 battle of Omega, this card brings a new hope for blue color lover. With his power and effect, his blue deck can save resources that allocates for option card to use for other purposes, because his 2rd effect (Both Player Turn: all opponent's digimon without digivolution source cannot block or attack) is equal to 4-cost option card [BT1-100] Giga Cross Freezer or even better than the 2-cost option card [ST2-14] Sorrow Blue that is usually useful for digivolution-source removal deck. 

Combo for HexeBlaumon

With the Bt5 Battle of Omega, I believe that there will be more power to support blue and red colors. For HexeBlaumon deck, it is the best strategy to focus on removing all digivolution source of opponent digimon and avoid them from blocking or attacking your security. The power of removing digivolution source is more scary than we thought, if opponent don't have draw power, it is easy for them to get stuck in the game. 

For the blue, there is two type of removing digivolution source, it is from the bottom of from top of your opponent digimon. But whatever way, we need to remove all of them. We can use [ST2-09] Zudomon to remove 2 digivolution source from bottom when digivolving, or LV4 Angemon or Ikkaumon that able to remove 1 from top or bottom when attacking. 

But do not put too many of these remove opponent's digimon digivolution source digimon to your deck, there will be the moment when there is no more digivolution source to remove. Instead, we can use more cheap cost to digivolve LV4 digimon, digivolve to LV5 Zudomon to remove 2 digivolution source, then move up to LV6 HexaBlaumon to take benefit from the 2rd effect, or we can use cheap 2-cost to digivolve LV5 to move up to LV6 HexaBlaumon faster in current turn. In the turn when HexeBlaumon can attack opponent's digimon, it can remove 2 more digivolution source, then it can gain jamming if opponent's digimon dont have digivolution source, it is good to use the LV5 card that give SecurityAttack+1 [ST2-08] Weregarurumon (3 copies would be enough), and remember to remove digivolution source of blocker (if possible) to avoid them from blocking your attack.

To ensure the strategy works effectively, don't forget to enhance draw power for the deck. We can get more draw from using option card or LV3 BT1 Gabumon.

Easy to gain or borrow memory

Gaining more memory is more easy for this deck by using below option card or Tamers. 

We should use the Tamer Matt Ishida (2 cost) and Joe Kido (3 cost) to gain more memory in your turn whenever we remove digivolution source or opponent's digimon dont have digivolution source. These are cheap-to-play Tamer. Also, don't forget to put 4 copies of Hammer Spark to get free memory when needed.

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